In the vast Saint Realm, there are 49 Big Province, 81 Big Stars, which is filled with countless Martial Artists. There are many sectarian forces standing up to each other, and you are playing every other day. A pile of bloodshed.

The Star of Martial Arts is one of the Saint Realm 81 Big Stars and a Big Star that is closer to the Cloud Province, one of the forty-nine Magnificent Provinces.

On the Star of Martial Arts, there is a famous mountain called the Sacred Mountain.

This mountain, almost no one knows on the Star of Fighter, no one knows it, it can be said that it is far-reaching, but it is all the Martial Artists on the Star of Martial Arts. All the forces of the size, when talking about this mountain, nothing is wrong. Showing a respectful attitude, or awe.

Because the Sacred Mountain is the land of Star Master’s Star Master.

The Star Master is the first person of the well-deserved Martial Star. On the Star of Mart, it is like the emperor of a kingdom. It is the supreme being.

At this moment, in the magnificent palace of the Star of the Stars, in a magnificent palace, there is a blue robe old man sitting cross-legged on the throne, faintly revealing the excitement in his eyes.

“In these years, the old man searched for the Saint Realm 49 Big Province, 81 Big Stars, but he never found a piece of water, and he didn’t even have a clue about the water cloud. Shui Yun Shen Tiegui is God Level 9-Rank’s Item Refining material, which is too rare, too rare, too hard to find.”

“But after all, it is the day that lives up to me. The old man finally knows the clues of the water cloud god iron. This water cloud god iron, the old man is determined to win.”

“Even if the old man guessed that Nine Flash Star Lord told me such news, most of it was to achieve some purpose of his own, but for the sake of the water, the old man would be rewarded even if he used it for a while. Flash Star Lord The value of this news. This Rain Monarch of Le Province, others are afraid of her, but the old man is not afraid.” The old man in blue robe whispered to himself, he did not have the slightest aura, but the whole person was in harmony with the Tao. It gives people a feeling of being integrated into the world.

This is the charm that can only be realized when the Great Principles of Heaven and Earth are aware of a certain realm.

The old man in the blue robe has already walked out of the magnificent temple, stepping out of it, and has already entered the depths of the sea of ​​stars, and is rushing straight to the Cloud Province.

This blue robe old man is the Star Master of the Star of Martial Arts.

Saint Realm 81 Big Stars, each has a Star Master, and the strength of these Star Masters are also different, some of the Big Star, the Star Master is almost Highest Beginning Realm 1-layer or two Revolutions. The powerful Big Star, there is no shortage of Highest Beginning Realm late-stage powerhouse, and even the Highest Beginning Realm Nine Revolution’s peerless Great Expert.

The Blue Sky Supreme is the best in Saint Realm 81 Big Stars!

Such a level of powerhouse, traveling in this vast sea of ​​stars, is rarely used Transmission Formation.

Unless you are crossing a very remote distance, you will occasionally use the Crossing-Province Level Transmission Formation to hurry.

Cloud Province, the war that rolled the whole continent has officially kicked off. The team of the Four-Divisions Alliance has already come out. They have already rushed out of the painstaking Southern Territory and pursued the Justice Alliance all the way to the central region. The powerhouses of the two major leagues are being turned upside down in the central region of Cloud Province. Some Great Primal Realm, and even Highest Beginning Realm powerhouse, have already battled into the heavens.

Although the Northern Territory’s Xi Clan Empire and the Eastern Territory’s Purple Vast Dynasty have fully assisted the Justice Alliance, the Justice Alliance, which has experienced the heavy blow of the renegade, has long since ceased to be defeated by the Four-Divisions Alliance. Casualties and their heavy losses.

Even the Tongtian Peak Peak Lord couldn’t get out of the way. He gave up the suppression of the force of curse, opened the cultivation level, and with a mortal heart and the Justice Alliance’s Highest Beginning Realm powerhouse in the void.

The fire of his life is swaying and becoming more and more dim. After he lost the suppression of the body’s curse force, the speed of the spread is faster. After this battle, even the Justice Alliance won the final victory, Tongtian Peak Peak Lord doesn’t know if he can survive.

Peaceful Heaven Dynasty is also involved in the flames of war. The Little Star Lord is personally leading the Four-Divisions Alliance’s powerhouse, and is encircling the Peaceful Heaven Dynasty.

In the strength of Peaceful Heaven Dynasty, nature is far from the opponent of the little Star Lord and others. The great formation of the guardian of Dynasty has not been insisted for a long time, and it is crushed by the powerhouse led by the little Star Lord, and then drive straight into, directly into the The Imperial Palace of Peaceful Heaven Dynasty.

The Peaceful Heaven Dynasty’s Imperial Palace has now become a ruin. The blood is packed into rivers and interspersed among the ruins. The bodies are everywhere, countless.

The Imperial Palace of Peaceful Heaven Dynasty has been razed to the ground by the little Star Lord.

At this moment, the little Star Lord is standing on the ruins of the Imperial Palace with his hands on his back, staring coldly and staring into the distance, looking at the direction of Dong An County.

“The first Master of Star Lord, the entire Imperial Palace has been searched, and the body of the Great Emperor Mo Xingfeng of Peaceful Heaven Dynasty has not been found. I estimate that this Mo Xingfeng is mostly hidden in Tianyuan Clan.” In the Little Star Lord behind A God King said in a respectful manner.

“If you can’t find it, the Imperial Palace is just an appetizer. The situation is over Tianyuan Clan, and the formation is broken.” The little Star Lord said condescendingly.

“Master Star Lord, the formation of guarding Dong An County is far stronger than the great formation of Peaceful Heaven Divine Country. At present, another group of people is working hard to break the formation.” The God King said.

“Go, go to Dong An County!” The little Star Lord waved his hand and immediately led many powerhouses to go straight to Dong An County.

Dong An County is now the only well-preserved county in Peaceful Heaven Dynasty. At first glance, the entire county town is protected by two powerful forms, one guarding the entire county, and the other being Guardian Tianyuan Clan.

Two formations, one stronger than one, even if the Great Primal Realm powerhouse wants to break open, it is not an easy task.

Now, the big county town is already full of people. At the moment of the outbreak of the war, the Peaceful Heaven Divine Country is in the Imperial City. There is a part of the Martial Artist, or a prominent person who has entered the Dong An County in advance. In the middle, I pray that I can rely on Dong An County’s guardian formation to escape the war.

The influx of a large number of people has made Dong An County, a large area of ​​the original local area, instantly become congested, and the streets are crowded with people.

But at the moment, all those who have taken refuge in Dong An County have begun to regret it, because they found that Dong An County’s guardian formation is very strong, but after entering, they are also besieged by the Four-Divisions Alliance’s powerhouse. Stayed, even if you want to go, you can’t go.

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