Control Time in Naruto Chapter 676

The tower of the paradise.

Kaede gazes through the stacks of buildings, looking towards Urutia, who is flying away in the boat, and finally smiles, shake one’s head.

He turned his head and looked at the inside tower of the paradise.

At this time, the inside tower of the paradise was full of riots everywhere. After Geral was affected by Urrutia’s magic, his innate talent was high enough, so he had already Awakening magic.

Basically, there is no need to predict the future, and you can see that Geral will inevitably lead all the prisoners on the island to overthrow the rule of the Black Magic Order after Awakening magic.

The bishop magic power of the Black Magic Order is okay, but it does not reach the S-Rank wizard level. It is inevitable for Geral, who is in ten-thousand does not have one. Defeated.

The magic levels of this World are not clearly distinguished.


If we simply talk about strength and status, we can make a certain distinction. From weak to strong, we can probably divide it into ordinary wizard, S-Rank wizard, Holy Ten Great Demon guide, and Four Heavenly Kings of Isugar , And the Twelve Shields of the Saints.

Further up, Elsa’s mother Ai Rin, and Acleya, who has the full power of the phoenix, have basically the same strength as ordinary dragons.


Is the king of dragons!

Fire Dragon King and Black Dragon King are far stronger than other ordinary Dragon Races, and they are the highest point standing on the continent of Ishugar!

This is almost the limit that humans can reach, and the gods who are in charge of some rules or elements, such as Anku Saram, are beyond the reach of humans.


Kaede glanced across the tower of the paradise.

He also saw a little impression of the silhouette, but including Gerald, he was very uninterested, and didn’t care about it, and didn’t want to take care of it.

It doesn’t matter to him who the tower of the paradise finally falls into. As for the need to shape his body through the tower of the paradise to resurrect him, look at Kaede. It is naturally funny.

Nothing is heard.

Kaede took a step forward and disappeared in the tower of the paradise.


Rosemary Village.

Four days have passed since the previous attack on the Black Magic Order. The destroyed and burned village is being rebuilt with the joint efforts of many villagers.

It can be seen that the ruins have been cleaned up, many collapsed houses have also been taken apart, and bricks and wood are piled up everywhere.

A lot of silhouettes can be seen among the woods outside the village.

“Look at elder sister! I picked a big mushroom!”

top of the head Little Kagura with a bunny ears headband held up a big looking big one in both hands Mushroom, some cheering excitedly, started to talk to Elisa not far away.

The village is under reconstruction. The surviving villagers are all working with a common purpose, while Elisa and Kagura and other little loli who can’t do physical strength jobs are in charge of going out to find food.

“Well, that one can’t be eaten.”

Elisa heard Kagura’s call, looked in the direction of Kagura, and examined Kagura holding it in her hand. The big mushroom tilts his head to start to talk.

Little Kagura cheering excitedly looked suddenly stagnant, and said: “Why? Obviously big brother’s mushrooms can be eaten…”

Elisa pointed at Kagura player The mushroom inside explained helplessly: “Because your big brother used to pick all the edible mushrooms, but this one you picked is a poisonous mushroom, not all mushrooms can be eaten.”

“Ah… …”

Little Kagura opened his mouth, showing a frustrated expression.

Elisa couldn’t help but smile when she saw it, picked up a mushroom she picked, gestured to Kagura, and said: “Okay, you go find such mushrooms, I will go over there to see Look.”

“Well, good elder sister.”

Little Kagura cleverly answered, took Elisa’s mushroom, and looked for it in the distance.

Elisa walked in the opposite direction.


Without waiting for her to take a few steps, a horrified scream from Kagura suddenly came from behind, which surprised Eliza suddenly and turned around.

She ran to the direction where the sound came from, and soon saw a scene that made her forehead overflow with cold sweat, and saw Kagura standing there holding a mushroom, and she was shocked. Now, there was a huge brown bear in front of her, walking towards her.


Elisa’s face also changed drastically. Seeing that the situation was critical, she gritted her teeth and picked up a wooden stick on the ground and moved forward. He rushed over, leaped forward, inserted the wooden stick in his hand into the brown bear’s eyes, and at the same time said to Kagura: “Run away!”

Bang! !

The brown bear uttered a roar, and slap patted it out. Without giving Elisa a chance to shovel, he directly slapped the stick in her hand and patted her body out.

When Kagura saw Elisa being slapped by the brown bear slap and hit the tree behind, he was frightened for a while and stood there blankly.

The brown bear came to her in this way, and raised his paw, as if he had already used her as his food.


Elisa, who was shot by the brown bear and flew out, hit the tree on her back, feeling a piercing pain, and she couldn’t help but take a breath for a while.

But the brown bear looked close to Little Kagura, her eyes were surprised and angry, and she stood up with a wooden stick with difficulty.

No way!

absolutely not! !

With her power, it is obviously impossible to save Kagura. No matter how strong her strength is, it is impossible to save Kagura. She wants to save Kagura unless she has the power of magic!

The physique of people and people cannot be generalized. As Ai Rin’s daughter, Elisa’s within-the-body is inherently powerful. At this moment, facing the crisis of Kagura, The combination of excitement and surprised and angry emotions made her power finally burst out.


