Control Time in Naruto Chapter 667

“hateful ……”

Qiao Fuli looked at the many magic soldiers who were several times his own strength, and each of them could use magic to play a comparable with With the power of the wizard, a trace of cold sweat overflowed his forehead.

He gritted his teeth and stared at Mebis, raised his wand, and said: “You smelly little demon… where did you get such power? Go to hell!”

weng!! !

A gloomy ball of light aroused from his wand, and strikes at Mebis.

“Unleash such a large magic, your magic power must be consumed a lot!”


Mebis raised his little hand, and a huge array of monsters suddenly appeared in front of him, as if entangling the flames of a phoenix, directly blocking Qiao Fuli’s attack.

Mebis stood there, opened his little hand forward, looked at Qiao Fuli calmly, and said: “Your judgment is correct. My magic power is indeed consumed, but Even if it is only the remaining magic power, it is still enough to withstand your attack.”


Qiao Fuli yelled, waved his wand, and continued to release magic to attack Maby. S.

Mebis also confronted Qiao Fuli from a distance. The Phoenix magic entwining the golden flames and Qiao Fuli’s dark magic constantly collided ten meters apart, producing a series of explosions.

And another side.

Magic soldiers confronted the many wizards of the azure Skeleton Guild, and they have the absolute upper hand instantly, and even soon formed a crushing trend.

If the azure skeleton wizards can spare no effort and resist desperately, they will not be defeated soon, but just like no normal person would be willing to fight a madman, no wizard would be willing to fight The magic-made soldiers desperately!

“Ok… so awesome…”

Yuri, Prechto and the others who were mixed in the magic soldiers were all sluggish.

No one had expected before that Mebis had such a powerful magic power, and this lovely girl would be such a powerful wizard!

“Yuri, we don’t seem to be able to help.”

Volod looked at the melee battlefield ahead, with a little shock in his eyes. Live towards Yuri start to talk.

Yuri took a deep breath, forcibly suppressed the shock in his heart, and looked inside the building of the azure Skeleton Guild at the back. When he thought of something, a little rays of light appeared in his eyes.


He started to talk in a low voice, mixed among the magic soldiers, and took Prechto and Volod quietly to the building of the azure Skeleton Guild I touched the direction.

Not long after the three people entered the azure skeleton guild, the many wizards of the azure skeleton guild were finally completely defeated, and they were all crushed to the ground by magic soldiers.

A large number of magic soldiers also surrounded the president Qiao Fuli.

At this time, Mebis could see a little crystal clear sweat on his forehead. Obviously, fighting against a dark guild by the strength of oneself is not particularly easy for her now, but her eyes She was extremely calm and calm, because the entire battle was almost entirely in her calculations.

Although she cannot control every magic soldier individually, dividing the magic soldier into several teams and operating them separately is a matter of with no difficulty for her.

This is her innate talent.

This kind of manipulation and analysis ability even Kaede can’t help but sigh. If it were in his previous world, Mebis could manipulate five computers by himself and defeat any team of cream of the crop.


Qiao Fuli was unable to defeat Mebis in the end. He was hit by Mebis’ magic in a somewhat difficult situation, supported by his wand. He stood and tried to make the final resistance, but was quickly controlled by the lances of the magic soldiers crossing each other.

Qiao Fuli, who was under control, looked towards Mebis, with a little unwillingness in his eyes, but he still said with difficulty: “If you win, I will disband my guild and leave here.”

Mebis calmly looked at him, and said, “Distribute all the wealth you plundered to the people in the town, and return the Heavenly Wolf jade you took from Heavenly Wolf Island to me. “

“You…you have the final say.”

Qiao Fuli gasp for breath, start to talk, and said: “So you are from Heavenly Wolf Island? But Heavenly Wolf Yuri’s thing is a very dangerous thing, you…”

Just as he was about to say and so on, Yuri’s three people happened to walk out of the broken guild building and Yuri held it in his hand. A jewel-like sphere, that is the Heavenly Wolf jade that was lost on Heavenly Wolf Island, but it seems to contain a dark magic.

“Mebis, found it!”

