Control Time in Naruto Chapter 673

Kaede joined Fairy Tail a year ago.

After leaving the Phoenix Palace, he has been to the vicinity of the Fairy Tail Guild. After observing the guild for a few days, he decided to participate in the guild as well. In this way, when the “Magic of One” appeared , He can also observe and experience better.

Because he is not a person who likes to be ostentatious, he does not have many commissions after joining the guild, but he does not need to care about participating in the S-Rank assessment and passing this basic operation.

“Be careful of everything.”

Makarov looked at Kaede, who walked down from the second floor, and pointed to Kaede nodded start to talk.

He is really uncomfortable with the actions of the Black Magic Order, but because there is no commission or order, he is impossible to order the wizard in the Society to deal with the Black Magic Order, Kaede Willing to take the initiative to deal with that is naturally completely compliant with his ideas.

Moreover, with Kaede’s strength, there should be no accidents, as long as you are a little more careful.

“Don’t worry.”

“I will go back.”

Kaede responded calmly, and step by step stepped out of the guild.

Grey looked at Kaede and left the guild alone. After feeling the silence for a while, he couldn’t help looking towards Makarov and said: “President, let him go alone?”

The Black Magic Order sounds like a very large organization. If Kaede goes alone, does it seem a bit too weak?

“Don’t worry.”

Makarov looked towards Gray, revealing a look that made him relieved, his eyes deep in the direction where Kaede disappeared, and said: “He is The strongest wizard here.”

Gray heard this evaluation again, and couldn’t help but looked towards the direction outside the door, a little confusion flashed in his eyes.

The strongest…

How strong is it that makes these wizards think so?


Rosemary Village.

This is a small village in the southern part of the Fiore Kingdom. The villagers are kind-hearted, and many orphans gather in this village to support each other and work hard to live.

Not far from the village, a large number of silhouettes gathered quietly in the dark, all of them had a unified mark, which was the mark of the evil organization “Black Magic Order”.

“Are you all here?”

A priest of the Black Magic Order held a magic wand, looked at the gathered group, and made a hoarse voice.

A small leader in the cult came forward and knelt down on one knee: “Sacrifice to Lord, everyone is here, now you can act.”

“good !”

Sacrifice to nodded, raise the wand in his hand, point to the Rosemary Village not far away, and say: “Then act now, Lord will kill all Lord and all child will be taken away!”


The members simultaneously of the Black Magic Order responded, and then each raised their swords, rushed to Rosemary Village in the dark, and slammed directly in from the front of the village.

Screams of horror and screams of pain, split second broke the tranquility of the village.

In a shabby cabin, a girl with red hair, who was about to rest in a haystack, was startled by the cry, her eyes showing surprise, she looked out the window.

“What’s going on…”

Elisa turned over and looked out on the broken window, and she saw that the village had been burning for some time. , I can vaguely see many villagers fleeing in horror, and behind is a group of members of the black magic sect with sharp blades chasing mercilessly.

Seeing this scene, she immediately broke into a cold sweat. Although she was less than twelve years old at this time, she had lived alone since she was a child. After many hardships, she immediately realized that the situation was not Mia, after reacting, immediately pushed the door open and ran out.

“Kill all Lord! Take all the child away!”

“Move up!”

“Don’t let one go!”

The shouts of the members of the Black Magic Order were mixed with screams of horror, spreading around the village.

Elisa ran a few steps along the lane, and saw a member of the Black Magic Order in front of her. She immediately retracted her body, because she reacted fast enough and was not separated by the other side.


She looked at the member of the Black Magic Order and went away, her chest fluctuated violently, and she obviously couldn’t keep calm and calm in this situation. .

After hiding for half a minute, she poked her head out to observe, and then continued to flee, preparing to find a suitable place to hide.

But just then.

She saw in a corner from not far away, a girl who was younger than her was walking out with tears, and she kept calling out with fear and timidity.

“Brother…big brother, where are you?”

Elisa took a breath and forced herself to remain calm, then ran out of the shadows and caught God Le’s wrist pulled her into the narrow lane and said:

“If you stay here, you will be found!”

“But…but, big brother He…”

Kagura was running on the burning street pulled by Elusa, with a little crying and trembling in his voice, apparently completely at a loss.

Elisa took her while running and said: “Your big brother must be able to take care of yourself. First find a way to live by yourself, and then find your big brother!”

Although she is only a few years older than Kagura, Elisa is undoubtedly much more mature and stable than Kagura at this time, and few adults can remain calm at this time.


Just when Elisa ran out of Kagura for a while, the silhouettes of the two were discovered by a member of the Black Magic Order who looked into the lane.

“The child is found!”

“There are two!”

“Catch them!”

The black The members of the Magic Order immediately yelled, and some of the nearby companions heard them and ran towards this side.

Elisa was heart startled and became flustered. She took Kagura and ran forward quickly. She ran away and lost one of her shoes in a hurry, and she didn’t care about it.

But even if they flee like this, they are still children. Obviously, those members who have been impossible to run past the Black Magic Order were quickly chased and intercepted, and finally surrounded.

“Sister…elder sister…”

Kagura showed a look of fear, hugged Elder’s arm tightly, curled up behind Elder’s body, in words With a tremor.

