This is true? The nail in the eye, inserted an eye!

The thorns in the eyes and the thorns in the flesh, in addition to describing the pain in the flesh, are used to compare the enemies who must be removed soon.

Song Shuhang This rodent creature has always been the nail in the eye of the eye-looking planet.

Today, Tyrant Song has unlocked new achievements — he is physically and psychologically, and at the same time he has become the eye-looking planet’s ‘eyes in the eye’, giving double sorrow and pain.

The unnamed Dragon Net Lady Fat Ball column, which breaks into the pupil of the eye-looking planet, does not care about the eyeball plane, and it will hurt like it, anyway. It is a wave.

“Ah~” eye-looking planet screams painfully, and originally wanted to smash Tyrant Song’s action once again.

Its eyeball defense is very strong. Under normal circumstances is to directly hit other planets with eyeballs, and it can also collapse other planets.

But this time it was the Black Dragon World’s ‘Heavenly Dao ‘Dragon Net lady avatar column, and the eye-looking planet’s eye defense did not play any role at all.

The pain made it stop.

“I won’t get rid of it?” Song Shuhang said, and the palm of his hand couldn’t help but touch his waist side — hit people don’t slap the face.

Eye-looking planet The pupil of the big cockroach, and the Song of Song Shuhang’s own kidney is a concept, the most iconic organ of the 捅body.


Eyeball also looks consciously touches his pupil, sucks a cold air ― ― Sure enough, it feels that he and the ‘Dragon Net lady’ are not in harmony, and it is better to avoid the ‘Black Dragon World Dragon in the future. Net lady ‘.

Even the three-eyed Junior did not reach out and touched the third eye of his forehead. ― I always felt that my eyeballs also had the illusion of stinging.

In Void.

Plunge into the ‘Dragon Net Fat Ball’ in the big pupil of the eye-looking planet, use your own column to draw strength in the huge pupil, and secretly place a portion ‘Dragon Net’ on the planet big body within the body Strengthen its connection with Song Shuhang and Dragon Net lady.

After the interest rate…

Dragon Net lady doppelgänger made a column of ‘嗖~’, flew out of the eyes of the eye-looking planet, and returned to Song Shuhang’s.

At the end of her column, there is an eye-looking planet’s ‘pure energy’.

Her column and the ‘pure energy’ behind her make a beautiful streamer in the sky.


The three-eyed teenager held his chin and looked at the sky’s Dragon Net column — he suddenly found himself and the ‘Dragon Net lady’, an unfathomable mystery had an incomprehensible tacit understanding.

Very unfathomable mystery’s tacit understanding, only two times officially met, but he can instantly understand what Dragon Net lady wants to do.

“Go.” Three-eyed teenager Senior suddenly pointed to pick.

Eyeball Steward blinked, acting cute: “Go to Tyrant Song? Is it?”

“Not to say you, you give me a good time on the side, no one is allowed to go.” Three-eyed teenager Senior issued a hegemonic order.

At the same time, at his side there is an ‘eye-looking planet little doppelgänger’ that receives the command and rises to the end of the ‘Dragon Net lady’.

This little doppelgänger is the ‘op-looking planet’ that was sent to lock the Tyrant Song coordinates and used to transfer the teleportation ontology of the doppelgänger – that is, this doppelgänger’s holy light annoyed the three-eyed Junior, and then regarded it as Bet between and Shu Shuhang.

In Void, Dragon Net lady doppelgänger’s ‘planet big energy’ at the end of the column is glued to ‘eye-looking planet doppelgänger’. After all, Both have the same origin. Once they are close, they will naturally be together.

Subsequently, the Dragon Net lady doppelgänger column hung the ‘eye-looking planet big scorpion doppelgänger’, swaying like a chain, rotating in front of Song Shuhang’s.

She seems to be playing a ‘chain’ attack routine?

After a brief glimpse, Song Shuhang quickly realized what she meant by the tacit understanding.

“I understand, Dragon Net lady, wait a moment.” Song Shuhang said.

After all, he reached out and re-activated the “secret technique” – “Dragon Net lady”, which meant that he would convert the ‘eye-looking planet pure energy + doppelgänger’ into a column.

Moreover, the column should not be separated, and it should be connected with the column of the Dragon Net lady to become a mergeable nunchaku.

In exchange for the previous operation, Song Shuhang certainly cannot be completed independently.

But not long ago, he just tried to fuse the energy of the scorpion and the devastating virus into a ‘devil’s column, so he has some experience and understanding for the fusion of the two energyizations. Furthermore, it is much easier to condense a nunchaku column than a dynasty column with ‘two forces twisted into one column’.

“Chemical column!” Song Shuhang reached out. The secret technique effect of “The Tower of the Gods” falls on the body of the eye-looking planet, and a starlight rotates, shrouded the doppelgänger.

Eye-looking planet The dopplergänger’s chemical column process is similar to the Dragon Net lady ‘magic girl transform ‘segment, but its chemical column process is more like ‘weapon transform’ or ‘pet evolution’.

In the thick starlight, a ball is stretched into a cylindrical shape, and a layer of relief is emerged on it. Finally, it becomes the new “Baseo Pillar”, and the body and mind become the appearance of Tyrant Song’s.

In the middle of the Dragon Net lady column and the eye-looking planet column, the pure energy of the two extends and interlocks into a chain.

The two columns are combined to form a nucleus that can be combined.

The split is a nunchaku, and the merger is a baguette.

“Since it is the combination of Dragon Net lady and eye-looking planet, you are the ‘Great Way column’ – “Star Dragon Column”!” Song Shuhang, after thinking about it, according to the previous naming standards, from ‘Dragon Net ‘and ‘planet ‘ each take a word, named for this new tyrant column.

[Dragon Ball Column] The column of the Dragon Net lady, but at this time protested to Song Shuhang.

Song Shuhang lightly smiled, did not reject Dragon Net lady’s obsession: “Line, big name ‘Star Dragon’, nickname ‘Dragon Ball”. After all, this is a nunchaku combination column, which can have two star names.”

After the success of the chemical column, Song Shuhang felt that the connection between himself, Dragon Net lady and eye-looking planet became a step closer.

In the future, there will be such a ‘Star Dragon Column’ as an antenna, and upgrading the ‘Comprehensive Chat Client’ will be more portable.

Moreover, Dragon Net lady can also use this “Star Dragon Column” to continuously extract data from the eye-looking planet body to the user’s feedback, and plan for the next system upgrade direction.

“Ah ~ tyrant ~ Song, dragon ~ network ~” painful eye-looking planet, screaming and screaming.

Song Shuhang grabbed his head in distress, and the planet was too big to handle.

Or, go up and brush up on hundreds of millions of “Raising Sabre Art” to cultivate your feelings?

As Song Shuhang pondered, the eye-looking planet suddenly opened the space and made a space jump along a coordinate—the location it was going to, Black Dragon World!

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