Control Time in Naruto Chapter 678

“Let’s go, let’s have something to eat.”

After seeing Elisa fiddle with the dressup and magic equipment she bought for a while, Kaede greeted her There was a sound, and he walked forward, gazing across the street in front of him.

Elisa responded and looked forward, suddenly feeling a cool breeze, she couldn’t help looking up and looked towards the sky, when she saw that the sky was overcast with clouds.

“It’s going to rain.”


Kaede is slightly nodded, rain is not a big deal to the wizard , But he vaguely sensed that the dark clouds that gathered did not seem to be formed purely, so he sensed the magic factor between Heaven and Earth a little, and then was a little surprised.

Elisa started, looked towards Kaede and said with some confusion: “What’s the matter?”

“Nothing, just luck.”

Kaede She let out a laugh, and said: “You wait for me at that store, and I will go back.”

Seeing Kaede disappeared in one step after falling, Elisa reacted and nodded, heading towards Kaede. Walked to a restaurant, and looked at the sky again.

Intuitively tell her what happened to Kaede and the sudden rain.


Somewhere in the city.

This is a not-so-wide lane. There are six or seven children in the lane, chasing and playing, and there are bursts of happy laughter and cheerful voices.

At this time, a girl about the same age as them trot over.

“What are you guys playing, take me with you.”


The child immediately responded from the crowd.

But at the moment of myself, when the gloomy sky was in the sky, raindrops suddenly dropped, falling on the top of the head of a few people, and then it became a patter of light rain .

“wa wow, it’s raining!”

Several children stretched out their hands to block the top of the head and hurriedly ran under the eaves nearby to avoid the rain.

Everyone showed disappointed eyes, and then they simultaneously looked towards the newly-appearing girl. Someone said dissatisfiedly: “Hey, Jubia, why it rains everywhere you go!”

“It’s too much to let us play, it’s too much.”

“Please don’t play with us!”

A few people The children each looked for something that could block the rain, spit at the girl in the rain, then picked up the wooden board and other things to block the top of the head and ran to their homes.

Just leaving Jubia standing in place, opened his mouth, then slowly closed it, and bit his lip. He squatted down in the corner alone, looking at the patter of rain.

If there is a sunny girl, there will naturally be a rain girl.

The girl squatting in the corner is the rain girl who will rain 100% wherever she goes. You can drink it after turning around. It is nutritious and has six times the moisture content of fruit.

Just as Jubia squatted on her knees, feeling down and depressed, a sound of footsteps came from outside the lane, gradually approaching, and finally stopped in front of her.

She was taken aback.

When I looked up, I saw a sunny and gentle young man with broken silver hair standing in the rain before her.

The strange thing is that the rain did not wet his hair, but slid away silently on his top of the head, as if he was wearing a transparent raincoat. , Let the rain fall along the sides.

“Magic……wizard Lord?”

Jubia was slightly startled, and then he started to talk with cautious and solemn.

Although magic props can also achieve this effect, she didn’t see any magic props, and seeing Kaede wearing a magic robe, she should be a wizard.

“Very good innate talent.”

Kaede looked Jubia smiled easily.

Didn’t expect to meet Rain Girl here, but her innate talent is indeed very good. It is too simple to be called Rain Girl. A more suitable name should be Water Element physique.

70% of the human body is water, even if the girl’s water is a little bit more, it is difficult to exceed this ratio, but Jubia is more powerful, 100% is water.

It’s like a water girl who eats natural water fruits.

Even a very powerful Water Element wizard, it is generally difficult to reach this level. This is the physique and ability that Jubia has innately possessed, and it is a very powerful magic aptitude.

“God, innate talent?”

Jubia was a little stunned when he heard Kaede’s words, and then couldn’t help but bowed his head in disappointment: “Jubia has no innate Talent… and it rains everywhere…”

Kaede calmly said: “This is the innate talent I am talking about, and your physique has not yet Complete Awakening. Complete Awakening’s words have nothing to do with the weather. The impact will be stronger than it is now.”

Jubia lifts the head looked towards Kaede in surprise and said: “You, do you mean that Jubia has become the innate talent of the wizard?”


Kaede slightly smiled.

Jubia looked towards Kaede with lost eyes without highlights, and said: “But the wizard Lord can be very meddlesome, and Jubia will only bring rainy days to people and make everyone hate …… Even if you become a wizard, you will still be hated.”

Kaede let out a laugh, and said: “That’s just because you still can’t control your own power, and not everyone hates it. Rainy day.”

Jubia looked towards Kaede in surprise and couldn’t help but said:

“Can Jubia see sunny days too?”