Elisa looked at the black magic order member who was surrounded by several directions before and after clenched the teeth. She picked up a piece of wooden stick from the ground and held one end tightly, trying to make the final resistance .

But just then.

Boom! ! !

As if something impacted, the members of the Black Magic Order who were approaching her all screamed at the same time, then flew out and rammed directly into the burning building.

Elisa startedled briefly, showing a little surprised look.

When I looked forward, I saw a silhouette at the end of the alleyway. I don’t know when I was walking towards this side, with a calm and peaceful expression.

“Who is it?!”

The other members of the Black Magic Order were also startled and simultaneously looked towards the silhouette that appeared. After glance at each other, someone Showing a hideous look, he said: “Kill him!”

Several people each held their weapons, and together they rushed towards the person.

Boom! boom! !

Kaede calmly looked at the member of the Black Magic Order, raised his left hand and stretched out his index finger. With a random wave to the left, the members of the Black Magic Order were taken An invisible force hit from a distance, flew out directly to one side, and smashed the wall of the tunnel.

After solving the people of the Black Magic Order, Kaede continued to move forward and came to Elisa and Kagura, and glanced at them.

Little Kagura huddled nervously behind Elisa, shivering.

Elisa is holding the wooden stick. She realizes that Kaede and the Black Magic Order are not in the same group, but seeing the scene just now, she is still a little nervous and can’t help saying:


“You…you are…”

“I’m here to deal with the Black Magic Order. It looks like you should be fine. You stand here and don’t move. I will solve it first. Enemy.”

Kaede started to talk at Elisa’s easy-going start to talk, then bypassed the two and continued to move forward.

Although Elsa and Kagura are still very young at this time, he recognized the identities of them at the first glance when he saw Elsa and Kagura, and his mind flashed When they grow up, they can’t help but sigh that they are much more cute in childhood.

Elisa looked at Kaede walking by in a daze. Although she didn’t know Kaede’s identity at this time, one thing she could tell was that Kaede seemed to come to rescue them and deal with them. The group of villains raging in the village.

“Is that…magic…”

In her mind, she recalled Kaede waving her finger and shooting the people of the Black Magic Order away from a distance. , Could not help but whispered in the heart.

At this time, while pulling her clothes, Kagura who was shrinking next to her suddenly started to talk, extend the hand pointing to the sky, and said: “Elder sister…elder sister, you Look!”

Elisa suddenly looked up.

I see.

Kaede’s silhouette did not know when it had come to the sky, he just hand grasps like this, the fire that permeated the whole village was led by him, and it came crazy.

All the flames were condensed by him, gathered in his hand, and finally gathered into a huge Fireball, suspended in the sky in the sky, illuminating the entire village in the night.

Kaede holds the Fireball with one hand in his left hand, and his right hand sticks out at will, and lifts it upward. All directions in the village, and members of the Black Magic Order in all directions, are all covered by his power , Floating involuntarily, rising in the sky.


These members of the Black Magic Order all yelled in horror, struggling but unable to control their bodies.

One of the thin-bodied priests also looked at Kaede with a look of horror. He vigorously waved the magic wand in his hand and released a magic bullet in the direction of Kaede.


The magic bullet was swallowed by the Fireball held by Kaede’s left hand before it came to Kaede.

“Wizard, you…you dare to be an enemy of our Black Magic Order…”

The priest looked at this scene and started to talk hoarsely:” Quickly stop the old man, our black magic cult will not let you go!”

Kaede has an indifferent expression, does not look at it, does not respond at all, and combines this sacrifice with all other black After all the members of the Magic Order pulled up to the sky, their right hand waved upward.

Shua! ! !

All the members of the Black Magic Order were lifted from the restraint of gravity and flew towards the sky in the frightened yelled, and finally disappeared in the night in the sky, without whereabouts.

Allow the members of the Black Magic Order to experience for oneself. After the space walk and the trip to the moon, Kaede’s left hand and right hand are brought together in the middle, with a light tap, the fireball is annihilated. disappear.


Kaede walked forward, falling step by step from the sky in the sky.

Elisa and Kagura both looked this scene somewhat shocking.

“Grateful…Thanks to the wizard Lord!”

The surviving villagers looked at this scene, and some people gradually recovered from the shock. Simultaneously showed a grateful look, rushing to the sky Kaede in the sky knelt down.

Kaede didn’t respond, so he fell back to the ground.

Seeing Kaede walking out of the village like this, she seemed to be ready to leave. The shocked Elisa only woke up like a dream, and quickly looked towards Kaede’s back and said: “Thank you, thank you… “

“No thanks.”

Kaede turned her head and glanced at her, and said casually: “I’m a little late, otherwise it won’t be like this here.”

Elisa shaking one’s head, saying: “No…it’s not your fault…”

She saw that Kaede was kinder than she expected, and after a short hesitation, she directed at Kaede Asked: “Well, can you tell me your name?”

Kaede slightly smiled.


“The wizard of fairy tail.”

After leaving these two sentences, Kaede stepped forward and disappeared into the darkness In the middle, only Elisa who whispered the words “Kaede” and “Fairy Tail” and Xiao Kagura who were still in a daze remained in place.

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