Control Time in Naruto Chapter 665

“I’m back.”

“Seven years have passed unconsciously.”

Mebis floats in the sky, Looking at the unfamiliar jungle ahead, he showed a little nostalgia.

I don’t know what happened to the villagers, what happened to the former president Giselef, and the scarlet lizard guild I had stayed in before.

She floated up and flew towards the village and town.


She stopped and landed on the ground, her eyes widened slightly, her body staggered backward involuntarily, a drop of sweat overflowed from her forehead, and said: “This is…what’s going on…”

What appeared in front of her was a dilapidated scene.

I saw that the former village has been vacant for several years. There are signs of collapsed and burnt houses everywhere, and many places are covered with vines and moss.

Mebis with bare feet ran up, looked at all around a little confused as he ran, and shouted, but received no response from anyone.

She ran all the way up ahead of the Scarlet Lizard Guild.

Looking forward, you can see the scarlet lizard’s entire guild, which has completely become a ruin. There are even some broken pieces of cloth and bones on the ground.


“Why is this, what happened here…”

Mebis bit his lip angle.

According to her level of intelligence, in fact, she has roughly judged what happened in her heart. Judging from the traces here, it is obvious that a wizard battle broke out here.

And it seems that it should have been seven years ago, probably what happened not long after she left with Kaede.

This World wizard The vicious battle between guilds is very fierce, and it’s not uncommon for guilds to be destroyed. Looking at the situation here, it’s obvious that the scarlet lizard lost and was invaded by others here. The wizards are completely wiped out.


The other side even destroyed the village and the innocent commoner. This made Mebis gently hold the little fist and looked down at the ruins in front of him silently.

At this time, there was a sound of footsteps from behind.

“It is completely in ruins.”

“Hey, Prechto, do you find anything there?”

“For the time being I haven’t found it yet, but according to the information, Heavenly Wolf jade should be on this island, or let’s find it separately.”

You can see three silhouettes walking together from a distance, all the way Search it over.

Their three people are Yuri Dolea and Prechto. Gelberg, and Volod Sinken, of which Volod Sinken is the leading four of the future Saint Ten Great Demon, one of the four kings of Isugar, and Prechto is the president of Fairy Tail Second-Kage And the president of the devil’s heart.

As for Yuri-he is the father of Third-Kage president Makarov.

Three people are the first members of Fairy Tail!

It was not only a destiny arrangement, but also Kaede’s deliberate manipulation. Mebis still met the three great veteran of the fairy tail guild she founded in the future on Heavenly Wolf Island.

Of course.

At this time, the three people are still very young.


“Look Yuri! Someone!”

After the three people turned around the corner, they saw the one standing in front of the ruins The silhouette of Mebis, Volod suddenly startled, immediately reminded his companions next to him.

Yuri was also slightly surprised. When he looked sideways, he saw Mebis’s back, then he was taken aback, showing a surprised look, and said: “girl?”

“According to the information, this island should have been empty for a long time.”

Prechto folded his arms in front of him, looking towards Mebis’ back with a little alertness.

Under the gaze of the three people, Mebis turned around slowly. When she looked towards the three people, she had adjusted her emotions and said: “You come to this island to do and so on?”

“Um, ah…”

Yuri touched the back of his head, and said sorry: “Well, we are here to investigate the ecology of this island system.”

“Are you lying.”

Mebis stared at Yuri, showing a gaze that seemed to be able to see through people’s hearts, calmly said: “If you are proficient For people of biology, then you should have a good strategy to deal with the poisonous grass-like Aktorin powder on this island.”

Yuri said with a’ha’, calmly said: “Little girl, you probably didn’t know that we bought a drug that is immune to this poisonous weed.”

Hearing Yuri’s answer,

The corners of the girl’s lips slightly raised.

She smiled and looked towards Yuri three people, and said, “So what is your purpose.”

Yuri raised her left hand and crooked, saying: “All said After that, we are here to investigate living things…”

Mebis smiled and interrupted: “No, Aktorin is not at all. Any toxicity, this is just the basic knowledge of biology. You expose Now.”


Yuri opened his mouth, speechless for a while.

Prechto sighed helplessly next to him, patted Yuri on the shoulder, and said: “It’s just a little girl, just ask her if it’s OK.”

Speaking of this, he looked towards Mebis, and said: “We are treasure hunters, looking for a gem named Heavenly Wolf jade, do you know where it is?”

“Heavenly Wolf Jade?”

Mebis did not show any unexpected look, and said: “It is a sacred relic on this island, I will not give it to stranger.”

Volod said innocently: “Ah, but I don’t think you, a little girl, can resist us.”

