Control Time in Naruto Chapter 668

For a short while, Kaede looked towards Magnolia and looked up ahead.

In front of him, is a very magnificent and tall palace, the whole body presents the flame color of golden red, and there is a phoenix pattern on the top.

This is the Phoenix Heart Guild.

For three hundred years, countless wizards have had no choice but to enter, and countless wizards passing by here also regard this as the Sage Region and will worship here in the palace.

Kaede walked forward gently, step by step stepped onto the Phoenix Palace, all the way to the front of the palace’s main gate.

The huge portal with a phoenix design is closed, and there is Phoenix magic applied by Acleya to stop outsiders trying to break in. Even the general Saint Ten Great Demon guide cannot Forced breakthrough.

But Kaede didn’t seem to see the door, and continued to walk forward. When he touched the door, the whole door swayed like water ripples, and it seemed to suddenly become After the illusion, he just penetrated in.

For him, this World certainly doesn’t exist anywhere that can prevent him from entering, he can enter at will if he wants to.

In the palace.

In the most central place, there is a golden flame floating there.

At the heart of the flame, there is a naked girl with a whole body. The girl closed her eyes, hugged her knees and shrunk into a ball, floating in the sky so quietly, seeming to be asleep.


The movement at the palace’s main gate made her eyelashes tremble. She opened her eyes and woke up from her sleep. After a little confusion flashed in her eyes, she was surprised.

She stood up in the flames, and the golden flames quickly contracted inwardly and turned into a Priestess suit with a phoenix pattern and fell on her.

Step on,

She fell from in the sky, her bare feet stepped on the yellow carpet that was spread from the depths of the palace to the main gate, and then quickly moved towards the main ran in the direction of the gate.

Looked towards the familiar silhouette that walked in from the main gate, Achlea showed a happy and gentle smile, saluted Kaede and shouted:

“Kaede Lord. “

She and Kaede have been separated for 300 years. Because of the power of a phoenix, the years have not left any traces on her.

And her character is different from Mebis. She is not as lively as Mebis, and she does not have such a strong thirst for knowledge, so after the establishment of the Phoenix Heart Guild, she spends most of the time She was in a deep sleep, and she would wake up only when someone forcibly broke into it.

“You slept for a long time.”

Kaede looked Ackley’s easy-going smile.

Aikleiya gently nodded and said: “I slept a few times, it’s probably more than two hundred years…Kaede Lord, have you found what you want?”

Three hundred years ago, when they were parting, Kaede said to her that he wanted to merge the things he found so far to find the power he wanted to find.


Kaede started to talk peacefully, stepped towards the palace, climbed the stairs to the upper end of the palace, and walked to the only one at the highest point. Sit down in golden’s seat and chuckled lightly: “But there are clues.”

Aikleiya followed Kaede and came to stand beside golden’s seat, her face showing With a slightly surprised look, he said: “Clues?”


Kaede gently nodded, and then bends forward a little.

The air swayed like water ripples, and finally formed a clear picture, which is exactly the picture on the small town of Magnolia.

Under the shadow of Mebis’ super magic, the golden holy light covered the sky and the earth, finally purifying and clearing the life of Bone Dragon completely, and stripping Yuri out.


After the golden rays of light dissipated, the huge skeleton of Bone Dragon finally collapsed section by section, and Mebis also fell silently in front of the huge skeleton.

She didn’t fall down, but she half-kneeled on the ground and gasp for breath violently. The whole body was full of sweat, and the magic power was almost exhausted.

The screen quickly zoomed in.

Give Mebis a close-up.


Aiklea was taken aback, showing a little strange expression, and said: “Is this feeling…Phoenix magic?”

Although there is a space apart, just seeing the picture, but as the Priestess of the Phoenix, the source of the power of the Phoenix, she can still vaguely judge that the faint flame remaining on Mebis is the power of the Phoenix magic.


Kaede nodded, said: “She is Mebis, my dísciple.”

Aikleiya browses slightly wrinkle , Looked at the picture floating in the air, showing a little puzzled look, and said: “Does the clue you mentioned refer to her? The magic she used looks a bit unique, but it should not be enough to make you pay attention… …”

“But she has the hope of birth of One Magic.”

Kaede smiled gently and said: “I have mastered all the magic of this World except One Magic , Only this kind of magic is beyond my grasp, and I have never seen it. In her body, there is hope of seeing this kind of magic.”

Although I am absolutely absolutely Most of the time she was asleep, but whether it was the part of following Kaede or the three hundred years, she had learned a lot about magic.

For the One Magic mentioned by Kaede, she also knows what it is.

That is the abyss of magic, the only magic, the power that surpasses the power of the phoenix, dragon magic, time-space magic, and all black magic, can truly defeat all power.

“so that’s how it is.”

Acleya was nodded, and looked towards Mebis in the picture with some serious eyes, saying: “Then she is indeed very What about the wizard of innate talent.”

In the screen.

