Control Time in Naruto Chapter 677

1 month later.

Kaede reappeared in Rosemary Village. He did not return to the Fairy Tail Guild halfway, but jumped directly for a month.

It is worth mentioning that the unlocking of the ability of the tenth scale of Unreal Clock is much slower than the previous nine abilities. More than three hundred years have passed since Time Freeze was unlocked. Time, but the fog shrouded on the tenth scale has not been greatly reduced.

Kaede’s guess is that starting from the tenth scale, until the Twelfth scale, each scale is extremely powerful and requires more’time energy’, so unlocking is far Much slower than the previous nine abilities.

In a short period of one month, Rosemary Village has been rebuilt.

At the entrance of Rosemary Village, Kagura stayed with Elsa and looked out of the village. She never saw the shadow of who, so she could not help but whispered:

“That big brother, It shouldn’t be, forgot about things here.”

“It shouldn’t be.”

Elisa leaned back Stand the steel sword there.

And at this time, she saw a silhouette appeared on the road in front of the village, and the silhouette came slowly towards this side, which was Kaede’s silhouette.

“The big brother is here…”

A little rays of light radiated from Kagura’s eyes, and then a slightly lost looked towards Elsa, saying: “elder sister Will you come back again?”

Elisa touched Kagura’s little head, and said softly: “I will come back to see you from time to time after I handle things.”

“Um…I will also become a wizard in the future, to find your elder sister.”

Kagura showed a serious look.

Kaede strolled to the entrance of the village, looked towards Elisa and Kagura, without any surprises: “It looks like you are ready to leave.”

Sa bowed to Kaede: “Please take me to the wizard’s world.”

“Let’s go.”

Kaede smiled casually, then turned around and turned away. Walk around.

Elisa lifts the head, and after waving goodbye to Kaede, she quickly caught up to Kaede, and the two gradually disappeared on the road in front of Rosemary Village.

Only Kagura who is determined to become a wizard stood there.


The city of Agalifa.

This is a city in the Kingdom of Fiore. On the only way from Rosemary Village to Magnolia Town, it is also a city with a prosperous economy and a large population. Compared with Rosemary Village Such poor villages in remote areas are much larger.

In the busy street, Kaede wore a dark magic robe and walked along, followed by Elisa who was only about his waist tall.

There is a clear difference between Elisa’s character and Mebis. When she came to the city from a remote village, she did not show any particularly active expression, she still followed Kaede sternly. Next to it, and looked at everything in the city with scrutiny eyes.

“Magic may not be common in remote villages, but magic is basically a part of life in big cities. Even ordinary persons will buy and use various magic items.”

Kaede casually introduced Elisa to the world outside while walking.

Elisa also noticed that there were people walking on the street with various magic props, she couldn’t help but be nodded, showing a cheerful expression, and said: “It is indeed a very good world.”


Even if her character is calm and calm, after all, she is still less than twelve years old at this time, and she will inevitably be interested in all kinds of magical magic.

After a few steps, I passed a magic shop.

Kaede pointed his finger and said, “Hey, this is a shop selling magic equipment. Your dress-up magic is one of the most expensive magic, and it will definitely be a frequent visitor to this place in the future. , You need to work hard to earn Gold Coin, but if you can meet some dead houses, you will probably receive their money and assistance.”

Elisa was taken aback, curiously asked: “What is a dead house? Is it some kind of animal?”

Kaede pondered slightly: “Some are willing to save money in all aspects, but give away the accumulated money to the paper people. Crowd.”

Elisa said suspiciously: “Um…that’s really a strange person.”

Kaede walked straight forward until she reached a house that looked like Inside the large magic shop, and came to the exhibition area of ​​various armor Kinoe and magic equipment, the various armor Kinoe gazed hung on the walls and shelves showed a little thoughtful look.


As soon as Elisa walked into the shop, her eyes were completely attracted by the glittering jewels to delight the eye Kinoe and equipment, staring straight at Kinoe, the armor on the wall, can no longer look away.

Following Kaede these days, she also practiced dress-up magic, but only used the legacy equipment of the members of the Black Magic Order. It was very simple, and compared to these, they looked very delicate. There is a huge difference between similar clothing and armor Kinoe.

Especially one of the wind spirit armor Kinoe, the whole is azure silk, with many exquisite bells hung on it, and it also marked’will automatically change according to the user’s body shape to achieve the best “Comfort” description.

However, the price forces Elisa to calm down.

2 million!

She has lived in Rosemary Village since she was a child, let alone 2 million, so far no one has seen anyone who can spend more than 100,000 J at a time.

The price of 2 million J makes her feel that she can only look at her eagerly. Even if she packs and sells herself, it is impossible to get so much money.

