Control Time in Naruto Chapter 674

Kaede did not deliberately lead Elisa to join Fairy Tail.

With one sentence left by him, it is enough, because Elisa will not be able to Awakening magic by herself for long, and after that, she will definitely follow the Fairy Tail Guild and join.

Although Elisa and Kagura in childhood are also quite cute, Kaede wondered if she would take in two more little loli, and when Mebis wakes up, knowing this will probably mark him.’ The label of’abnormal’, consider it or forget it.

It’s also fun to take in some cute girls, but it’s not always a dísciple. After all, they will all grow up. Once they grow up, they may do something to him. It’s better to reduce the number.

The quota is limited.

Leave it to those in need.

“Black Magic Order…”

Kaede left Rosemary Village, and after a few seconds of contemplation, he turned his head and looked in a certain direction with a pale in his eyes. -gold shimmer, then walk forward.

Speaking of the changes in the plot of this World, there have been many changes due to his existence.

For example, at this point in time, the six Demon General army among the three dark guilds has not yet been born, but the Balam Alliance has already existed, and it is also the three dark guilds.

Among them.

The most powerful thing is not the heart of the demon built by Prechto’s blackening, nor the Ming Sect gate built by the demons created by Jeff, but another dark guild, this dark guild Known as-Eternal Night Church!

Precito, the president of the Devil’s Heart, aims to pursue Jerf, revive Jerf and gain the power of the magic abyss, and the demons of Ming Sect’s Gate are also searching for Jer I want to follow Jeff’s own Willpower and kill Jeff.

But the Eternal Night Church is different from both.

It is after Kaede!

Kaede, who left countless legends four hundred years ago, only has the name “night” under the legacy, and is called the legendary wizard-night, and the Eternal Night Temple is the power to pursue Kaede A group of people, the wizard guild established.

Because Kaede has never appeared on this continent except for teaching a Mebis for four hundred years, so the dark wizards of the Eternal Night Temple have identified a concept , That is, Kaede’s body has died out, but Kaede’s power and soul are immortal.

What they have to do is to create a body capable of carrying the power of the gods for Kaede, so that Kaede can recover and lead them to rule this World.

This is where the name’Yongye’ came from!

After perceiving the existence of this guild, Kaede felt very strange. How did this group of people judge that his physical demise was only left with his soul and magic?


Think about that Jeff has lived for four hundred years. Everywhere in the world, he will follow his Willpower. It seems that it is not so surprising to want to “resurrect” Jeff’s dark guild.

After all, brain supplementing this thing is the strength of wizards. They are always happy to supplement something they think are correct based on what they see.

Of course.

The Order of Black Magic is not affiliated with the Eternal Night Temple.

The highest bishop of this sect is inextricably linked to the heart of the devil. The purpose is to build a Rsystem to revive Jeff. They didn’t know that Jeff was still alive and kicking. .

“Tower of Paradise, let’s take a look.”

After a short thought, Kaede stepped forward and disappeared in place.


The tower of the paradise.

This is one of the bases of the Black Magic Order. There are seven similar bases in total, but the other seven are all based on the mainland and have been targeted by the Magic Council.

This is the only one built on the sea, because it is isolated from the world, it has not been discovered by the Magic Council at the moment, nor has any guild aware of its existence.

On this island.

I can see the prisons everywhere. The youngster girls who are held in the same age as Elisa are shackled and some are under the supervision of members of the Black Magic Order Carrying a piece of Philosopher’s Stone, trying to build something.

If Kaede had not interfered with the actions of the Black Magic Order in Rosemary Village, Elisa would probably be caught here at about this point in time.

The height of the Paradise Tower.

An old man dressed more noble than other people, wearing a magic hat is standing here holding a magic wand, looking down at the tower of the paradise under construction.

At this time, a member of the Black Magic Order rushed over, with a little anxiety in his eyes, saying:

“bishop Lord… …Something went wrong.”

“We lost contact with the moon priest. According to the information we found, the moon priest seemed to be attacked by the Illuminati Guild when he attacked a village, and the entire army was wiped out. “

He trembled and reported the information he had learned.

The atmosphere is short and silent.


The bishop holding the magic wand started to talk coldly.

The indifferent words made the teacher next to him tremble involuntarily.

Bishop turned his head slowly, staring at him and said: “So, are we exposed here?”

“The root…According to the information, it has not been exposed yet… “

The teacher responded with a trembling.

Bishop, holding his wand, stared at him for two seconds, then retracted his gaze to relax the depressed atmosphere again. Indifferently said: “Forget it, it’s fine if it’s not exposed here. Child is almost enough.”

“From now on, stop all operations on the mainland, cut off all contacts, and don’t let any exposed probability here!”

“Next, let us build the tower of the paradise with peace of mind.”

He faced the sun, gently opened his arms, and made a gesture of embracing the world.


