Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 3039

Void in.

Daozi showed a pleasant smile after receiving the appalling images of all Heavens and Myriad Realms practitioner and Eternal Life Being.

– Then he went on to run the fog out of his mind to hide the truth.

What you saw in person is not necessarily the truth.

Your eyes will deceive you, your ears will deceive you, your brain will deceive you, your experience will deceive you, your imagination will deceive you… but mathematics will not!

So, what are you waiting for? Why don’t you pick up mathematical textbooks and study mathematics carefully?

All Heavens and Myriad Realms’ practitioner and the grown-ups don’t even think that surging forward with great momentum’s black fog is releasing the fog of terrifying’s heart, and there is no shock in their minds!

Sometimes the truth will be three pieces.

In fact, in the fog, Tyrant Song and Ruler Fatball are engaged in “friendly” transactions.

“How much do you want to eat? Don’t bully intolerably, Tyrant Song!” Big Fat Ball gnashing teeth, not only without resistance, but also active cooperation with Tyrant Song to swallow its existence with Ruism Holy Man innate talent.

“I just swallowed one third less, Lord Fat Ball, and don’t be so frightened and flustered. And, be realistic, think about it… in any case, I’m going to swallow more than three quarters. Otherwise, you think Senior Daozi will be relieved to keep you alive?” Song Shuhang swallowed, voice transmission replied.

Fat Ball tried to stifle himself: “Fucking white ghost.”

At the same time, it has a very clear heart – three quarters of what Tyrant Song said – I’m afraid not enough. If that Ruism Daozi Heavenly Dao is to be completely reassured, let it survive and leave 10 per cent of it there.

But it’s hard.

Holy Man’s innate talent, “swallowed”, is strange… even in the ‘swallowing’ process, there is no negative reaction on the part of the Annex.

From the outside, it is even more obvious that there is no shortage.

But what’s so wonderful about “existence” is to be cut off at a point.

“Thousand Blade Kill’s white ghost.” Big Fat Ball couldn’t stop yelling at a sentence.

Song Shuhang confused: “What’s this about Senior White?”

“It’s none of your business.” Big Fat Ball’s nervous.

“…” Song Shuhang does not know what good it is to be but to be silent and to continue to push the Holy Man’s innate talent.

It’s none of my business, but I’m only responsible for stimulating Holy Man innate talent, that’s all.

After he swallowed back, he was also responsible for cutting down the body of Lord Fat Ball, who had “lost his existence”, and that part of the body “lost his existence and no soul”, which was certified by Senior Daozi, could be pulled to the present world. And then a little refined, it will be possible to produce a number of “Son Fat Ball 2”.

Although not now body’s Son Fat Ball is warm, other functions should not be too much.

Thus, the new gifts promised to daughter for a little curfew are in place… The future may also give others a few ‘Song Fat Ball 5, 6, 7, 8’ or something.

One by one is not bad.

Anyway, just a little bit of Fat Ball’s body plus a lot of other refiners, you can produce a “Song Fat Ball x”, making some more noise, and not sad next year’s New Year’s present.

With the “existence” being swallowed and swallowed to a threshold, Lord Fat Ball became weak.

When Heavenly Dao was swallowed only a small piece by Holy Man, so don’t hurt and don’t tickle… If Heavenly Dao didn’t have the proving of the way immortality in that year, it might not have affected its future life.

But now Ruler Fatball’s presence has been swallowed by Song Shuhang by more than half.

Weak it, even whispering ghosts seem powerless.

“Yí?” Evil Lotus World, Senior White White, is lying in the seal, floating up and eating little spirit fruit from time to time.

“Unfortunately, I saw the brutality of my eyes.” Senior White has some regrets.


greater the crime Fat Ball yelled at, the more pleasant he was.

Unfortunately, after seeing Fat Ball become weaker, Senior White felt a little bored.

“After that, be selfish. Well, maybe you don’t have any more.”

Senior White’s body closed its eyes, sleepiness swept again, and he fell asleep.

Ruism Golden Lotus World.

Thirteen Tribulation Immortals, as well as a large number of Ruism members, began to recite Ruism sutra and began to stabilize their hearts, thereby strengthening their minds.

They can clearly see Tyrant Song suppressing Ruler Fatball, using Holy Man’s some kind of secret technique to draw Ruler Fatball’s strength.

Ruler Fatball is becoming weaker, and even ‘sense of presence’ changes faintly discernable.

After today, Ruler Fatball was completely annihilated even if he was not dead.

Golden Lotus World over.

Heavenly Dao ‘Daozi ’Scholar, down Gandon extraordinary image.

These glum are as substantive as they are, at the top of every Ruism member, to reassure Ruism disciple’s mind.

It’s Heavenly Dao Methods.

With the cooperation of this method, this resentment has been dispersed for Ruism.

Okay, clear up, Karma understands.

Ruism disciple’s heart, cultivation base covenant, has been on a stage.

Daozi’s happy relaxed.

Future, Ruism will be better.

And he, Ruism eldest disciple, is no longer ashamed of Ruism.

[In this world, it is my greatest fortune to meet Fairy Cheng Lin, Scarlet Firmament’s fellow daoist and Fellow Daoist Tyrant Song.]

Daozi, consciousness, leaving Ruism Golden Lotus World, quietly withdrew.

World of the Nine Serenities.

Song Shuhang took the Ruler Fatball ‘presence’ process and finally entered the end.

This time, it’s been a whole day since the outside world!

The innate talent, swallowed over half of Fat Ball’s “existence”, became difficult.


deeper the digging, the harder the “presence” is.

And all of these ‘Fat Ball’s presence’ was transferred by Song Shuhang to the edge of the ghost of Song Shuhang in the body.

Song’s ghost body’s breath, the more steady it is – Nine Serenities Ruler’s power of Song’s ghost, all from ‘Senior White White’.

It looks strong, but it’s not rooted.

Now, from Ruler Fatball’s “presence”, it’s the roots of the Song’s ghost.

He’s a mature Nine Serenities Ruler!

“So next, it’s time that it’s my turn to go to action.” Fairy Cheng Lin’s voice rings.

And then she was a dog egg.

Really? Son of a bitch, to the Lord is sealed in the egg shell.

The dog’s dad was worried, “If I had to upgrade you first, you wouldn’t have broken it for a while.”

“No, break it right.” The dog replied.

She was thinking of breaking peace.

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