Tyrant Song in the district, who wants to ask me that? Why should I answer your questions?

“Well, these questions, I’m curious too.” Sit on the Senior White raise head on Meteor Sword.

Earlier, he was curious about Fairy Skylark’s way of resurrection. However, because Fairy Skylark was a friend of his relationship, he was not in a position to study Skylark’s way to kill Skylark and to study her way of resurrection.

Before not long, Senior White knew that the disaster great turtle community, after recovering undying parts in the dark, had also considered ‘who made the disaster great turtle’. But then, there were too many interesting things, and Senior White left the problem behind.

Now Song Shuhang raises these questions, and it is in the minds of Senior White’s.

“Saint White… Does the White Fairy also want to know the answer?” Disaster great turtle little elder sister’s tongue grows up: “Then I’ll tell you what I know. But because I’m smaller in my life, some things don’t know. Wait for me to go back, please teach the elders a little more, next time to meet, and I’ll share them with you again.”

“Good.” Song Shuhang Road.

disaster great turtle little elder sister said, “The toothsong question, I’ll each and everyone answer.”

Song Shuhang: “…”

I’m afraid, apart from Soft Feather, ‘Nine Provinces (1) Group’ Dao name and the number are the largest.

“First of all, we have no impression as to which of us is Heavenly Dao’s family.” Disaster great turtle little elder sister.

Song Shuhang: “No impression? But you can definitely be any Heavenly Dao’s family?”

“Yeah, we’re Heavenly Dao’s family, and every clansman, even small turtle, who just hatched from the turtle, knows very well that we have ‘legacy marks‘ like True Dragon. And when our strength reaches the ninth realm, our head can be transformed into dragon head… you look at me, and now you grow small horn in your head.” Disaster great turtle little elder sister has a good idea.

“Dragon Horn, and Elder Sister White Dragon is the similar model structure, but there is no Su Clan’s Sixteen’s small horn.” Song Shuhang Point Commentary.

disaster great turtle little elder sister: “…”

What’s so exciting about knocking on you, Tyrant Song, Dragon Horn? This thing is a symbol of hegemony, hegemony!

“Disaster great turtle, the first time in the ancient years?” Song Shuhang suddenly asked again.

disaster great turtle little elder sister: “Well.”

“Well, it should be First Heavenly Dao.” Song Shuhang answered.

Because of so many Heavenly Dao, only First Heavenly Dao had completely cut the root cause, and there was no record of him in the heavens and the earth, and everything he had to do with him had been erased.

Second Heavenly Dao’s “Heavenly Dao” has also erased the traces of his existence in the first Heavenly Dao’s way, but he has not done so thoroughly, although most of the traces have been erased, there are some hidden places. In particular, his‘ Nine Serenities Ruler’s body ’retains a huge source of information.

And meeting the disaster great turtle little elder sister descriptions – that is, Heavenly Dao’s family – forget which Heavenly Dao is; it’s too ancient, and has the ‘Super Time and Space Wander’ innate talent capacity of that strange and unpredictable, with only First Heavenly Dao most suitable.

Song Shuhang described his guess once.

His speculation, pretty close.

Senior White also agrees with nodded.

“Is Fairy Skylark already in place during the ancient period?” “Q. Star white ham floats in Void, scratches his jaw, and thinks seriously about it.

Song Shuhang nodded and said: “Yes, Fairy Skylark… actually exists in ancient times.”

She was replaced by a generation of Heavenly Dao and became the teacher of Ruism Holy Man in the ancient period.

Even the root causes of Fairy Skylark’s existence may be even more ancient than necessarily.

“So, Fairy Skylark is still seven realm, and I feel a little weird.”

“realm may have nothing to do with her. She was able to lay down eight Heavenly Tribulation a long time ago, but until now she’s not too interested in promotion Profound Saint.” Song Shuhang Road.

And who’s gonna make sure Fairy Skylark’s really just ‘seven Venerable’ realm?

From the ancient to the present, even the herbal worms can become becomes a spirit, right?

“Have you ever recorded Fairy Skylark’s ‘realm’ in the disaster great turtle family?” Song Shuhang also looks forward to disaster great turtle Little elder sister.

“That I have to go back to check the information, but we’re just responsible for recover parts, not even reaching her esteemed me. With regard to her realm’s records, it may not be too much.” Disaster great turtle little elder sister replied.

Senior White stabbed his jaw with a pencil lightly: “What would happen to the parts of ‘undying aura’ in the present world?”

“Yes, if you let go, those undying aura’s parts are acquired by the hearts of the people, they can produce weapons to destroy a world.” Disaster great turtle little elder sister seriously said.

If Song Shuhang hadn’t become a similar ‘Skylark’ form, she wouldn’t have said that. But now Song Shuhang is a moving disaster, and she must remind Song Shuhang to keep him from moving, like Skylark, into a bunch of parts that force them to overtime.

Song Shuhang suddenly moved.

He stretched his hand together to activate the ‘hegemonic’ masters.

the next moment, space moved.

Senior White, disaster great turtle little elder sister was all moved to ‘hegemony’ by Song Shuhang.

“Sky cover!” Song Shuhang knocked on the owner of the border with lightly.


Furthermore, Song Shuhang is also activating the ‘Nine Fixed Cemetery’, leading stone fellow daoist ‘forces, together with dual protection.

Pavilion Lord Chu, Fairy Good Fortune, Black Pigs, etc., saw Song Shuhang return and returned.

“What happened?” Pavilion Lord Chu asked.

disaster great turtle little elder sister was also confused by Song Shuhang of the sudden nervous nature of look at at.

“Is it a weapon to destroy the sun?” Song Shuhang is seriously asking.

“How do I know? I didn’t make it.” Disaster great turtle little elder sister turned a white eye.

“Wait for a while.” Song Shuhang reached out and beckoned: “The Divine Pillar!”

Heavenly Emperor + Sun’s Virus Destruction Pillar appeared.

“Look, this pillar isn’t handsome?” Song Shuhang Road.

disaster great turtle little elder sister: “…”

“Does it have the” undying aura parts “of the weaponry?” Song Shuhang asked again.

“I’m just a young disaster turtle.” Disaster great turtle little elder sister sighed: “I don’t know much about a lot of knowledge.”

“You’re very similar to me.” Song Shuhang nodded and said, “I do, too, but many Cultivation World’s basic knowledge is not enough.”

disaster great turtle little elder sister: “…”

I’ve been trying to learn from the turtles all the time.

“I called my dad.” Disaster great turtle little elder sister finally decided.

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