After a gasp for breath, Mebis stood up with the Bone Dragon shard next to him, enduring the soreness of the whole body caused by the massive consumption of magic power, and checked his state.

She quickly noticed that her body had undergone a slight change compared to before. The division of whole body cells was approaching to stop, which meant that her body had stopped growing.

“Sure enough, there are serious side effects.”

Mebis whispered in the heart.

And at this time, Prechto and Volod and the others all ran from a distance, Prechto rushed to the center of the Bone Dragon fragment, lifted up and lay there Yuri, and Volod looked towards Yuri’s direction, then looked towards Mebis, and asked a little nervously: “Mebis, are you okay?”


“It’s okay.”

Mebes is exhaled, temporarily ignoring his physical condition, and showing innocence and cuteness at Volod and the supported Yuri and the others The smiling face said: “In this case, the mission is complete. Although it has caused a lot of damage, it is a good ending.”


A few days later.

The town of Magnolia, inside the building of the original azure guild.

Yuri, Prechto, and Volod, the three people are evenly distributing the wealth that Azure Skeleton has collected over the years one after another to the town’s commoners, all of which are busy brow beaded with sweat.

Mebis sits on a table with two smooth feet hanging in the air, swinging and humming a little song, revealing a very happy look looking towards the distant sky.

“Huh…I’m tired…”

After Yuri allocated the last part of the treasure, he took the towel and wiped the sweat from his head, and then moved in the direction of Mebis He walked over and said: “Really, the proposal you made, I don’t come to help, Mebis.”

Mebis laughed at hehe and said: “It’s not the distribution method I sorted out. Well.”

Yuri shrugged innocently, and then suddenly showed a little serious look towards Mebis, said solemnly: “Mebis, does your situation really matter?”

Mebis showed a cute look, pretending to be stupid:

“What’s the situation?”

“Don’t lie to me… I listen to Prechto and Wo Lord said that the magic you used before shouldn’t be easy for you to use. If you use it, there will be some serious side effects. Although you didn’t say it, it is impossible to hide it from me.”

Yuri looked towards Mebis seriously and seriously.

Mebis looked at Yuri, and finally smiled and said: “It’s okay, it’s just that the body has stopped growing.”

She tried once after the magic was restored. Use Phoenix magic to heal yourself and eliminate the side effects of using the law, but the result is completely ineffective.

After confirming this, she experienced a brief period of loss, but she quickly got rid of the feeling of loss.


Yuri was slightly surprised.

If the body stops growing, it means that you will always keep this thirteen-year-old appearance, and you will no longer grow up. This will undoubtedly lose a lot of things. For example, it is difficult to have a sweetheart. After all, normal people should not hope for themselves The other half has always looked like Lolita.

“It’s okay.”

Mebis laughed indifferently, and said: “Just find my teacher to solve this problem, and it’s not like I don’t grow up like this It’s pretty good too.”

Kaede has the power of Youth forever. Time can’t leave a trace on Kaede at all. So, as a dísciple, it is normal for her to always be a girl.

And her instinct tells her that Kaede is a young and cute person.

As long as the teacher feels that there is no problem with her appearance, then she will not care about these small problems.


Yuri showed a look of embarrassment. After all, he took the Heavenly Wolf jade on his own initiative, and Mebis became like this to save him.

Mebis showed a cute and pure smile, stood up, and interrupted: “By the way, Yuri, I want to establish a wizard guild, and you guys come and join together!”


Yuri, Prechto and the others who came over stayed for a while.

Yuri opened his mouth and said: “Guild wizard? But, we don’t know magic at all.”

Mebis blinked and said: “It’s okay, I can teach You magic.”


Volod scratched his hair, looked towards Mebis, and said: “How come you suddenly thought of establishing a guild. “

Mebis looked towards the dilapidated town in the distance, his expression became serious, and said: “This city’s Town Mayor period is oppressed by the azure skeleton, even if we defeat the azure skeleton, the economy here It’s also difficult to return to the previous level.”

After discovering that her body had stopped growing, she considered whether to complete this adventure and went to the Phoenix Heart Guild to find Kaede, but after careful consideration , She feels that this is just the beginning.

For a child who goes out to experience, this is just the first adventure and the first difficulty encountered.

She can’t stop here.

Next, she will establish her own magic guild and undertake various commissions to restore this small town to its original appearance.

“That’s it.”

Yuri showed a thoughtful look.

Prechto’s looking thoughtful said: “So, how about the guild being called Brother Prechto.”

Volod complained: “Don’t be serious cracking a joke.”

The look of the three people looked like, Mebis smiled, a little rays of light flashed in the big gem-like eyes, and said: “The name of the guild is called-Fairy’s The tail.”



The Fairy Tail Guild was established, and Mebis was the president of First-Kage.

The location of the guild is determined in the Kingdom of Fiore. On the small town of Magnolia, Heavenly Wolf Island has become the guild’s Sage Region.

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