Control Time in Naruto Chapter 670

In the Fairy Tail Guild.

First-Kage President Mebis is sitting on the counter, and her little pale-gold hair on top of the head hangs weakly, and she holds her face with two small hands. Weakly said:

“Ah… I really want to take risks…”

I thought I could relax after the war ended, but from the end of the war to the present, I was busy with the guild. It has been almost three months, making her very weak at this time, looking like an eggplant beaten by cream, losing her usual activity.

She sat there feebly, with two bare feet hanging in the sky, the crystal-like jade-like soles can be held in a grip, and the delicate and small intertwined like five milky white grapes, But at this time, he didn’t have the strength to swing.

“You can’t do without you in the guild.”

Yuri was not far away sorting out the guild’s commission board. Hearing Mebis’s voice, he couldn’t help turning his head to Meby. Ssi’s direction glanced at and smiled.

Mebis stared at Yuri with a cute gaze.

Just then.

A young and elegant woman came over, took a towel and gently wiped the sweat off Yuri’s head, and handed Yuri a cup of tea—she is Yuri’s wife Rita, The belly has a clear outline, and it seems that a child will be born soon.

Mebis: “…”

No way!

She decided to go to Kaede as soon as possible!

Although it’s cute to keep this look and not grow up, and everyone still likes her, she is now seventeen years old, and she is still thirteen at the age of seventeen. Listen It looks strange! Also impossible to find sweetheart! No one will really like it!


Just as Mebis was thinking about how to get out, she suddenly noticed something, the bunch of drooping hair on the top of the head The child stood up and became’! ‘shape.

She looked in the direction of the door and saw outside the guild door, a girl who looked about seventeen-eighteen years old was step by step into the guild.

The girl who walked in wore Priestess’s costume, barefoot like her, and in her sense, there is an inexplicable sense of affinity, or it seems that her strength comes from the other side.

“Phoenix Magic…”

Mebis looked dazedly at the girl who walked in, her thoughts flickered quickly, split second has already determined the identity of the girl who walked in , Said: “You are…Priestess of Phoenix.”

The atmosphere in the guild gradually solidified at this time. Yuri, Prechto and the others stopped their movements. ,Simultaneously looked towards Acleya who walked in.

After hearing Mebis’ words, they all showed shocked expressions.

Priestess of Phoenix!

This is a name that resounds Ishgar. It is the first place of Ishgar’s Saint Ten Great Demon. It has existed since three hundred years ago. The Phoenix Priestess with Immortal Body!


“She…She is the legendary Ishgar’s strongest wizard…”

“How come So young…”

Almost all of Yuri and the many wizards in the Fairy Tail Guild looked towards Acleya in shock.

Aikleiya’s name is legendary throughout Ishgar, but few people have actually seen her appearance. In the impression of outsiders, more than three hundred have survived. The young Akleia should be the image of an old woman, but didn’t expect a girl who doesn’t seem to be much older than Mebis!

The entire Fairy Tail Guild became solemn.

The atmosphere seemed to freeze.

In this solidified atmosphere, Aclaire walked to the front of Mebis, looked towards Mebis, with a soft smile, and said: “I am Aclaire. “

Mebis jumped off the counter, stared at Acleya for two seconds, and then showed a cute and innocent smile at Acleya, saying:

“My name is Mebis, and you are so beautiful, elder sister.”

“You are also very cute.”

Aiklea smiled gently.

elder sister?

Yuri and the others are complexion stiffened, this is the Priestess who is said to have survived for three hundred years!

But Mebis was a student of the legendary wizard three hundred years ago, and Acleya seems to be a follower of the legendary, so it seems that there is no problem.

Mebis looked at Acleya, and said with some joy: “Elder sister, is there anything looking for me when you come here?”


Aikleiya gently nodded and said: “I’m here to tell you one thing, the’contradictory curse’ on you is about to break out.”

Si was stunned. It was almost the next moment that he thought of something. Pupils contracted slightly, and sweat overflowed from his forehead, saying:

“…the curse of contradiction?!”


Aikleiya nodded, said: “You should know that Phoenix Magic is impossible to dispel the side effects of the physical level, so you can’t restore growth.”

“So before you used the unfinished super magic, the side effect was not to stop the growth, but to be cursed by the god of life and death, Anku Saram.”

Mebis staggered I stepped back two steps, leaned back on the counter, still a little confused in his eyes, said:

“I…I know the curse…”

The curse of contradictions!

The more you care about life, the more you love life, the more you will take away the lives of others, and you will not be old bastard until you are tortured to collapse!

And this is the curse of the gods, I have never heard of any way to crack it!

“So you should leave.”

Acleya started to talk to Mebis and said: “If you stay here, the curse will kill People here.”

Mebis paused for a while, looked towards Acleya, and said tremblingly: “Then…elder sister, can you crack this curse?”

“I can’t.”

Aikleia shake one’s head and said: “Even the ultimate Phoenix magic, the ability to reborn from the ashes, can’t wash away this curse, but this curse also It’s not incomprehensible.”

The first half of Acleya’s sentence made Mebis look pale, and the second half of the sentence made her startled, and then reappeared with hopeful eyes, saying: “Also That is to say…”


Acleya didn’t wait for her to ask, so she nodded gently at her.

If Achlea can’t crack it, Kaede is probably the only person who can crack the curse of contradiction in this world. Mebis is naturally asking her teacher, and Achlea knows her too. What do you want to ask.

Mebis was slightly relaxed in his heart.

