Control Time in Naruto Chapter 669

In the Phoenix Heart Guild.

In the center of the palace, a coffee table is placed here. Aikleiya is holding an orange, her little hand gently peels the orange peel, and hands a petal of orange to Kaede.

While serving by her side, she was looking at the picture in the thoughtful looking towards projection, saying: “Phoenix magic itself has the ability to extend life, but she should not have reached the age when the body stops growing. This cessation of growth is probably not as simple as a side effect.”

The power of the Phoenix magic can almost eliminate everything in the incarnation body. Any physical damage under reborn from the ashes can be cured, so pure body cells Stop growing but even Phoenix Magic can’t heal itself, it shouldn’t exist.


Kaede gently nodded, ate the orange petals from Acleya, and said: “It is indeed not just that the body stops growing, but contradictory Curse.”

Acleya slightly startled and said: “The curse of contradictions?”

Kaede smiled easily and said: “There are several strictly prohibited laws in this World. One of them is that human beings cannot change life and death with their own will, and decide life and death, because the decision of life and death is the authority of Anku Saram, and once he does this, he will be cursed.”

Ike Léa was surprised.

She has never heard of the contradictory curse, but Anku Sara has heard of it. This is not the name of a certain wizard, but the god who is in charge of life and death recorded in the book!


Acleya showed a solemn and worried gaze looked towards Mebis.

Originally, she received a dísciple for Kaede, but she was a little bit lost in her heart, but after observing the actions of Mebis, she quickly fell in love with this pure and lovely heart Young girl.

“Don’t worry, I can lift that curse.”

Kaede laughed.

Achlea felt a little relieved after hearing Kaede’s words.

Looking forward at this time, you can see that the screen in the projection shows the scene inside the new guild of Fairy Tail. This is a new building built on the original site of the azure skeleton. Yuri, Volod and many villagers who helped build it together.

Mebis was walking around in the guild’s new building at this time, and after a few turns, he came to the guild’s basement. This is a four all directions square with a room of about ten square meters.

In the center of the room is a round table.

On the top of the round table is a peculiar utensil. Above the utensil is a glass ball about the size of a basketball. There is an azure light spot in the glass ball.

“We didn’t expect the power of teacher legacy here.”

Mebis looked hung in the air, and the fluorescent glass ball murmured.

This is a magic ball found in the collection of azure skeletons. When it was discovered in the split second, Mebis recognized that it contained the power of Kaede.

When following Kaede, she read many books and some legends about Kaede. One of the legends is that when Kaede walked the world three hundred years ago, she used all kinds of magic combined together and sealed in the form of a magic ball.

It is said that there are seven such magic balls.

Many people have come into contact with it, and have received it, but no one can crack the seal of the magic ball, even the great wizard can’t crack it.

But after their research, they all came to a unified conclusion, that is, if you can gather seven magic balls and put them together, the seals between them will conflict with each other and one after another cracked.

In other words, those who can collect seven magic balls can get the power of Kaede, the legendary wizard!

For this.

A war even broke out on the world.

This war finally took Achlea, one of the seven magic balls was taken away, and the hope of many people to gather the magic balls was cut off before finally becoming settled.

“It is indeed a super complicated Sealing Jutsu style. The worthy-of is from the teacher’s handwriting.”

Mebis put his little hand on the surface of the magic ball, roughly Sense touched the Sealing Jutsu style on the magic ball, and the jewel-like eyes could not help showing a little shock.

This Sealing Jutsu formula is far more complicated than all the technique formulas she has seen so far. Almost every basic technique formula in it is super magical. It can be said that the whole is composed of a large number of super magic formulas. The technique formula is formed by permutation and combination.

The higher the magic attainments, the more shocked people will be when they see this Jutsu style.

Because the higher the level, the higher the realm of Kaede’s magic can be felt. It is simply unimaginable. If she is standing on the roof at this time and can vaguely see the white clouds on the horizon, then Kaede is Standing in outer space, standing on the sun!

“Can the human wizard really accomplish this thing?”

The more sense Mebis is, the more shocking it is.

She felt that with her current magical attributes, at least two more levels would be needed to reluctantly try to decipher these technique formulas, and only decipher, not crack.

It’s like a password cracking software. When you encounter hundreds of millions of passwords, all you can feel is your own smallness, shivering curled up in the corner.

“I don’t know why the teacher made these…”

After the shock, Mebis couldn’t help but murmur, but temporarily couldn’t imagine the reason.


In the Phoenix Heart Guild.

Aikleia is also looking at this scene. She knows the reason why Kaede made these magic balls. In fact, it’s just Kaede integrating part of the magic she learned.

That is the product that Kaede left in the world during the twenty years that Kaede took her to travel the world. During this period, Kaede has been collecting magic and integrating magic. After the integration, Kaede is Not at all destroy this part of it.

For Kaede, these are equivalent to his manuscripts.

These are the manuscripts from the legacy in the process of solving a world magical puzzle. These are memorable things.

So Kaede sealed these’manuscripts’.

The only thing Acleya wonders is why Kaede seals it into seven parts, because in her opinion, with Kaede’s power, it can be integrated and sealed into one part.

Aikleia looked towards Kaede. She was puzzled about this for a long time, but she didn’t ask until now, because it had a lot to do with her not at all, but now it does. Because she is now guarding one of the seven magic balls.

