Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 3082

“Do you need me to show it?” Su Clans Knot Old Ancestor asked, “He hasn’t changed for years.

“I think, I’ve understood.” Self-corpse wrapped himself in his forehead and stronged, and said, “So Founder Great Number, who was behind him, Sabre Lady… is not actually a knife? Does Raising Sabre Art not function at all?”

The brains are hurting!

“Well,” Su Clan shields Fairy down the line: “His knife is his way partner, Heavenly River Su Clan’s number Fairy. You felt sabre intent, and that number Fairy owned himself.”

“So Fairy, can you avatar for heavenly blade?” Self-corpse asks.

Su Clan shielded Fairy shook the head: “Regrettably… not every Heavenly River Su Clan’s member has this innate talent.”

“What about my Raising Sabre Art?”

In fact, his deep in ones heart, has concealed that already has some speculation – the physical Tyrant Songs Raising Sabre Art – has certainly led to variations because of the irregular use, lack of soul and the wholesale of cheap love.

“Ask me, who am I going to ask?” Su Clan’s shield Fairy Road: “Would you like to use your Raising Sabre Art on the rope?”

“No, no, no, I don’t need it.” Su Clans Knot Old Ancestor, even though his mentality has stabilized, but a big Lord, if he brushes Raising Sabre Art, wants to think about it.

After becoming ‘Heavenly Sword’, his physical theory is also acceptable to such instruments as Raising Sabre Art, Raising Sword Art.

But in the course of Raising Sabre Art, performer was to convey his love to ‘magical item’.

Think about Tyrant Song sending him all kinds of ‘love’, and he felt scared.

“Don’t bother me so much, just get me magical item, I can show you guys.”

Su Clan shielded Fairy and said, “Whatever magical item? Not just a knife?”

“Yes, whatever.” Self-corpse secretly said.

His Raising Sabre Art has long gone beyond sabre, knives, swords and fine, or columns, shields, even doppelgänger, seals, and the Raising Sabre Art can be brushed as long as his hands are uploaded.

Su Clan shielded Fairy corner of the mouth, and then she stretched her hand in the empty air.

Then a sophisticated knife was captured by her from the sky.

– On the surface, the knife is not surprising except for some precision.

On the other side, Su Clans Knot Old Ancestor’s eyes slight.

“This knife will not be the number of Su Clan’s, Fairy, turn it into transform.”

If really Heavenly River Su Clan’s a Fairy, his Raising Sabre Art wouldn’t have done it.

“Don’t worry, this is a normal magical item, not a member of Su Clan. That’s what you feel carefully, you should recognize.” Su Clan shielded Fairy and handed this knife over to his own body.

Su Clans Knot Old Ancestor.

“This is indeed not a member of Su Clan transformed into weapons.” Old Ancestor Knot answered.

But the more you do, the more you think you’re doing it, the more you don’t worry about yourself.

So, he stretched his hand on the “knife”, and first operated ‘Appraisal Secret Technique’ – as far as the pricing was concerned, it could be paid by the present itself.

It is now a whole body of ‘undying’ status, even directly identifying Heavenly Dao… would not have died directly.

Of course, such matters need to be applied in advance.

After a moment…

Song Shuhang’s instinct came in.

So, the self-happiness of the autopsy ‘Appraisal Secret Technique’.

secret technique’s radiance flies.

The pain of fleshy body is in his spirit and the pain of the body is borne by the body itself.

“painful grades, about 7, full of 100 points. It’s kind of tasty.” Self-corpse is psychologically painful and carefully rating it.

As long as it does not exceed 100 cents, it is theoretically easy for Tyrant Song to withstand.

Identifying success.

Time rotary began to reverse, and the identification information was floating from the brain now.

[Dao Item reincarnation’s blade used to be a little jar knife: because it’s uncomfortable, it’s been updated. The knife made use of Fifth Heavenly Dao’s special Artifact Refining.

The results of this validation were clear but brief.

Only so much information can be obtained through time power.

And the autopsy can feel that this information is still the “knife”, or the Dao Item reincarnation blade behind the blade ‘willing to be identified by him. If the other party does not want, all information will be blocked.

Which means that if there is enough intimate density, can more information be identified?

Song Shuhang never thought about that before.

Now it seems that Raising Sabre Art can also be used with Appraisal Secret Technique?

“Fairy, then I’m gonna do it. Once I get out, don’t regret it.” Self-corpse grabs this’ Dao Item reincarnation blade ’once, reminds me.

“You do it, don’t worry, it’s already no need knife, I have seven or eight similar things in my hand, and you don’t even need to be to be worried about it.” Su Clan shields Fairy Avenue.

“Well, it’s rude.” “Self-body dumped and started running Hair Growing Art.

A black-born long blossom.

Su Clan’s shield Fairy blinks his eyes, and Raising Sabre Art needs a long hair? This operation, she hasn’t seen it.

In the middle of the thought, a thousand little handshapes have been brought together since the head of the corpse, to the same 100.

This thousand hands and a pair of self-corpses on a knife!

Because the target is related to Dao Item, it’s a knife that Dao Project used, and Artifact Refining is used in ‘Fifth Heavenly Dao’.

Since my corpse came up, he has done his best.


Raising Sabre Art exploded into a small sun.

Now, in a second of time, the hands of the autopsy can slide 1,000 times on target!

In a second, Raising Sabre Art is a thousand!

Su Clan’s shield Fairy and Old Ancestor Knot feel their eyes are blinded.

Never seen Raising Sabre Art like that.

Moreover, Tyrant Songs Raising Sabre Art goes beyond the normal character of Raising Sabre Art.

Did Raising Sabre Art need a lot of ‘love’?

This is a thousand ‘love’, and in a second you can slide a thousand ‘love’, what is it ‘love’?

But whatever Tyrant Songs‘ Love ’is, the effect is real.

Three seconds later, the knife came out of seven colors of artifact.

Su Clan’s shield Fairy felt triple shocks.

And the other side…


paint of a black soldier hidden in a mysterious space is staying with undying Daoist’s body.

Suddenly, the darkness of the sun moved in the heart.

It’s in its mind, constantly floating a man’s silhouette.

It’s that damn Tyrant Song.

But don’t know why, Tyrant Song, formerly hateful, suddenly some warming up.

Dark soldier: “What?”

What happened?

What’s wrong with my body?

The black solar guy was seriously testing his body, but from head to tail, no anomalies were found.

could it be my mental distortion?

Or, what did Tyrant Song do in my body?

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