” Of course.”

Kaede started to talk in an easygoing manner, then raised his hand and waved it towards the sky.

It’s like picking up a huge eraser and wiping it to the sky. The dark clouds and rain clouds in the sky are completely wiped out by him. The sun split second is reflected, revealing the clearness behind the dark clouds And the blue sky.

“The rain…disappeared…”

Jubia was briefly astonished, and a little shocked gaze appeared towards the sky.

Since her birth, the place where she is must be covered with dark clouds and light rain, so it is the first time she has seen a sunny day with her own eyes.

Looked at Jubia’s appearance, Kaede suddenly felt that he might have done something wrong. He was only thinking about bringing Elisa into Fairy Tail, and by the way, Jubia also advanced There was no effect when it was brought in, and Jubia was only ten years old at this time, but he seemed to have inadvertently ignored his own appearance and temperament’s influence on young girls.

But forget it.

It is also good to have a Rain Girl who can make tea for herself at any time.


Jubia raised his little hand and stretched out the eaves, but did not receive any raindrops, indicating that the scene before him is indeed real and Not an illusion.

It was also in this shock that she became a deeper level of innate talent Awakening. When she stood up, she suddenly turned into a stream of water and scattered all of a sudden.


Her silhouette reorganized in the water, looked at her hand in amazement, and said: “What is this…Jubia has become water…”

Kaede looked In front of me, perhaps the girl with the most water in this World said easily: “The body of Water Element, this is also your magic.”


Jubia also Some did not accept this change. After a few seconds, they were surprised to say: “Has Jubia become a wizard?”

Kaede slightly nodded, and said: “Well, but you have to learn it now. Control your power, don’t keep flowing like this.”

At this moment, Jubia has just changed into a complete Water Element body, the whole person is in the form of water flow, and the water is constantly flowing from Her within-the-body spilled out to the ground.

After these flowing waters fall to the ground, they gather and return to her body again, like a candle that is constantly melting and reorganizing, barely maintaining her human appearance.

“How to control…?”

Jubia’s weak start to talk, she is also working hard to restore herself to human form, but it is always incomplete To maintain, the body is constantly changing as water flow is scattered.

Kaede observed for a second, then a finger pointed to her and said:

“I will help you.”


Kaede’s point was between the eyebrows in Jubia, which caused her split second to sway ripples, which quickly spread downwards, covering her whole body.

In Jubia’s sense, you can feel a warm stream of heat pouring in from your forehead, and the split second spreads to the whole body, like a big warm hand, holding her whole person The palm of her hand made her within-the-body’s hard-to-control water flow become docile, and the water flowing out was also drawn back into the within-the-body, finally completely restoring a normal human appearance.

“Thanks, thank you wizard Lord!”

Jubia saw that he was completely recovered, showing a cheerful expression, his eyes showed gratitude, and his cheeks looked towards Kaede slightly red , A little at a loss to salute Kaede.

Kaede withdrew his hand, easy-going nodded, and said:

“No thanks, you are also a wizard now, what are your plans next.”

” I… can I follow you?”

Jubia hesitated for a moment, and started to talk with a slightly red face.

Kaede asked: “Where are your parents?”

Jubia lowered his head and said: “They are all dead.”



“It’s okay.”

Jubia smiled, and then looked towards Kaede with a little eager gaze.

Kaede looked towards her with a gentle demeanor, and said: “Okay, then you follow me.”

“Thank you for taking in!”

Jubia showed a touched expression and said: “I, my name is Jubia, and the wizard Lord, what about you?”



After a while.

In a high-end restaurant somewhere in Argalifa.

Kaede sat down at the table leisurely, and tied herself with a white napkin to block oil stains.

Elisa sat on his left, and Jubia sat on the right. The two sat facing each other, both staring at each other with dark eyes.

“This is Jubia, the wizard of Awakening magic just now, and will be your companion in the future.”

Kaede briefly introduced Jubia and then the other way around. Take a look at Elisa, and say: “It just so happens that you can help each other exercise magic.”

After observing Jubia briefly, Elisa stood up and extended the hand to Jubia, generous. Fang said:


“So are you.”

Jubia also stood up and stretched out his little hand.

The two hands held together in the sky, and then Jubia’s within-the-body’s magic surging silently, and Elisa’s magic surging along with it. .


Kaede stretched out a finger and gently picked it up, lifted the palms of the two people together, and said:

“Eat well.”

Elisa is okay, she doesn’t feel much about Jubia’s appearance, but Jubia seems to have imagined Elisa as a love rival from the first glance.

Another too precocious girl, Kaede sighed silently.

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