Chaotic Sword God Chapter 2797

Jin Hong solemnly dealt with Pill Recipe in Jian Chen’s hands and said: “Yang Yutian, Old Ancestor had a genus of Ding. A Pill Recipe can only be used by one family or one force. Once it spreads out, it can You have to pay no small price.”

“Because this Pill Recipe was also exchanged by my family at some price. There was an agreement at the time of exchange. Once this agreement is violated and spread to people who do not belong to my family, then my family will need to pay A small price to pay the liquidated damages. Of course, the consequences of the breach of contract caused by this Pill Recipe in my hand are borne by my clan, but the Pill Recipe is in your hands. If you have power, you can only limit it to The use of your forces must not be passed on to the second force, otherwise, the consequences of this breach of contract are afraid that ordinary people cannot afford it.”

“It seems that this Pill Recipe has a long history. Even the Peak clan like your Canglang tribe needs to be so careful.” Jian Chen held the Pill Recipe in his hand, and couldn’t help feeling agitated. With the Pill Recipe, Then he will turn more than 30,000 high-quality God King grasses into God King Danner, but it is just around the corner.

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