Her panic disappeared, and her heart settled down again, knowing that if Achlea said so, then Kaede should indeed be able to do it.

This also made her pursed her mouth. A lovely light red appeared on both sides of her cheeks. Her eyes dropped to the floor, remembering the time when she lived and learned magic with Kaede four years ago.


I want to see the teacher again.

After she showed a shallow smile, she lifts the head again, took a deep breath, her eyes became calm, turned her head and looked towards the rear, her eyes were on Yuri and Prechto mobile.

Yuri noticed Mebis’ gaze, and quickly guessed what she was thinking, and immediately pointed at her suggestively shaking ones head, and pointed to Rita’s belly next to him.

The wife is about to give birth.

At this time, he is obviously impossible to take charge of the guild.

Mebis also noticed Yuri’s hint, glanced at on Rita’s belly, then gently nodded, turned his head and looked towards Prechto, smiled and said:

“Prechto, I have to solve my problems. The guild will rely on you when I am away.”

Prechto startedled and said: “President What do you mean…”

Mebis pointed at him nodded and smiled and said resolutely: “From now on, you will be the second-kage president of Fairy Tail!”


Prechto opened his mouth and looked in Yuri’s direction. The subconscious wanted Yuri to succeed him, but he also noticed Yuri. Rita’s belly next to her, so the words that came to her mouth swallowed again.

He touched the back of his head, looked towards Mebis hesitantly, and said:

“But can I do it?”

“You must not The problem is, you are the person with the most magical innate talent!”

Mebis smiled at Prechto.

That’s it.

Under the witness of many members of Fairy Tail, the wizard guild Fairy Tail, which has been established for four years, ushered in the second president-Prechto Gelberg!

On that day, First-Kage President Mebis left the Fairy Tail Guild with Priestess Acleya of the Phoenix, and disappeared from people’s sight.



Mebis lay on Acleea’s back, and put his arms around Acleea’s neck with two small hands, while Acleea opened her arms, her arms turned into golden flames The phoenix wings of her, led Mebis to leap forward from the clouds.

She took Mebis and flew over the wide river, leaped over the rolling mountains, and finally flew to a palace on the east side of the city, isolated there, which looked solemn and solemn.

There is the Phoenix Heart Guild.

“This is the elder sister’s guild…”

Mebis can now vaguely see the palace in the distance, with a little start to talk in his eyes. During the war, she never came here because of her geographical location.

Aikleiya constricted her wings and flew down, leading Mebis all the way to the palace up ahead, and the golden flames on her body eventually disappeared.

When he landed,

Mebis also let go of his little hand and jumped off Acleya’s back.

And just as the two looked towards the direction of the palace together, when they were about to walk up together, suddenly, both Mebis and Acleya noticed something at the same time and turned their heads together to look.

I saw in the woods on the right side of the palace, a youngster wearing a magic robe was step by step out of the woods, seeming to be passing by here.


The youngster noticed Acleea and Mebis in front of the palace, and slightly startled.

The youngster, who looked at Acleya and stopped, also paused, and read the name of the other side: “…Jeff.”

I heard Ai Claire’s name for youngster, Mebis pupils shrinks slightly.

Black wizard Jeff!

Like Kaede, it is also a legendary wizard hundreds of years ago, but unlike Kaede, almost all kinds of darkness and notoriety related to Jeff!

Some people call him the darkness, some call him the devil himself, and others call him the most evil and terrifying wizard for the countless lives he walked on the world!

“Elder sister, do you know him?”

Mebis felt a little depressed.

Aikleya nodded, said: “I met him a hundred years ago, but he is not the evil wizard as rumored, he is the same as you, who has been cursed by contradictions.”

When she met Jeff, she didn’t know that Jeff was a curse of contradiction, and Jeff told her not at all.

Not long ago, when Kaede talked to her about the contradictory curse in Mebis, did she mention the situation about Jeff and also talked more about Jeff. Things.

Jerf heard Acleea’s words, slightly startled, and then looked towards Mebis next to Acleea with a slightly surprised look, recognized it, and said:

“Are you, that fairy strategist?”

Due to the contradictory curse, he usually does not meet people, but occasionally he still sees the newspaper, so for this continent What happened is very meddlesome and understandable.

“It’s me.”

Mebis is slightly nodded.

Jerf looked at Mebis for a few seconds, and finally sighed and said:

“It’s a pity.”

After saying this, he turned to Went far away, and finally disappeared in the woods.

Mebis’s eyes moved back and forth several times on Jeff’s back and Acleea’s body, and finally looked towards Acleea and couldn’t help but whispered: “Elder sister, he …What’s the matter?”

Aikleia looked towards the direction where Jeff disappeared, and said: “He violated Anku Sara’s Willpower in order to revive his younger brother. Because of the contradictory curse, I have been tortured in pain for this reason.”

“I heard Kaede Lord say that Kaede Lord had met Jeff, and Jeff asked Kaede Lord to kill him. But Kaede Lord refused.”

Aikleia’s words made Mebis could not help reaching out his hand to cover his mouth, showing a look of astonishment, and said: “Ask the teacher… to kill himself?”


Aikleiya nodded, said: “The curse of contradiction is such a terrifying thing.”

Mebis looked towards again In the direction that Jeff disappeared, I couldn’t help whispered: “No wonder he would say a pity to me, but isn’t the teacher able to break this curse?”

Aikleiya shake one’s head and said: “Maybe he doesn’t know, maybe Kaede Lord refuses to crack it for him, maybe…the reason is something we didn’t think of.”

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