For eye-looking planet, Dragon Net lady is the nail in the eye, and Tyrant Song is the stab in the meat.

Both guys are the objects they want to kill and explode.

Now, when Tyrant Song and Dragon Net lady appear in front of it at the same time, and it can’t get rid of two rivals in one breath, they can only choose one time… It finally chooses to smash the ‘eye nail’ Dragon Net lady !

The fish and the bear’s paw, you can’t have both at the same time, that can only choose to kill the more hateful one.

Originally, Tyrant Song’s ‘hatefulness’ in the eyes-looking planet was much higher than that of Dragon Net lady.

However, it may be that Song Shuhang used to brush tens of thousands of “Raising Sabre Art”. In the background program of eye-looking planet, Tyrant Song’s good value is +1, +1.

Under the accumulation of many times, unconsciously, the planet’s awkwardness to Tyrant Song’s ‘degree of disgusting’ has weakened to a much lower degree than the Dragon Net lady.

This has risen.

Moreover, its Patriarch man’s half-length three-eyed ruler secretly exhort again and again, this time can not have Tyrant Song’s life. So even if you smash Tyrant Song this time, you can’t kill him – this way, there is no sense of coolness.

Not looking for opportunities as follows, then breaking Tyrant Song.

A combination of various factors, eye-looking planet made a choice.

At this moment, huge energy erupts from its core. The law of space envelops its huge star, firmly locking the Black Dragon World’s coordinates — too large, and each spatial teleportation consumes a lot of energy and time.

[Dragon Net lady, eye-looking planet The body of the big cockroach is going to run you there! 】Song Shuhang saw it and hurriedly reminded him.

[Do not get in the way, let it come over. 】Dragon Net lady replied, after thinking about it, she added a reminder: [Do not stop it, let it come over! 】

She was afraid that Song Shuhang couldn’t think of it, suddenly applied the law of borrowing, and displayed “sabre of cause and effect” to prevent eye-looking planet Dao Item.

Song Shuhang : [really no problem? It looks very angry, and when it comes to Black Dragon World, it will definitely make a big noise. 】

[Reassured I’ll take care of it. 】Dragon Net lady is rare to come with a smiley: [I will take care of it. 】

― ― eye-looking planet willing to take the initiative to ‘Black Dragon World’, simply is what she wants. Black Dragon World is her site, and once the eye-looking planet arrives at Black Dragon World, it is tantamount to a lamb in a tiger’s den.

What’s more, in the Black Dragon World counterpart’s ‘Ancient Serenities World’, there is also a concept of Nine Serenities Ruler white two. Even if there is a case, you can pull out the white two ideas in Ancient Serenities World and deal with eye-looking planet.

Seeing Dragon Net lady so confident, Song Shuhang will be nodded: [That is handed to Dragon Net lady. If you need help, please contact me. 】


While speaking , the eye-looking planet in Void’s ‘spatial teleportation’ was finally completed, and the huge star disappeared over the Throne of Wealth Dispersal and directly into Black Dragon World.

At this point, the eight-product gambling contract between Song Shuhang and the three-eyed Junior was announced.

Song Shuhang spit out a sigh of relief, reached out and put the ‘dragon ball column’ up.

With the recent increase in the number of ‘big bangs’, his series of “God Pillars” is also becoming more and more abundant.

Today, the Eternal Life column series are: the end column, the 鲲王柱, the emperor column.

The new Great Way column series are: Star Dragon Column, nickname Dragon Ball Column.

The Heavenly Tribulation column series includes: Taikoo Pillar, a special column made of ‘Nine Serenities Ruler Tyrant Song’.

Plus the Karmic Virtue column? Pipi column.

Now, as long as the operation is enough, Song Shuhang can install a wave in the Eternal Life Being team.

In addition, the strongest attacking column the day before yesterday, yesterday’s second strongest column ‘He Zhizhu’, finally fell to the third strong today. Because of the birth of the Great Way column, the Star Dragon column, the rank of the column has dropped one more, from Song Shuhang’s favorite to the third love.



After closing the ‘Great Way column? Star Dragon Column’, Song Shuhang’s figure slowly descended from the air.

The speed at which he landed was not fast, like the catkins, the falling of the light.

If you look closely, you can see that at this time, Song Shuhang’s pupils are not fascinated and lose their highlights. He is fascinating – this is the Senior White’s stunt, and the secret technique is available anytime, anywhere.

Song Shuhang, who carries the lucky hand of Saint White, seems to have realized the mystery of this trick.

At this time, Song Shuhang clearly felt that he was changing with the body.

This is the body of the ‘research chat’ innate talent after the upgrade of Dragon Net lady.

The original ‘comprehension’ function is only an innate talent of Song Shuhang’s. Now, after a step-by-step upgrade by Dragon Net lady, this innate talent is not just as simple as ‘innate talent’, but rather a tall thing like ‘Way’. Close together.

In addition, the basic gold core QR code of ‘Comprehensive chat innate talent’, after the Senior White twomodification, made the ‘Nine Serenities Ruler permission tattoo’, let the ‘intelligence’ chat innate talent, has a deeper evolution.