Yuri threw the Heavenly Wolf jade in his hand, smiled at Mebis, and said: “didn’t expect You are such a powerful wizard. Let me talk about the competition in a while. I won’t fight with you.”

Yuri’s voice made Mebis and Qiao Fuli both look over.

looked Yuri was holding Heavenly Wolf jade in his hand, Qiao Fuli’s pupils suddenly shrank, cold sweat on his forehead, and shouted without hesitation: “Don’t touch that thing! Throw it away quickly! !!!”


Yuri glanced at Qiao Fuli strangely, and said: “Are you crazy, this is our spoils of war, why should We throw it away.”

Qiao Fuli shouted nervously: “That’s not a treasure… It’s very dangerous! It has absorbed a lot of black magic power, and it has lost control. If humans touch If you arrive, you will be directly controlled by it!”

“Hey, don’t threaten this kind of trick…”

Yuri smiled and threw it away. Heavenly Wolf jade, but at this time, Heavenly Wolf jade split second burst into bright radiance, interrupting his words.

weng!! !

The magic power belonging to the black magic is released in all directions.

Heavenly Wolf jade was originally a treasure to protect the island. It has a strong protection ability. It is difficult for ordinary wizards to break the barrier formed by it, but it was traveled to Heavenly about decades ago. Infested by the black magic of Jeff of Wolf Island!

“ah ah ah …… …… Ahhhh ……”

Yuri looked in the hands of rays of light, exposed look of shock, trying to Heavenly Wolf Jade throw away, but It was too late, the whole person split second was covered by rays of light, and a painful yelled sound was made. The entire world seemed to be overwhelmed by the light of black magic.

Mebis also showed a look of shock, exclaiming:


When she exclaimed, she immediately asked Yuri’s direction thrown out a magical force, trying to rescue Yuri, but it was too late.

The black magic magic that belongs to Jeff is not a category that she can analyze today.

zi zi! ! !

rays of light rushed straight into the sky, split second entangled with the huge dragon skeleton in the town of Magnolia, as if countless lightning flashes.

Yuri’s body was almost dissolved in the split second, and his self-awareness was suppressed by the huge magical power. The soul merged with the Gigantic Bone Dragon, making this Bone Dragon, which has been dead for hundreds of years, Rejuvenated again and moved again!

“It’s over…it’s over!”

Qiao Fuli looked at this scene, and his body couldn’t help but sit back, showing a panic expression.

He who has studied Heavenly Wolf Jade is very clear about what terrifying black magic power is contained in it. The magic power that originally existed alone was not terrifying, but this magic power now combines Yuri’s soul and Bone Dragon’s body has a powerful body to carry it!

Although the dragon’s skeleton has stood here for hundreds of years, no magic can leave a trace on it. This is the power of the dragon!

rumble! ! !

Bone Dragon raised his head to look at the sky and made a roaring action. The magic burst out of it shakes the sky and the earth, making the magic factors between Heaven and Earth tremble, and the entire earth is shaking.

Although compared to the real dragon at the peak period, it can only be regarded as a skeleton, and may not even possess one-fifth of the power, but it is still far superior to ordinary wizards. !


Bone Dragon has gathered a lot of magic power in its mouth, split second sprayed out a dragon’s breath, strikes on the street, bombing a series of houses on the street and disappearing.

The face of Mebis looked at this scene changed in shock, without any hesitation, he immediately jumped up, converged all the magic soldiers, and concentrated his magic power.

The magical phoenix turned into a magical array and spread out behind her, forming two transparent golden wings, which made her fly to in midair and up ahead of Bone Dragon like elves.

“Yuri! What are you doing! Stop!”

“It’s useless…He has been completely controlled by black magic. Get out of here.”


Qiao Fuli looked up at this scene, and his body trembled to start to talk. He struggled to get up and staggered to the outside of Magnolia Town.

Mebis didn’t have time to pay attention to Qiao Fuli at this time. Seeing that Bone Dragon was not controlled by Yuri’s consciousness at all, he could only squeeze fist slightly and wave his two small hands forward.

weng!! !