The teacher complied. After hesitating for a while, he couldn’t help but said: “By the way, Lord Bishop, there have been a lot of riots on the island recently. Those little demon Resist one after another…”

bishop exasperated and yelled: “You can’t even control a group of trifling little demon? Loser thing, find the leader in the little demon of the rebellion, and come and kill the chicken to warn the monkey! They are just a bunch of little demon, as long as they feel fear, they will be obedient!”


The teacher is cautious and solemn said: “We have caught a leader’s little demon, but it doesn’t seem to have much effect.”

bishop waved impatiently and said: “Then catch a few more , Dying one or two little demon does not hinder me. Don’t bother me with this kind of thing.”

“Yes, bishop Lord.”

After the instructor exhaled, Bend back.


Almost the same time.

On the shore of the island of Paradise Tower, on a sheer cliffs and precipitous rock faces, you can see a petite girl with double ponytail braids standing there quietly, one Holding a magic ball that was a circle larger than her little hand, it was far away from the interior of the gazed island.

The corners of the girl’s mouth curled up.

“Didn’t expect will hide in the sea. It is really concealed, but Neinhardt Lord noticed it, hehe, let me add a little fun to you.”

She is Urutia.

Different from the normal plot development, she is not the head of the seven demon family members under the devil’s heart, but is attached to the Eternal Night Church of the Dark Guild.

As for why the Eternal Night Temple is now the most powerful of the three dark guilds, the reason is also very simple, because the chairman of the Eternal Night Temple is named Neinhardt, he should be One of the Twelve Shields in the Western Continent, but now the president of the Eternal Night Church.

Because of the existence of Kaede, the entire world has undergone great changes, making this strength close to Akrya, the wizard that can reach the strongest echelon on the continent of Ishurgar, and now exists in Yisugar Continent, and built the Eternal Night Church.

When Achlea is sleeping, Neinhardt and Selene the God are the two strongest wizards on the continent of Ishugar, far superior to other wizards. , Even if the last eight of the Saint Ten Great Demon guide were put together, they couldn’t help but beat them amazingly with one hand.

Such a strength naturally makes the Eternal Night Temple the strongest dark guild, and even the Magic Council is extremely jealous of it.


Urutia hummed a small tune, holding the magic ball and walking towards the inside tower of the paradise.

Although she is not much different from Elisa at this time in terms of actual age, as the daughter of Ulu, she also possesses extremely high magic innate talent, and she has been taught by Neinhardt , At this time is already a very powerful wizard.

The Tower of Paradise and this thing of the Black Magic Order were not in her eyes at all at this time. To her, they were already inferior.

The girl used magic to sneak into the tower of the paradise while walking in the garden.

“These guys don’t seem to be of much use.”

Urutia passed by the cages where the children were held, and took a cursory look at the many children held. There was a little thoughtful look.

But after observing all the way, she didn’t find anything. She still saw a few children with more magical innate talents, among them Sora, Richard, Dark Ye and so on.

These are all members of the future Six Demon General Army.


Only this level did not make Uluti Asia-Pacific pay much attention to her. Her vision is very high. In the future, she will have the opportunity to match the innate talent of Saint Ten Great Demon. general.

After continuing to observe for a while, she stopped in front of a separate prison, gave a’huh’ in her heart, and looked inside the prison.

In the prison.

A youngster with blue hair was held alone here. The youngster was about the same age as her. She was hung there with scars all over her body. He was obviously tortured.

The youngster who caused the rebellion in the tower of Paradise, set off the prisoners to resist, and the man who confronted the Black Magic Order-Geral Fernandez!

“Finally met a nice guy.”

Urudia raised the crystal ball in his hand and observed Geral in the prison through the crystal ball. The corners of his mouth It evokes a slight arc.

At this moment, Geral, with blood dripping from his body, was lowering his head and gritting his teeth.

“God… doesn’t exist at all.”

“God who can’t save even a child, don’t worry…I hate these people…God…and Everything in this World…this World has no freedom to speak of…”

After being tortured, Geral was filled with anger and resentment.

It was also at this time that Urrutia showed a bad smile, and with a light wave of his right hand, a magic array opened silently, and magic power covered Geral.

What she released was illusion magic, and it aroused the anger and hatred in Geral’s heart. Almost all of a sudden, Geral, who had not yet Awakening magic, was hit directly.


“This World has no freedom, and the world has no dawn… There is only eternal night… Freedom only exists in the eternal darkness ……”

Urudia stood in front of Geral and started to talk sentence by sentence, her words became illusory, as if an abyss-like voice sounded in Geral’s ears.

Geral, who has been enchanted by illusion, cannot see the existence of Urrutia in front of him. He can only see the world in front of him, as if the whole change has turned into darkness.


“Who is talking!”

Geral looked towards all around loudly asked with a look of shock.

Urutia continued to manipulate magic and said: “It is ridiculous. The gods they believe in are nothing but insignificant dust in my eyes. Whether they are gods or humans, they will eventually fall into my own. In the darkness…My name is night, which will end everything and bring the great existence of Eternal Night!”

“I will return eventually, when I return, everything in the world will be subverted.”

“Believe in me.”

“You will get the power and eternal freedom that I give!”

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