Today, through the perfection of ‘comprehension chat client’, the establishment of the server ‘eye-looking planet’, the ‘reconstruction chat’ function has fully evolved, and there are signs of moving closer to ‘Way’ or even ‘Way of Eternal Life’. .

The process of evolution is very long. If there is no external interference, it will probably take a hundred years and a thousand years.

Today, Song Shuhang is in the ‘Enlightenment’ status, and on the other side is in the ‘enlightenment ‘status ― annihilation of the Heavenly Emperor scorpion’s nascent spirit, Song Shuhang has been in the unique ‘Song’s enlightenment’.

Enlightenment + physical transformation, the two complement each other.

Growing up, Song Shuhang suddenly found out that the “Way of the Heavenly Emperor” fragment contained in the process of the Heavenly Emperor nascent spirit was greatly inspired by his ‘Comprehensive Chat’ into the Eternal Life Great Way!

The shards of ‘Way of the Heavenly Emperor’ contain a lot of valuable experience that Song Shuhang lacks. These wealthy Heavenly Emperor Great Way shards can save Song Shuhang’s tens of thousands of years of ‘Enlightenment’ time.


The three-eyed teenager looks at the falling Song Shuhang, thoughtfully.

After a while, his finger lightly swayed on the chair and secretly pointed a bullet – in Void, there was a small scale space door with a large palm, which was blocked by the three-eyed Junior.

In this small space door, there is a residual energy of ‘Dragon Net lady doppelgänger’. This energy was collected by the three-eyed Junior – this is the meeting that Dragon Net lady specially left for him.

“Before I was thinking, Tyrant Song can bring a few Nine Serenities Ruler over and participate in my game. Unexpectedly, he brought Black Dragon World’s this directly, but it is a surprise.” Three Eyes Senior Softly.

“So Master, you have to remember Tyrant Song’s kindness.” Eyeball Steward reminded him on the side.



On the other side, opposite the space door.

On sparks (Mars).

There was a seven-piece Venerable who shuddered and regretted: “Closed, I can’t see it.”

The Venerable is a major shareholder and ace reporter for Earth’s Cultivator’s Daily Newspaper group. He had previously received news that Eternal Life Being would like to go to sparks (Mars) to find the Tyrant Song discussion of the Way.

So he used the teleportation array to teleport the first time to the sparks (Mars) position, locked in the intelligence of Tyrant Song and Eternal Life Being, and rushed to the destination according to the intelligence clues, hoping to get the first hand Tyrant Song and Eternal Life Beings. Discussion of the Way sermon’s news.

As a result, when he rushed to the coordinates, he found that Eternal Life Beings had gone to the sky, and Tyrant Song did not disappear. He only left such a small space door in Void.

The curious ace reporter Venerable got together and looked through it through this small space door.

As a result, he saw Tyrant Song!

However, because the window is small, the vision is limited… and he does not dare to put his mental sense teleportation into the space door. Therefore, within his visual range, only Tyrant Song and a hot mysterious female stand in Void.

The mysterious female body exudes a tremulous pressure and is definitely a top-notch. The pressure she gives is ten times more powerful than Tyrant Song’s pressure!

Ace reporters quickly began to record the scene with the ‘Typographical spells’.

After Tyrant Song strangled Heavenly Emperor, it seems that there are new challenges?

What is the origin of this mysterious woman?

Just as he was looking forward to Tyrant Song and the mysterious woman in a terrifying battle… Tyrant Song suddenly reached out and shrouded the mysterious woman with starlight.

In the eyes of the public, the powerful mysterious woman was cruelly made into a pillar by Tyrant Song!

嘶~It’s Tyrant Song, it’s not a tender, protective feelings for the fairer sex.

For the existence of Tyrant Song, the enemy has only the difference between dead and alive, and there is no gender difference.

In the picture, Tyrant Song refines the mysterious woman into a column and then casts the pillar out. It seems to deal with another hidden enemy.

But because the space door is too small, the ace reporter can’t see more scenes.

Then, Tyrant Song disappeared into the picture.

After waiting for the old half, when the ace reporter couldn’t stand it and tried to send the mental sense into the ‘space door’, the space door suddenly closed.

“It’s a pity, I shouldn’t be so impulsive.” The ace reporter beat his thigh hard – he thought it was his mental sense sent to the space door, causing the response of the space door, and actively shutting down.

“If I don’t feel so impulsive, I can get more of the best news with patience. Now, there is only half of the news in the hands of the end… I don’t know if I can detonate the eyes of the Cultural World readers.”

Although unfortunately, this first-hand exclusive news material can not be wasted.

So, after not long…

Tyrant Song After killing Heavenly Emperor, solving the three-eyed ruler and plundering Ruler’s Dao Item, the non-stop hot hand-breaking flower will destroy a mysterious woman who is more powerful than Tyrant Song, refining into a column. Spread through the headlines of the “Curse Daily”.

People at the Cultivation World found that Tyrant Song has been making big news all these days. Moreover, in the past few days, Tyrant Song has been ruthless and ruthless. If you don’t shoot, you will die with one shot!

Tyrant Song’s invincible legend, after the “Repair of the Daily” reported, added a new chapter!

If the invincible legend of ‘Tyrant Song’ is updated at such a fast frequency, it is likely to result in insufficient pages.

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