Elisa let out a roar and rushed towards the brown bear.

The wooden stick in her hand emits a burst of rays of light, which has been transformed in rays of light, and transformed into a sharp long sword.

Elisa rushed over and smashed Kagura away, facing the huge bear paw that the brown bear swiped down, she leaned over with the hilt of the sword, a sliding shovel, and passed under the brown bear past.


The brown bear’s body solidified in place, and a blood line spread from its lower jaw to the tail section. Eventually, the entire abdomen split from the center and fell to the ground shaking in the blood stream.

The Kagura who was knocked away by Elsa looked dumbly at this scene, the sword in the hand of Elsa gazed, with an incredible look in her big eyes.


A brown bear was killed with a single sword. Elisa fell behind the brown bear, supporting her body with the sword, gasp for violent gasp for As she breathed, she turned her head and looked towards the situation behind, with a little weirdness in her eyes, and looked towards the sword in her hand.

After a few gasp for breath, she barely stood up straight, raised the sword in her hand, and said: “The wood has become a sword…this is…what…”

Just then.

A gentle voice came from not far away and answered her question.

“That’s magic, its name is dress-up magic.”

Kaede walked from the woods, glanced at the sword in Elsa’s hand, smiled easily, and said:” didn’t expect that you were already Awakening magic so soon.”

Seeing Kaede’s silhouette, Elisa showed a surprised look after a short startled, saying: “You are… Our wizard Lord!”

Only four days have passed since the previous events. Elisa naturally impossible to forget Kaede. She attaches great importance to any kind of grace, not to mention that it is life-saving grace.

“Don’t call me that.”

Kaede smiled easily, and said: “You are also a wizard now.”

Little Elisa is open. He opened his mouth, then looked at the sword in his hand, recalling what Kaede had just said, and said: “Big brother, did you just say this is…magic?”

“Of course.”

Kaede smiled lightly and said: “This is your self-Awakening magic. It is called dress-up magic. It is a branch of space magic. You should be able to try to control it now.”

Elisa heard Kaede’s words and looked towards the sword in her hand again. After closing the eyes slightly, she found that she had some power under her control.


Along with her idea move, the sword in her hand changed back to half a wooden stick again.

The previously changed sword should come from the village. It was a sword from the legacy of a member of the Black Magic Order. It was switched over by her transformation magic sense.

The magic of self-Awakening is like an arm to the wizard itself. It can be easily used without too deliberate learning, but if you want to make it stronger, you still need Carry out a certain amount of hard training.

Shua! Shua! !

Elisa changed the sword in her hand several times, and then suddenly, the next time she used magic, the whole body emitted rays of light.

But when the rays of light dissipated, no armor Kinoe appeared on her body, and no other attire appeared on her body. Even the clothes she was wearing had disappeared.

Elisa was stunned for a short time, and then cry out in surprise, she immediately reached out to cover her, and then the rays of light flashed, her clothes changed back again.

“If the proficiency is not enough, magic will fail. I suggest you practice it when you are alone.”

Kaede, who was standing not far away, didn’t care about Elisa. Mistakes, just smile at her easy-going, after all, only abnormal would be interested in the body of little loli without development.

Elisa blushed and said: “Hug…sorry, I’m so excited…”

“It doesn’t matter, what is your name?”

Kaede looked Ailusha laughed, asking her knowingly.

Elisa calmed down a bit, looking towards Kaede responded:


“A nice name, you have What are your plans?”

Kaede asked easily.

Elisa was stunned for a short time. She really hadn’t considered her future plans, because she suddenly changed from an ordinary person to a wizard. This kind of thing was still a bit too sudden for her.

There is a qualitative difference between becoming a wizard and an ordinary person, which means that she can live a life belonging to the wizard and is no longer an ordinary person.

“I want to…Use my power to help everyone…”

Elisa hesitated to start to talk.

Kaede laughed, and said: “After that.”

Elisa paused, a little confusion appeared in her eyes, and said: “After that…then. I haven’t thought about things afterwards…”

Kaede slightly smiled, then turned around and said: “I will come here again 1 month later, when the time comes if you are ready, then follow Let me go to the world of the wizards.”

As the voice fell, Kaede stepped into the jungle and disappeared.

Only Elsa and Kagura who are still in a daze are left in the same place.

Little Kagura, who gradually reacted at this time, looked at the corpse of the brown bear blankly, then at Elsa, and said, “Elder sister, have you learned magic? “


Elisa gradually recovered, and gently nodded at Kagura.

A little light flashed in Kagura’s big eyes, and he envied him: “Elder sister is amazing.”

Eliza touched her little head.

In fact, she still has a lot of nostalgia for Rosemary Village in her heart, but when she and Kagura took the brown bear corpse back, and she learned the magic thing spread in the village, everything It’s not the same as before.

Although the villagers treated her as friendly as ever, their attitude was obviously more restrained.

In this kind of remote place, the wizard is a great person for an ordinary person.

This also made her realize that she who was Awakening magic is indeed in two worlds with her before, and it is indeed not suitable to stay here anymore.

She began to expect Kaede to take her to the world of the wizard.

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