Kaede glanced at Achlea, as if seeing her doubts, casually said with a smile: “I just did it casually, and don’t you think the number seven is interesting? “

Achlea showed a little confusion.

Kaede sat there and said with a smile: “Three hundred years ago, the dragons reached an agreement with the Protoss wizard and Jeff, in order to defeat Akunorokia, the dragon will be destroyed. Wizards send the future through eclipse magic, and the future they arrive is just July 7, x777.”

“And in the distant future, they are finally eligible to fight against Akunorokia. , And it happens to be the seven dragonslayer wizards.”

Acleya showed a looking thoughtful look.

That is to say, Kaede is only for fun, so she divides her’manuscript’ into seven parts to seal, but this is also in line with her understanding of Kaede, following Kaede’s twenty Throughout the years, she knew that Kaede was a being with the power of a god, but with the same mind as a human being.

“Then if someone can collect the seven magic balls you made…”

“He can indeed break the seal of the magic ball.”

Kaede replied in an easygoing manner, saying: “Anyone who can collect my seven magic balls deserves a reward, and he can indeed get some of my legacy power from them.”

slightly nodded.

Kaede looked towards the projection screen in the air, said with a slight smile: “Okay, keep watching, next is the performance time of Mebis.”

… …

X686 years.

In the same year that Mebis established the Fairy Tail Guild, the Second Trade War broke out.

This is a war between various kingdoms and major lords to fight for trade and interests. The scale of the war spread to the entire Ishugar continent, which can also be called the second world. War.

Compared with the first war, the scale of the war this time is more ambitious and fierce than the last time, and it has almost swept the entire Ishurgar continent.

In X688, the Kingdom of Azak hired the wizard guild to participate in the war for the first time, which opened the prelude to the participation of the wizards.

The same year.

Almost all of the wizards and all wizard guilds in Ishgar have been involved in the war, including the Fairy Tail guild established by Mebis.

And in this war, Mebis, who was only fifteen years old, showed the strength of the Saint Ten Great Demon guide level. The magic Legion she created is comparable with one person’s power. Magic army!


Compared to Mebis’s personal strength, her ability to analyze wars far exceeds her own strength. Under her command, any enemy military division and general, They all seemed to take off their clothes for observation, without any resistance at all.

This war lasted until x689. Most of the kingdoms and lords were defeated and withdrew from the war. In the end, only the two most powerful kingdoms faced off.

The strength of the Mebis side is only one of the others on the other side.


Under the command of Mebis, Uzi, the army master of the enemy kingdom, is almost useless. All actions are performed in Mebis’s plot against. Resolve.

Uzi tried to send a powerful wizard to assassinate Mebis, but they all fell into the plot against Mebis, and the wizards who came to the sneak attack were all suppressed.

That’s it.

Mebis gradually equalized the strength of the disadvantage, and in the second half of x689, commanded the entire army to start a large-scale counterattack, broke the enemy’s main force in one fell swoop, and established the victory.

x690 In the first half of the year, the Second Commercial War finally came to the end of a phase with deaths and injuries many dozens of times more than the First Commercial War.

So many casualties are recognized as the result of the wizard’s involvement in the war.

So taking this opportunity, the Magic Council and the guild alliance jointly concluded a treaty prohibiting wars between wizard guilds at will.

So far.

Isugar, who had been turbulent for decades, finally settled down, the relationship between the major guilds began to improve, and the wizards’ behavioral styles also changed accordingly.

In this war, in addition to the change in the development direction of the entire world, Mebis, the Fairy Tail First-Kage president, is a girl called the “Fairy Sergeant” , Is almost remembered by the entire magic world.

It was almost after the war.

The identity of Mebis was the only dísciple of Legendary wizard Kaede hundreds of years ago, and it quickly spread in the magical world and caused a sensation.

Because Mebis knew that Kaede didn’t care about her revealing her identity, someone asked Mebis to verify her, and she got a positive answer.

Of course.

There are also many people who do not believe this. They tried to prove the matter to Priestess, the Phoenix Priestess who had followed Kaede and was immortal for three hundred years, and finally got the affirmative answer from Acleya.

The magic world is a sensation!

Kaede walked the world three hundred years ago and left many legends. I don’t know how many wizards regard Kaede as a teacher and themselves as a student, but that is just the idea of ​​a master as a teacher.

As the true student of Kaede, perhaps the only student approved by Kaede, only Mebis, the first-kage president of Fairy Tail, is the only one!

After confirming this.

Many people also followed it.

It’s no wonder that a teenage girl can possess the magic power of Comparable with Saint Ten Great Demon, can possess that kind of intelligence and wisdom-obviously only by achieving this level can he be qualified to become Kaede recognized The student.

Since then, there has been an endless stream of wizards trying to join the Fairy Tail Guild, making Mebis, the First-Kage president, busy, and even worrying that he has no time to venture out.

But there is no way. This is the guild she has established herself. Naturally, she has to carefully select everyone who tries to join, and can’t let the dark and shoddy people into the guild.


After four years of growth, Yuri, Prechto, and Volod, the three elders of Fairy Tail, have all become unique existences that can help her solve some of the things.

It’s just that she wanted to find Kaede after the war ended, but she couldn’t leave the guild after a few months.

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