Chaotic Sword God Chapter 2646

“Patriarch 冤枉, Patriarch 冤枉 , 老 老 老 老 老 老 老 老 老 老 老 老 老 老 老 老 老 老 老 老 老 老 老 老 老 老 老 老 老 老 老 老 老 老 老 老 老 老 老 老 老 老 老

“Patriarch, we work diligently for the development of the family, we will never make such a private thing, please Patriarch must be clear about the autumn…”


Jian Chen said this, and the other two veterans were scared, and they all expressed their loyalty to the announcement of the panic.

In Tianyuan Clan, Jian Chen has the supreme authority. These veterans can ignore Xi Yu to a certain extent and refute Xi Yu, but they dare not have a disobedience to Jian Chen.

Xi Yu’s gaze swept through the two veterans, and his brows were slightly wrinkled.

She hadn’t thought about it before, because the other two families recommended by the two veterans were justified and well-founded. Everyone said it was very reasonable. One pair made a plan for the development of Tianyuan Clan and let her Powerless to oppose.

But now, listening to Jian Chen, Xu Yu suddenly produces a fuss, and there is a cold flash in his eyes. She knows that Jian Chen, as the Beginning Realm powerhouse, can understand a lot. The means of mastering are not comparable to those of God Realm. It is impossible to aimlessly. If he says so, then there must be something hidden that she does not know.

Jian Chen looked calmly across the veterans and did not continue to pursue them. When he said that, it was not unfounded, because the strength of these veterans was not strong, so he could just vaguely see the Karma Strings of these veterans, and then based on these Karma Strings divination, although they could not clearly understand all of them. Hidden, but in general it can be certain.

There is no fish in the water to the clear, and similar things can’t be avoided in any big family, let alone the Tianyuan Clan with a special status in the Cloud Province.

As a big family that can affect the entire Cloud Province, Tianyuan Clan will naturally become the object of small and medium-sized forces. They will find ways to try their best to climb up with Tianyuan Clan for a little bit.

Therefore, these cultivation levels in Tianyuan Clan are not strong, and their status is very high. Even the veterans who can influence the development direction of Tianyuan Clan to a certain extent have become the objects of all parties.

Humanity is greedy, and in the face of huge interest temptations, naturally few people can hold it.

Not to mention the huge cake in Heavenly Moon Dynasty.

When Jian Chen was silent, the two veterans who were questioned were not calm, and they were all very anxious, anxious and uneasy, for fear of some things being revealed.

Although they did not say sorry for Tianyuan Clan, they did receive some of the benefits of individual forces.

“Xi Yu, you can do all these little things, you don’t have to report to me.” In the end, Jian Chen didn’t continue to go deeper. He is now standing at a different height, and the way of looking at the problem is different, such as Heavenly Moon Dynasty. This huge cake is enough to make the blood of many ancient forces smash, but in the eyes of Jian Chen, Huan Zhen is nothing.

As long as they don’t betray Tianyuan Clan and make a loss to the interests of Tianyuan Clan, Jian Chen is too lazy to pay attention to it, and all of them are handed over to Xi Yu for processing.

Tianyuan Clan is so diverse, Jian Chen is obviously more inclined to Xi Yu.

The words of Jian Chen played a role in the finalization. No one dared to oppose Xi Yu anymore. In the end, the control of Heavenly Moon Dynasty was controlled by Xi Yu, under the control of the Fahrenheit family led by the Fahrenheit brothers.

The Fahrenheit family became the royal family of Heavenly Moon Dynasty!

One surrendered to Tianyuan Clan, the royal family serving Tianyuan Clan!

At the same time, as the former Southern Territory overlord, Blood Sun Dynasty also suffered a catastrophe.

Blood Sun Dynasty The only two Great Imperial Ancestors have fallen into the Central region of the Cloud Province, and even the Everlasting Beginning Realm has suffered heavy casualties. Just as the Imperial Family of Blood Sun Dynasty was badly hurt, several big forces that had been suppressed by Blood Sun Dynasty even joined together. At the same time, they showed sharp sharp edges to Blood Sun Dynasty and entered the Imperial Palace of Blood Sun Dynasty. .

