Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 3038

Big Fat Ball, the fog on Metal Ball’s body, naturally Daozi’s masterpiece.

This is mainly to enhance the effect of ‘raising Tyrant Song’s prestige’!

After all, Tyrant Song had a respectful ‘liquid metal avatar’ Song Fat Ball ‘thing, and many Eternal Life Being knew that a lot of Eternal Life Being had been beaten by’ Song Fat Ball ‘.

If Tyrant Song swallows one pride and Son Fat Ball about the same ‘Nine Serenities Ruler’ at this time, it gives the feeling that, like swallowing his own doppelgänger, the effect of the elevation of the prestige will surely be a discount.

And then Ruler Fatball’s got another layer of ‘Heavenly Dao’s seal’. If one sees these seals, why don’t people know that Ruler Fatball was subjected to uniform before he was swallowed?

How can this show Tyrant Songs’ cattle?

So, the thoughtful Daozi added a fog to Ruler Fatball so that everyone could not see the image and status of Fat Ball’s, but only by the fog speculation that that was “Nine Serenities Ruler”.

Apart from that, the fog can maximize the strength of Ruler Fatball’s power, making it look about ten times stronger than it actually does.


strengths of live broadcast, even the top Eternal Life Being, are felt in the face of a tenfold intensification of Ruler Fatball.

[This is Nine Serenities, where Nine Serenities Ruler is strengthened by the Nine Serenities Act?] Nine Serenities Ruler is unable to step out of Nine Serenities, but Nine Serenities Ruler is said to have been able to transmit part of his power to the present world. But in Nine Serenities’ Nine Serenities Ruler, and in present world ’Nine Serenities Ruler, it’s really two concepts!

[Even if I wait, I can’t stand the feeling of heart… This is beyond the limits that all Heavens and Myriad Realms practitioner can reach. Even Eternal Life Being, it’s far better to be in the World of the Nine Serenities’ Nine Serenities Ruler.

Some ‘Way of Eternal Life’ compares their life with a more substantive pressure than Eternal Life Being less good at fighting.

[It’s a lot stronger than Ruism Holy Man gave me that year.]

terrifying, this is real terrifying.

And did you find out that this is not Ruism’s Heavenly Dao’s Nine Serenities Ruler!

It’s strange to feel that even if it doesn’t look like Nine Serenities Ruler’s, it’s just an instinct — it’s not Daozi’s Nine Serenities Ruler.

[And on the other side, Tyrant Song ruler, the Nine Serenities Ruler from Tyrant Song in the World of Nine Serenities?]

Someone also saw the fog near, the flashing Song ghost.

If not Ruism’s Heavenly Dao’s Nine Serenities Ruler, would it be former Heavenly Dao?

This guess, almost instantly, builds people’s hearts.

What’s this about? He’s confronting this pride, Nine Serenities Ruler?

In the picture, Tyrant Songs is getting stronger, swallowing the mountains, even swallowing the whole outer space!

[One mountain can’t be shared by two tigers, except one parent. Looks like Lord Tyrant Song, after having gathered his own ‘Nine Serenities Ruler’, couldn’t stand the presence of his predecessor Nine Serenities Ruler, so he wanted to solve this pride ‘former Nine Serenities Ruler’? And Ruism’s Heavenly Dao and Tyrant Song have a very deep relationship, so Ruism Heavenly Dao’s Nine Serenities Ruler can live with Tyrant Song ruler?

How dare you sleep on the side of the bedroom?

Master Tyrant Song, is this directly about Nine Serenities Ruler, so terrifying?

It’s a shame that the man who has already been beaten up, hegemony – the last barrel of bullshit. (a) Carrying 38390;

So now Tyrant Song, it’s number 9 plus number 1, ten times heavier.

Tyrant Song could have been called “hegemony” when people met Tyrant Song before.

Now, if you close your mouth, it’s the ten ‘hegemonic’ who can call it dry.

Let’s do it! I did it!

Nine Serenities Ruler before Tyrant Song was angry!

In the “Profound Saint Sermon” picture, which Daozi has deliberately extended, Song Shuhang has made every effort to develop Ruism Holy Man’s ‘swallowing’ capacity ‘innate talent.

His body was turned into a black hole, masked to Big Fat Ball.

All Heavens and Myriad Realms’ practitioner only feel that, in the instant under Tyrant Song’s black hole, as if their own ‘existence, everything, root cause’ were swallowed by Tyrant Song and eaten clean.

This is also a shock through the ‘live broadcast image’.

What kind of shock does the former Nine Serenities Ruler face?

And Ruism’s members, when they saw the scene, suddenly all the tears were filled in their eyes.

In the eyes of Ruism’s members, Tyrant Songs seemed to have appeared behind ‘Holy Man phantom’ – an invisible evolution of communication law when Song Shuhang carried out ‘Holy Man innate talent secret technique’.

And Ruism disciple, it is clear that the ‘Nine Serenities Ruler’ – Ruism’s big enemy, former Nine Serenities Ruler Liquid Metal Ball.

Daozi did not shield Ruism’s disciple sensors when he was shielding all Heavens and Myriad Realms disciple with a fog screen.

Because this is the process that Ruism disciple saw ‘recompense injustice with justice’.

It is also a moment for the liberation of thousands of grievances in Ruism disciple’s heart.

Since then, Ruism disciple’s concept has been broadened from a small distance to 10 lanes, motor, without hindrance.

It’s good for cultivation.

Tyrant Song is blowing Nine Serenities Ruler!

It’s Holy Man, it’s Holy Man!

Usually Ruism disciple, the word “Tyrant Song is Holy Man’s Death” has long been recognized. Now even Ruism Thirteen Tribulation Immortals denied this, I’m afraid common disciple will not believe it.


the heart of the human being, there will always be a willingness to believe in some of the ‘truth in their own eyes’, as well as some more conducive to their own truth.

Moreover, Ruism Thirteen Tribulation Immortals did not voluntarily deny this – and Tyrant Song did not deny it himself.

And a few of the Thirteen Tribulation Immortals doubted whether Tyrant Song was the passing of Teacher.

After all, from the traces of the road after Tyrant Song started practice, Holy Man’s influence is everywhere.

Profound Saint Sermon in the picture

Tyrant Song’s black hole is under the direct pressure of Nine Serenities Ruler.

Thereafter, everything was covered by black fog.

No noise, no explosion.

But the war is extremely intense!

In the black fog, former Nine Serenities Ruler seemed to be struggling to resist, and the black fog flowing like giant snake, as if the World Snake was fighting to swallow the black hole of the world.


bigger the area of black fog, the more insane it flows, the more it turns out to be outside.

Although it is not clear about the specific situation, all Heavens and Myriad Realms’ practitioner, through that sweeping black fog, have a huge battle.

Tyrant Song VS, former Nine Serenities Ruler’s battle!

This must be the battle of world-shaking, heaven falls and earth rends!

The heartbreaking breath continues to flow from the black fog.

All Heavens and Myriad Realms’ practitioner, especially Lord Eternal Life Being, are more persuasive to Tyrant Song in the heart.

It’s directly in the world of the Nine Serenities, and it’s hard on the right side, Nine Serenities Ruler.

Shoot the enemy in the enemy’s land!

What a hegemony!

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