“Do you really want it?”

At this time, Kaede’s voice came from the side.

Elisa stared straight at the armor Kinoe nodded hanging on the wall, and said: “It’s too expensive.”

“It’s not expensive for the wizard. “

Kaede laughed and said: “You have not joined the guild. It is normal to have no money, but you are already a wizard, and you can easily make enough money in the future.”

Elisa also comforts herself in the heart and is nodded.

Kaede glanced at her and thought: “If you really want it, I can lend you money.”

“…Oh? Can it?”

Elisa opened her eyes and looked towards Kaede and hesitated: “But it’s not good.”

Kaede had saved her and was willing to take her to the Magic Guild. It was already a huge kindness that was difficult to repay, and if I borrowed money from Kaede, I would feel sorry for it.

“It’s okay.”

Kaede laughed, and said, “I don’t need it now anyway. I’ll wait until you make enough money and then return it to me.”


Elisa hesitated in her heart for a while, but in the end it was her favorite change-up on the wall, gained the upper hand.

Anyway, I’m also a wizard, so I’ll be able to work slowly and pay back. Besides, she now needs some magic equipment to promote strength, so that she can better complete the commission.

This is a very sensible decision.

Elisa thought so in her heart.

Kaede took out the Magic Credit Card, glanced at the balance in the card, touched his chin, and said, “Well, I have about 1 billion J now, and I can lend you several hundred million, so you can probably Buy all the dressings and have the largest amount of portable space reserves.”


Elisa almost fell and looked Kaede with wide eyes.

“10…1 billion J?!”

“Why, how come there are so many…”

This is already an astronomical number!

Kaede smiled indifferently and explained: “I made two commissions when I was boring before, don’t care about this, I don’t charge you interest for how much you plan to borrow.”

Elisa opened her mouth, feeling that the numbers in Kaede’s mouth made her mind a little dizzy. She chanted the word ‘1 billion’ continuously, gradually losing the concept of numbers.

I just made two commissions…

No interest is charged…

It turns out that the wizard can be so rich.

Elisa forced herself to calm down, and finally kept her sanity, she directed Kaede cautious and solemn’s start to talk and said: “Then, then I will borrow 100 million J.”

Kaede said that she can borrow several hundred million, but she thinks that the kind of commission that can earn several hundred million is probably also a very difficult commission, which is definitely not what she can do now.

So it is best to borrow only 100 million J.

In this case, even if it is a commission of 10 million J, as long as she works hard to complete ten, she will soon be able to make enough money to pay the debt.

“No problem.”

Kaede smiled indifferently.

For him, earning 1 billion J is really just two missions. Those ten-year missions and 100-year missions that are above SSS-Rank are basically 100 million commissions. Get started.

But for Elisa…First of all, she will be a few years before she can become an S-Rank wizard, and then even if she becomes an S-Rank wizard, it is not easy to complete S-Rank. Commissioned.

If you can’t complete it, you will still need to bear liquidated damages.

In addition, the purchased armor Kinoe is damaged, and usually needs to be repaired, and she should also rent a better house to live in, plus a variety of life Expenses, and Fairy Tail’s consistent style of sabotaging the final commission.

This 100 million J will have a chance to pay it off in about 20 years?


The problem is not big.

I borrowed 100 million J from Elisa from Kaede, as if he had cut the enemy out of five layers of bleeding effect and entered a state of blood anger, and started a journey of buying and buying.

The dressing of 1 million J and 2 million J was too expensive to be touched before, but now it has become something that can be bought casually.

The bosses of the shop were all alarmed and ran over to offer tea and water. After running with Elisa, they put her selections one by one into the space pocket she bought. .

Unconsciously, Elisa bought almost all of the various types in this largest magic shop that fit her now.

A total of 30 million J was spent.

Walking out of the shop, Elisa is still checking the dressings she just bought, using a small magic projection, with a technological screen floating in front of her, and her finger slides on the screen , You can see the dressups stored in the private space one by one.

“I bought a lot.”

At the end, after closing the screencast, she said seriously to Kaede: “I will work hard to complete the wizard’s work, and I will return it soon. Money.”

“Don’t worry.”

Kaede smiled easily.

He suddenly thought of a question.

With the interest-free 100 million J debt, she can enjoy various changes in advance, which is undoubtedly a profit for Elisa, and she is not at a loss.

And the shop Boss sold 30 million J of dress-ups and various equipment at a time, and obviously made a lot of money without any loss.

And his own words… Appreciated all Elisa’s dressup, by the way, 100 million J of foreign debt was added, which is obviously a profit in calculation.

Everyone earns, so if you count it, it is equivalent to promote the development of the entire world.


It is commendable.

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