Control Time in Naruto Chapter 675

“Eternal night…Eternal night…”

“True freedom, in the eternal dark night…Hahahaha…so that’s how it is, hahahahaha……I understood……”

Geral covered his face with a look of pain, his heart was corroded by the magic released by Urrutia, and finally he became savage and gave out a burst There was a horrible laugh.

Seeing that Geral was affected by his own magic, Urrutia’s mouth curled up, showing a slight smile, and the magic was reduced, and he said with a voice that only he could hear:


“Keep it up.”

After saying this, she quietly turned around and left Geral’s prison.

Soon she came outside and looked down at the prisons all over the island. After bewitching Geral, she no longer interested in the tower of the paradise, and neither did the Black Magic Order and so on. Mind, Rsystem can only be regarded as a toy that’s all in her opinion.


Just as she was about to leave the island quietly, suddenly, her wrist holding the magic ball was held from behind by a hand.

Uludia was startled, almost subconsciously raised her right hand and tried to attack backwards, but her right hand was just raised, and was held together with her left hand.


She was directly mentioned in the sky like a cat.

“You seem to have done something bad.”

Kaede appeared behind Urrutia, grabbed her by both wrists, lifted her up, and looked down at her Start to talk peacefully.

This girl confuses Geral under his name, making him really didn’t know whether to cry or laugh for a while, as if the unfathomable mystery was on his back.

Although Urutia was shocked, she didn’t panic completely. She didn’t hesitate. She raised her calf and kicked it fiercely backwards, trying to get rid of the control of the other side.


However, although this kick was accurately positioned, it gave her the feeling of kicking on the hardest steel, making her feel a sharp pain in the foot, as if the skeleton was broken Lost.


This made her hold breath cold air, and her whole body froze there all of a sudden. The cold sweat split second soaked her body and felt her entire calf It was paralyzed by the counter-shock.

Kaede looked at her expressionlessly, and said, “You are really disobedient.”

While talking.

Kaede brought Urrutia’s two small hands together, grabbed her two slender wrists with one hand, as if carrying a radish, and turned her around. Facing herself, she stretched out her right hand to pinch her cheeks and rubbed them vigorously.

“Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh The small tiger tooth opens his mouth and bites towards Kaede’s fingers.

Kaede didn’t bother to avoid and let her bite on it, but the result was the same sound as if it was going to be on the steel, click.

Urutia’s tooth almost broke this one, and she couldn’t help but scream in pain.

“Ah… so hard…”

“Are you a stone man?!”

looked Urutia’s painful and teary expression , Kaede let out a laugh, and asked, “Are you a cat? You still bite?”


Urutia gnashing one’s teeth for a while, and then overflowed a lot of magic power from his body. Although this magic power is not up to the level of S-Rank wizard, it is already quite impressive.

The surging magic power turned into cold power.

“The shape of ice, freeze!”

Urutia did not hesitate. After discovering that Taijutsu was invalid, she directly used the magic that she judged to be the most effective in this state. .

The ice split second spread out along her body, covering Kaede’s body instantly, and freezing Kaede’s whole person in the ice.


Before she tried to break free from Kaede’s hand, the ice cubes that had frozen Kaede split up silently, and turned into delicate frost flowers, scattered on the ground. .


Urutia looked at this scene and couldn’t help showing a shocked look, because the magic she released was only frozen, not scattered as ice flowers status!

It seems that only the ice magic she released has turned into scattered ice flowers, but in fact it is a completely different concept, which means that Kaede reversely analyzed her modeling magic in split second. Completely took over her magic, and at the same time completed the transformation in an instant, turning her modeling magic into an ice flower form!

Although there was hardly any magical power revealed, the manipulation of this level of ice magic almost gave her a feeling of resembles nature itself, far above her!


She couldn’t help but have a suspicion-in split second, reversely analyze her ice magic and rewrite it into another form. Can her mother Ulu do it?

Without waiting for Urrutia to make any other reaction, the shock in her eyes gradually turned into shock, because she saw the ice flowers scattered on the ground, burning silently again. It turned into a flower of flame, and finally disappeared in the air.


Urudia’s eyes were a little dull.

The form of split second of ice is transformed into the form of flame again!