The Blood Sun Dynasty’s Imperial Family was almost annihilated. As the Blood Emperor of the Great Emperor, the Blood Sun Dynasty was smashed and hangs high above the Imperial City.

When these major forces started, it was apparent that they had made careful arrangements, which led to the arrest of many royals of the Blood Sun Dynasty. No one escaped. Except for Ninth Prince, all the royals were almost completely destroyed.

The Blood Family’s Imperial Family was devastated, and the Ninth Prince in the midst of the war was unscathed and became a miracle that was circulated in Southern Territory.

“I didn’t expect it. The Blood Sun Dynasty dominated the Southern Territory for more than a million years. It is called the immortal Dynasty. Now it is said to be extinct…”

“The fall of the Blood Sun Dynasty is behind the shadow of Tianyuan Clan. Without the promise of Tianyuan Clan, those big forces can’t be united…”

“But this Tianyuan Clan is also strange. The Heavenly Moon Dynasty is so big and fat. They don’t occupy it. Instead, they give it to others. They don’t know what they think. You said that the territory of Blood Sun Dynasty, Tianyuan Clan. Will also give up…”

“What do you know, it is called transcendental! Now Tianyuan Clan is a detached thing, and these fame and fortune have been regarded as dung, and they simply cannot afford these benefits…”

“But the Ninth Prince of Blood Sun Dynasty is also pitiful. He is a lonely man. It is said that he is now a wandering person…”

“No, not long ago, I heard people say that I have seen Ninth Prince in Blood Sun Dynasty. The clothes are ragged and the hair is messy. It is a look. Hey, Ninth Prince is also the big expert of God King Realm. It’s so bad now that it’s pitiful, it’s pitiful…”


In Southern Territory, there are talks about the voices of Tianyuan Clan and Blood Sun Dynasty, making you feel awkward and amazed.

However, more people are concerned about the fact that after the fall of the Blood Sun Dynasty, a vast expanse of empire, who replaced it.

After the big forces united to destroy the Blood Sun Dynasty, there was no movement, and no one replaced them. They were continually maintained in the Imperial City of Blood Sun Dynasty, and no one dared to step beyond the thunder pond. It seems to be waiting quietly.

Tianyuan Clan is also calm, and also does not accept the territory of Blood Sun Dynasty.

This situation once again evoked the speech of many Martial Artists and large and small forces on the Southern Territory. On the streets and alleys, you can hear about the future fate of the Blood Sun Dynasty almost everywhere.

If there is no Tianyuan Clan in the dark, if it is not the Blood Sun Dynasty and the other forces to unite to maintain the order, I am afraid that some small and medium-sized forces will take the opportunity to fish and fish.

A few days later, a letter that determined the fate of Blood Sun Dynasty was officially released, and the result was that the Southern Territory and even the many other Martial Artists in other major domains beside Southern Territory were surprised.

The major forces of the Blood Sun Dynasty announced their alliance and jointly controlled the Blood Sun Dynasty. The Great Emperor of the Blood Sun Dynasty was rotated by these major forces and changed for a hundred years.

“How could this be? Blood Sun Dynasty is not Heavenly Moon Dynasty. Tianyuan Clan didn’t even want to. I really don’t know what medicine is sold in Tianyuan Clan bottle gourd…”

“What do you know, let me tell you, Blood Sun Dynasty is the same regardless of who controls it, because no matter who comes in, they must be the people of Tianyuan Clan. Therefore, Blood Sun Dynasty does not matter. In the hands of everyone, there is a fact that one will never change, that is, its real master is Tianyuan Clan!”

“Isn’t it, I heard that the leaders of these major forces have all gone to Tianyuan Clan, and they have taken away more than 90% of the resources in the Blood Sun treasury. These resources are clearly paid to Tianyuan Clan… …”

“This Southern Territory, since then, has been decided by Tianyuan Clan…”

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