Chaotic Sword God Chapter 2795


In an instant, the five arrows of qi and blood emitted a monstrous red glow and enveloped Chu Jie and the others.

Chu Jie, Zhou Zhi, Kong Feiying, Zhao Wenbin, and Gong Rui are the five complexion big change. They have seen the horror of the power of blood and blood, and it can make Heaven and Earth change their colors. Terrifying power has already scared them to death.

And the most important thing is that they have guessed this power of energy and blood, which is probably related to Supreme inheritance, and even it belongs to the strength owned by Supreme.

Faced with such a high level of strength, even if they have formed the Beginning Realm great formation, they are unable to resist, not to mention that now the Beginning Realm great formation has been broken, and their strength has been beaten back to their original form. Even more powerless to resist this kind of strength in their eyes, which has climbed to the Supreme level.

This is also because their own strength is not enough, otherwise, if it is a Beginning Realm powerhouse with a strong cultivation level, I am afraid that at a glance, I can see that the five arrows of blood and energy controlled by Jian Chen are just bluffing.

“Yang Yutian, I am the core discipline of Yuqiong School. I am noble in Yuqiong School inner sect. If you kill me, Yuqiong School will definitely not let you go…” When the power was enveloped, the intense death crisis finally made Zhou Zhi’s will collapse, and loudly shouted loudly with a look of horror, begging for mercy was obvious.

“Yang Yutian, from now on, my Gong Rui has written off your hostility, and I will never trouble you again, I just hope you stop immediately.” Under the death threat, Gong Rui also temporarily put aside Face, forcibly endured the humiliation in his heart and unwilling to make a begging for mercy. be that as it may, but deep in his eyes, there are still hidden resentments and extremely strong killing intents.

The Cang Qiong family’s Kong Feiying and Zhao Family’s Zhao Wenbin also sound transmission at the same time. Each and everyone complexion has become pale with fright, because they have felt a command from these five powerful qi and blood powers. Their souls are trembling death aura.

Even if they have brought God King Realm dead men, even if they have best-quality Saint Item body protection on them, under the aura of death, they won’t bring them even the slightest Sense of security.

It’s just that Jian Chen ignored their begging for mercy, his eyes were cold, killing intent resolute, and he controlled the tiny sword qi. Under the cover of the power of blood, ruthless stabbed the heads of the five people opposite.

In silence, this tiny sword qi sank into their forehead.

This belongs to the terrifying strength that can kill the Beginning Realm. In front of this strength, the five of them only have the cultivation level of the God King Realm, and naturally they have no resistance at all.

In an instant, Chu Jie, Kong Feiying, Zhou Zhi, Gong Rui and Zhao Wenbin’s Primordial Spirit were smashed and the body and soul were completely eliminated on the spot.

Immediately afterwards, a trace of vitality followed their forehead’s wound and penetrated into their brains, leaving a little aura of vitality and blood in it, falsely causing the five of them to be dead. Traces under this force of blood.

The power of qi and blood permeating between Heaven and Earth slowly dissipated. When Heaven and Earth regained clarity, Chu Jie, Zhou Zhi, Kong Feiying, Gong Rui and Zhao Wenbin had become one The corpse was lying straight on the ground, and a group of God King Realm dead men brought by the five of them were all in a daze at a loss.

And Jian Chen seems to have exhausted all the strength of his body. Not only is his aura sluggish, but within the body Fire of Life is also on the verge of collapse, as if it has reached the point where the oil and the lamp are dead. Then he closed his eyes and fell into a coma lying on the ground.

With his coma, the drop of Antiquity Heavenly Wolf blood essence lurking in him within the body seems to have lost some kind of imprisonment or restraint, a pure blood essence that belongs to the blood essence The force broke through the imprisonment of Jian Chen’s flesh body, and directly leaked out, surrounding him.

At the same time, the drop of blood essence within the body seemed to have spirituality. It moved slowly in Jian Chen within the body, and finally came to Jian Chen’s mouth, as if he wanted to leave Jian Chen. The control flew out.