Even with the magic knowledge she has learned, she has never heard that two kinds of almost completely opposite magic can be transformed into each other!

“Ice turned into fire…How could it be…”

Urutia’s eyes were shocked, and after the shock, the eyes looked towards Kaede With a hint of fear, she knew that her magic realm and the man in front of her were as different as heaven and earth!

Even if the unfinished lost magic’The Arc of Time’ is used, I am afraid that it will not be able to relieve the current dilemma. This man is far from the Black Magic Order can compare!

“Finally, I am honest.”

Kaede looked Urutia, touched his chin, and said with a thoughtful look: “You said what should I do with you Is it better?”

What should I do to deal with girls who bluff and deceive under their name? This is a somewhat embarrassing question. She is only twelve years old. Is it too heavy to be beaten? Seized and trained well… No, if she is well educated, it is not a punishment for her but a reward.

Even Elisa didn’t plan to give instructions in person like he did with Mebis.

Kaede thought about it carefully and found that for a little loli who believes in herself, it seems to be a gift to her no matter how to deal with it, it feels a little strange.

Urutia’s chest was ups and downs, she forced herself to calm down, and looked Kaede said: “I am… the wizard of Eternal Night Temple, even if you are strong, I don’t want to be with us Eternal Night Holy Don’t be the enemy, let me go now.”

“Eternal Night Sanctuary…”

It’s okay not to say Urrutia, but Kaede feels It becomes even weirder.

Noticing the look in Kaede’s eyes, Urutia felt a little panic inexplicably, because she not at all saw Kaede’s eyes with retreat and timidity.

Obviously the name of the Eternal Night Temple can’t scare the other side!

Kaede thought about it for a while, then put Urutia down, pointed a little at her, and a magical power turned into a rope to tie her in place.

“That’s good.”

After restraining Urutia, Kaede raised her finger and pointed it at Urutia. The fingertips released a little golden luster. Swipe lightly up and down, left and right.

Golden’s light appeared in the sky with a wave of ripples, falling silently on Urutia, blending into her within-the-body, and disappearing.

“You…what did you do to me…”

Urudia showed a horrified gaze, and sensed his own within-the-body situation, but not at all. All felt something strange, which instead made her show a little horror.

I don’t know what Kaede did to her, this kind of unknown fear is obviously stronger.


Kaede retracted his finger and said: “I just made a mark on you. If you want to clear it, let your president bring you over Find me.”

Urudia said in surprise: “Mark?”


Kaede waved his hand and relieved Urrutia’s imprisonment, said: “No need to find it, it’s on your neck, you can go now.”

Urutia stiffened for a second, then lifted up a little bit. He started and touched his neck, but didn’t touch anything.

Shua! Shua! ! !

She didn’t hesitate. Although she didn’t touch anything, she immediately retreated to the distance. Standing in front of Kaede made her feel an extremely strong sense of crisis brewing in her heart.

She ran all the way to the edge of the tower of the paradise, jumped off the cliff, and landed on a rock by the sea. She turned her head and didn’t see Kaede chasing her, she was relieved.


She didn’t let up too much and quickly became nervous again, reached out and beckoned, picked up her crystal ball, and looked inside the crystal ball.

The image of herself reflected in the crystal ball. When I look closely, I can vaguely see that a very small word has been written on the left side of her neck.


Urutia’s expression stiffened, and then immediately stimulated his own magic, trying to clear the word, but the result was no matter how magical to wash it Can not be cleared.

If you sense carefully, you can sense that the word seems to be composed of extremely complex and powerful technique formula, and with her magic power, it cannot be eliminated by violence.

“Yes, hateful…”

Urutia raised her little hand to cover her neck, with a look of shame on her face, looking behind her for a while gnashing one’s teeth, said: “Asshole wizard, remember it for me.”

How dare you do this to her, unforgivable!

Although she didn’t know anything about that person’s information so far, when she was in touch just now, she saw a sign on the back of Kaede’s hand, it must be a sign of a guild.

Kaede should not be a member of the Black Magic Order. Most of them are members of a guild of light. He happened to find the Tower of Paradise.

“I will come back and find you…”

Urutia gritted her teeth and started to talk, then covered her neck with one hand, jumped off the reef, and fell After arriving on a small boat next to the reef, he used magic to steer the small boat away quickly.

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