The golden magic array opens, and a large number of golden magic rope split second gushes out from the magic array, twists to the other end of the Bone Dragon, and binds it in place.

However, the strength of Mebis at this time is still a certain gap compared to the existence of the Saint Ten Great Demon guide, not to mention the Bone Dragon which is far stronger than the general Saint Ten Great Demon guide.

oh la la!

The rope was almost tied up before it collapsed and dissipated.

“No…My magic is too weak…”

The magic array of Mebis was defeated, and the whole person staggered backwards, looking towards that with a bit of difficulty Bone Dragon continues to wreak havoc in the town.

She still remembers that when Kaede released this magic, the ropes formed by the magic power were almost like the essence. After binding her, it would be difficult to destroy a single point on the surface even with her spare no effort. Although she has learned it now, her magic is far less than Kaede.

If Kaede releases this magic, it will surely be able to control this Bone Dragon.

bang! bang!!

Mebis started to fight the Bone Dragon and blasted it out of Magnolia, but also because of the weak magic power, her attacks could not leave any traces on the body of Bone Dragon!

She was not good at direct attacks. Most of the phoenix magic she learned was the magic of the auxiliary class. She was better at group battles rather than single duels.

Not to mention.

Her magic level at this time is much lower than Bone Dragon.

Boom! !

After several consecutive confrontations, her magic array was easily shattered by Bone Dragon again, and the whole person was also hit by the breath strikes released by Bone Dragon, flying a distance of tens of meters.

Even with the protection of Phoenix Magic, she did not suffer any fatal injuries, but after suffering this blow, she became a very difficult situation and her magic power was also greatly depleted.


Looking at the Bone Dragon continuing to wreak havoc, Mebis couldn’t help but squeeze the fist.

This is her adventure, but in the end she messed up. Not only did she let her companion be manipulated by black magic, it even brought a worse ending for Magnolia. She was impossible to sit back and watch the result. .

Kaede is the Legendary on this continent, and is regarded as an abyss-like existence of the demonic path. As a student of Kaede, if she messed up the first adventure, then not only she herself is ashamed , I am afraid it will affect Kaede’s reputation in the future.

“Only use that.”

After taking a deep breath, Mebis made a decision.

She learned a lot of magic from Kaede. Almost all the magic she has used so far is from Kaede, but she also has a magic that she didn’t learn from Kaede.

Almost all the magic she learns is auxiliary class and life-type magic, but she is as smart as her, knowing that these alone may create life, but it cannot protect life

To protect life.

You must have a stronger killing magic!

The magic that can determine life and death!

So combined with Phoenix magic and her own life magic, she performed a reverse deduction, but because her magic power is too weak, the realm is not high enough, so the magic she studied is just a semifinished product , And this magic was named by her-law!

Being able to create life can also kill life, purify all darkness with sacred light, and eliminate all targets identified as enemies. This is her self-created magic.


Mebis sighed, then flew again and came to the up ahead of Bone Dragon.

Using unfinished magic may have serious side effects, but at this time she can’t take care of that many, she must solve everything in front of her.

Her two small hands closed in front of her body, gathering the remaining magic power of her within-the-body, and building a magic array with her magic power as the core, and the magic factors that drew the entire sky shook with it .

“One, two…”

The bright golden rays of light appeared in her palm.

Bone Dragon seemed to feel the threat, looked towards Mebis’ direction, gathered a lot of magic power, and tried to breathe out a breath at Mebis, but the action was a step slower.

Just at an instant when the breath it gathered, Mebis started to talk calmly, and the golden rays of light split second in his palm reflected the entire sky.


The rays of light like the sun bloom here.

This rays of light split second submerged the breath of Bone Dragon, submerged the body of Bone Dragon, and submerged the sky and earth, covering the entire town in the rays of light.

At a place not knowing how far away from here, Kaede is walking forward, his eyes are looking at what happened in Magnolia, and he sighs slightly:

“The super magic of semifinished products is exactly the same.”

Although Mebis didn’t tell him, how could he not know that Mebis himself secretly studied a semifinished product. Super magic, he knew everything about this most important dísciple.

But he did not stop, because he had already seen the future.

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