Chaotic Sword God Chapter 2796


Faced with a drop of Supreme blood essence placed in front of own, Jin Hong couldn’t keep calm, and his heart became fiery. The blood flow rate within the body reached an unprecedented peak, and the power of bloodlines was boiling. As if it was about to burn.

Because this drop of Supreme blood essence in Jian Chen’s body is from the same origin and the same vein as him. They originally came from the same owner. If this drop of Supreme blood essence is in the hands of others, it can exert its effect. Naturally it is extremely limited, but it is completely different for Jin Hong.

Not only can he fully absorb and use all the energy in the blood essence, but he can also use this drop of blood essence to strengthen the power of own’s bloodlines, and even make the power of own’s bloodlines evolve and rise again. One step.

Jin Hong stared at Jian Chen who was in a coma with a complex color. He naturally knew that at this moment, if the owner wanted to take this drop of blood essence from Jian Chen, it would be easy to live, but he didn’t. At all doing this, he is deep in one’s heart, despite the heat, but a pair of vision is always clear and clear, without a trace of greed.

Immediately, he pointed at Jian Chen’s throat, and a pure strength sprayed out. He would have come to Jian Chen’s mouth, and a pair of Supreme blood essence who wanted to escape was drawn back to Jian Chen within. the body.

Then he took out a jade bottle from the Space Ring. Just as the cap of the jade bottle was about to be opened, a burst of life aura was emitted.

This life aura is vast and majestic, very pure, and far surpasses the real product in Rank, has completely entered the ranks of God level, it is only the radius of the life aura when it is distributed The wasteland in the range of 1000 meters turned into a vitality oasis in an instant.

This thing, obviously impossible was brought in from the outside world, but a rare thing produced in the Dark Star Realm.

Jin Hong poured some Life Power-rich green liquid from the jade bottle onto Jian Chen’s body. This contains the majestic life. As soon as the green liquid of aura touches Jian Chen’s skin, it melts into Jian Chen’s skin. Go in, it has been absorbed by the flesh body.

Next moment, I saw Jian Chen’s horrible, hideous wound, which made people unable to look directly at him. He immediately recovered with the speed visible by naked eye. The missing flesh and blood had also grown new granulation.

This green liquid, which contains a huge life aura, obviously has an inconceivable magical effect on the healing. After only a dozen breaths, Jian Chen’s injuries have all recovered.

Of course, this recovery is only the injuries on the flesh body. The heavily damaged Highest Origin and Primordial Spirit were obviously not at all fully healed. Therefore, although the injuries on the flesh body have recovered, Jian Chen’s The complexion was already pale.

It was also at this time that Jian Chen’s closed eyes slowly opened. He was still in a weak state, his expression was sluggish, and his eyes became dim.

He looked at Jin Hong, who was squatting next to own, opened his mouth. Just when he wanted to speak, he was stopped by Jin Hong raising his hand, and saw Jin Hong saying with a serious face: “Don’t talk, I’ll take you back. Hundred Holy City, everything will be said after returning to Hundred Holy City.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Jin Hong was ready to take Jian Chen back to the Hundred Holy City.

“There is no need to return to the Hundred Holy City. My injury is no longer serious. I only need to find a safe place to recuperate for a while to recover.” Jian Chen struggled to stand up, his eyes scanned Chu Jie and five of them. Thousands of God King Realm dead men brought by people, not at all kill to the last one to these people, and then the swaying sky rose up, moved towards the distance, and said at the same time: “Jin Hong, I know If you have questions in your mind, we will find a place to discuss it slowly.”

In the outer circle area of ​​the two world mountains, on the top of a mountain covered by dense fog, Jian Chen sits cross-legged in a blood dyed red shirt, and is enveloped by a thick layer of blood. It made him bathed in a group of scarlet rays of light, which looked like a giant bloody cocoon.

Jin Hong sit cross-legged beside him. He looked at the scarlet rays of light around Jian Chen. There were complex colors in his eyes. Mixed in, there was a strong doubt and strong curiosity. .

What he is curious about is naturally the origin of this drop of Antiquity Heavenly Wolf blood essence.

As for Jian Chen’s injuries, Jin Hong is not worried anymore. First, there is Spring of Life, and now there is Supreme’s blood essence strength. He believes that Jian Chen’s injuries are very strong under the healing of these two energies. Will recover completely healed soon.

What Jin Hong didn’t know was that the blood essence of Antiquity Heavenly Wolf healed Jian Chen’s injury, not at all the magical effect he imagined. Jian Chen deliberately exuded the blood essence of Antiquity Heavenly Wolf. It is more as a cover to make all the actions of the owner seem reasonable.

In addition, there is another point that Jin Hong didn’t even notice, that is, with this place as the center, the radius of the hundred thousand li range is shrouded by an invisible strength, which isolates all auras, making this within the hundred thousand li range If any aura leaks out of the space, it will not be passed to the Imperial City of the Dark Star clan.

This is Jian Chen’s supreme will. In fact, when he used the Antiquity Heavenly Wolf blood essence essence strength, he already covered this space with his own supreme will.

All the injuries on his body, as well as the abnormal behavior within the body blood essence, even the coma, were deliberately disguised by Jian Chen.

The purpose is to make the illusion of own in a weak state.

He showed this state in front of Jin Hong, and clearly exposed the existence of Supreme blood essence. He wanted to have a look at Jin Hong’s reaction and see if Jin Hong would take it.

As a result, Jin Hong’s reaction, not at all, disappointed Jian Chen, which made Jian Chen truly recognize Jin Hong.

“You should be curious, where does this drop of blood essence come from within the body, right?” At this moment, Jian Chen heard a voice during the healing, and his whole body was formed by the power of blood. The cocoon was enveloped, and he simply couldn’t see his shape.

heard the sound, Jin Hong couldn’t help turning his head, looking at Jian Chen who was enveloped by the power of blood and qi, he pondered for a moment, and then said: “putting it that way, you know where the drop of blood comes from within the body ?”

“Yes, I know not only its origin, but also where you got your Supreme inheritance. Because Antiquity Heavenly Wolf’s Inheritance Land was accidentally opened by me and a dead friend “Jian Chen lightly saying.

“What?” Jin Hong started, he abruptly stood up from the ground. At this moment, Jian Chen’s remark gave him a shock that was far more shocking than Jin Hong found in him Antiquity Heavenly Wolf blood essence even more stronger.

The Cangwolf clan has always regarded the ability to find Antiquity Heavenly Wolf inheritance as the supreme glory of the entire clan.

But he absolutely didn’t expect that all of this was related to Yang Yutian. The reason that owner was able to obtain Supreme inheritance was all because of Yang Yutian, who was sitting next to him, and he actually became the biggest hero.

For a time, Jin Hong’s complexion was fluctuating, and his heart was very complicated. If the situation was as Yang Yutian said, wouldn’t he owe Yang Yutian a great favor?

Besides, this favor is so big that I am afraid that I will not be able to pay it back in my life.

“Brother Jin Hong, you don’t have to be like this. You can be chosen as the heir by Antiquity Heavenly Wolf. This is your personal creation. But I’m a little curious. You never thought about this drop of Antiquity Heavenly Wolf blood essence on me. Take it away? I am now seriously injured. With your strength, it is really with no difficulty to take this drop of blood essence from me. Wouldn’t you be touched by this drop of Supreme blood essence?”

“This is Supreme blood essence, and it is the same thing as the inheritance you have obtained. Its effect on you is beyond imagination.” Jian Chen asked.

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