It’s just that Jian Chen’s teeth are closed, his mouth turned into a prison, and his only exit is blocked. The blood essence is trapped inside and cannot get out.

At this moment, all of Jian Chen’s defenses have been reduced to a minimum. If you want to capture this drop of Supreme essence blood belonging to Antiquity Heavenly Wolf, you simply don’t need to have too high a cultivation level, just gently open Jian Chen’s mouth. Supreme blood essence is at your fingertips.

Not far away, Wuhua Saint Child looked at Jian Chen in a coma, and felt the pure qi and blood exuding from Jian Chen’s mouth, and a glint flashed in his eyes.

Although he hasn’t recognized that this is Supreme blood essence, he also knows that it must be something extraordinary. Under his teeth, his body shape instantly appeared beside Jian Chen.

“get lost! No matter who you are, if you dare to conquer what belongs to Yang Yutian, this Jin will chase you to the ends of the earth, and you will not let you go.”

Just when Wuhua Saint Child was about to take out the Supreme blood essence from Jian Chen’s mouth, Jin Hong’s angry voice came from grandiose.

I saw his body turned into a flowing light, surpassing the last thousands of miles at a very fast speed, and his imposing manner is monstrous, vaguely like an uncommon military might Silver Wolf running, carrying a wave The momentum of press forward moved towards Wuhua Saint Child and hit it.

Furthermore, at the time of the impact, space also experienced layers of ripples under the pressure of the strong strength, as if a pebble was thrown into the calm lake, spurring waves of water.

This space is interfered by Jin Hong’s strength. Although the interference is not very strong, unless the perception of Space Principle can surpass Jin Hong’s realm, it will be difficult to use the space.

The Wuhua Saint Child complexion changed, and the expression suddenly became more solemn than ever. Although he was arrogant, he also knew that Jin Hong was the heir of Supreme.

The title of Heir of Supreme, even if it is placed in the vast Saint Realm, is an extremely shining existence, even if his strength is very low, it cannot be ignored by anyone.

Faced with this and the others, Wuhua Saint Child naturally didn’t dare to be careless. Although he couldn’t control the space freely under Jin Hong’s dry burning, the power of Principle was not affected.

He has Space Principle and Time Principle. The two principles are combined in his hands. The formidable power that can be exerted is by no means as simple as one plus one equals two. He did his best to move towards Jin Hong and strike a blow.


I saw the roaring sound, Wuhua Saint Child was transformed into a Silver Wolf, and Jin Hong slammed into his body severely. Instead of causing any harm to this Silver Wolf, his attack was The blood was vomited and flew far away. The chest front ribs had all been broken, and the entire chest was sunken in. The terrifying force of the collision shook his five main internal organs within the body. Shattered.

Wuhua Saint Child vomited several times a mouthful of blood. He looked at Jin Hong deeply with a look of dreading, then turned around and fled without looking back. After leaving the space area disturbed by Jin Hong, Space Force waved up immediately, his figure disappeared in an instant.

Jin Hong did not chase. He did not even look at Wuhua Saint Child. His eyes were staring at Jian Chen who was lying on the ground in a coma. The pair of vision revealed something unconcealable. Shocked and unbelievable.

He is the descendant of Antiquity Heavenly Wolf, and he is the closest person to Antiquity Heavenly Wolf in the world today, and even the closest person, so he recognized at a glance where the blood fluctuations of Jian Chen came from. .

This shocked him, made him extremely horrified, and the turbulent waves in his heart could not be calmed for a long time.

At this moment, he even doubted whether Own’s feeling was wrong, whether Own’s eyes were misread, and even doubt whether Own was in a dream.

But he never thought that the thing in Yang Yutian’s body that could provoke the power of own bloodlines would be a drop of Antiquity Heavenly Wolf blood essence.

The shock that this drop of blood essence brought to Jin Hong didn’t even make him pay attention to the five fallen Chu Jie.

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