“Hey, Volod.”

Yuri glanced at Volod, then looked towards Mebis with a smile, and said: “If it is other people, we can also snatch it by military force, but we can’t do that with a little girl like you Yes, or we come to compete for something else, how about giving Heavenly Wolf jade to us if you lose?”

Mebis showed a cute look.

What everyone didn’t notice was that there was a gaze looking towards here from a distant place, taking everything that happened here in the entire scene.

“Although I have changed a lot because of me, I am still moving closer. It seems that I don’t have to deliberately restore anything.”

Kaede will Heavenly Wolf Island Everything that happened was in my eyes, with a slight smile.

Yuri tried to compete with Mebis for intelligence, but there is no doubt that it was impossible to win Mebis. The result was that Mebis easily found the loophole and teased it.

After that.

Yuri learned from Mebis that Mebis had left here for seven years and had just returned to the island, so he temporarily re-explored the island with Mebis.

The entire group finally found the place where the Heavenly Wolf jade was located, but the Heavenly Wolf jade that was originally placed there has disappeared and is no longer there.

“It seems that it has been preempted.”

“It’s either a thief or a peer.”

Volod looked helplessly towards placing Heavenly Wolf In the center of the empty disc of Jade, shaking one’s head, and said: “There is no way, let’s go back and collect information again.”


Mebis shake one’s head, staring at the front, said: “It was not done by your colleagues or thieves. Looking at the situation here, it should be done by the wizard guild that captured this place seven years ago. Heavenly Wolf jade should have fallen. They are in their hands.”

Speaking of which, Mebis lifted up the little fist and shook it, his eyes gleaming: “Heavenly Wolf jade is a treasure guarded by people on this island. Get it back!”

“Wizard Guild?”

Yuri’s three people are all startled.

Prechto browses tightly frowns and said: “Then it will be troublesome.”

In this world, there are all kinds of guilds, there are thieves’ guilds, and they are like this. The Treasure Hunter Guild, but the most powerful is without a doubt the Magic Guild.

Because these treasure hunter guilds generally use some weapons with formidable power, and occasionally some people can afford expensive magic equipment, and there is no direct confrontation with real wizards. Questions are very difficult.

“I am also a wizard.”

Mebis looked towards Yuri three people and said peacefully: “And I am very strong…but the problem is that I don’t know Seven Which guild attacked here years ago.”

Yuri was surprised, tilted his head and looked towards Mebis, and said: “Ah? You are the wizard?”

” Doesn’t it look like?”

Mebis showed a cute look.

Yuri and Prechto three people looked at each other in blank dismay, their eyes are very consistent. Obviously, it is impossible to see what a thirteen-fourteen-year-old girl can be strong wizard.

“Ah, that’s right.”

Would suddenly thought of something and woke up, reached out his hand to touch his pocket, took out a strange sign, and said:” This is what I found in the ruins just now. It seems to be a mark of the guild.”

Mebis took a step forward and looked towards the thing in Volod’s hand. It was a small metallic sign. , An imprint like a skeleton.

She blinked, and said: “This is not the symbol of the wizard guild on our island… It seems it should be the symbol of the wizard guild that invaded here.”

She didn’t know which guild the sign belonged to.

Volod’s three people also don’t know much about the wizard guild.

“It seems that I have to go back and investigate.”

Yuri held the metal sign in Volod’s hand with a thoughtful look.

Mebis looked towards Yuri said resolutely: “Please take me with you.”

Yuri said helplessly: “Then how can you do Heavenly Give us Wolf Jade, our goal is the same.”

Mebis showed a cute look and said: “When the time comes, we will compete again. If you win me Just give Heavenly Wolf Jade to you.”

“I can’t do anything with you.”

Yuri sighed helplessly.

If Mebis is really a wizard, even if he only knows a little bit of ordinary magic, he should still be able to help a little bit, and it won’t be completely a drag bottle.


Mebis showed a cute smile, held the little fist in his left hand and raised it up, saying: “Revolving Heaven wolf jade group-this is the establishment!”

Volod said silently: “Don’t put us into your group without authorization.”

Prechto covering the forehead, sighed and helpless at the same time Smiled.


Isugar calendar x686 April.

The “Revolving Heaven Wolf Jade Group”, regarded as the predecessor of the Fairy Tail Guild, was established on Heavenly Wolf Island in Sage Region.

The same year afterwards.

Mebis established the wizard guild Fairy Tail with Yuri, Prechto, and Volod four people, and served as the First-Kage president of the Fairy Tail Guild.

This incident was recorded in the history of Fairy Tail, and it was included in the historical annals of the continent of Ishugar many years later.

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