Control Time in Naruto Chapter 679

The city of Agalifa.

Somewhere in a luxurious upscale hotel.

Kaede walked into the guest room, sat down on the sofa, and said: “Today I will rest here first. Tomorrow, I can take the train from Agalifa to Magnolia.”

Actually, he can use space magic to directly bring Elisa and Jubia back to Magnolia, but it’s good to take it occasionally as a trip. If you always use space magic habitually, it will The ordinary person class is getting farther and farther.

Not to mention that with Elisa and Jubia, the itinerary will not be very boring. After all, although the cuteness of the two girls is not as good as Mebis, one plus one is greater than two.

Kaede likes the atmosphere of the Fairy Tail Guild.

Compared to the Hidden Leaf Village of Naruto World, the Navy of One Piece world, and the Fairy Tail Guild, it is a purer place. If the first two inevitably have a dark side, then Fairy Tail There is almost no darkness in this guild.

Makarov’s son Ivan, who tends to the dark side in his heart, was expelled from the guild by Makarov very early, making guild members irreplaceable companions to each other.

It is precisely this kind of guild that can give birth to One Magic.

Kaede has experienced quite a lot of darkness in Shinigami world. Almost all killing people like scything flax exist like Zong Captain and Uozhihuaretsu. Justice is also justice on the bones. Therefore, in the fairy tail world, he happens to want to experience some harmonious atmosphere.

“So luxurious…”

Jubia looked dazed. The facilities in the room, although it is a hostel, are expensive and quite high-end, so the whole interior looks just like It’s like a villa.

Elisa followed Kaede and asked Kaede curiously:

“Train? What is that?”

“A kind of traffic Tools, you will understood tomorrow.”

Kaede smiled easily and said: “You and Jubia can pick a room to rest.”



Elisa responded nicely.

After Jubia’s recovered here, not at all went to choose the room with Elisa, but took the cup on the table and said: “I’ll make you tea.”


Kaede smiled easily and leaned back on the sofa to relax.

After a while.

Jubia ran back with the teapot, his cheeks were a little reddish, the cautious and solemn pouring Kaede a cup of tea.

Kaede noticed Jubia’s expression, reached out to hold the teacup, glanced at not at all, and drank it, but turned his head at her and asked: “Where does this water come from?”

“Then, that…”

Jubia hesitated, and said timidly: “It just happens that there is no water, so Jubia used magic to create a little.”


Kaede feels helpless, you simply say that the water running on you is gone, this child has already started not doing serious things now.

Putting the cup of sister juice tea back on the table, Kaede glanced at the direction of the kitchen, but it was a little surprised, because the kitchen is not at all taps, but water crystals are placed.

After all, it is a high-end hotel, and the water facilities are all magic equipment. The water made directly by water magic will be cleaner than the spring water pumped from the ground.

In fact, Jubia made the same thing. Although it can be said that it flows out of her body for her body who is 100% water, it is also made by magic, compared to a well. Water and tap water are more pure.

It just feels weird.

When Kaede looked in Jubia’s direction again, she saw that the girl was filled with a dark and suppressed atmosphere, as if she had been hit hard, and she murmured, “Jubia Disliked…’ words.

She didn’t find the faucet to make water with magic, which made her a little nervous, fearing that Kaede would be disgusted with dirty, now there is no doubt that she was fatally injured.

“What’s all this and what.”

Kaede didn’t know whether to cry or laugh for a while, and simply ignored it, took a sip from his teacup, and said: “Go to rest early, and take the train tomorrow morning.”

Seeing this scene, Jubia’s gloomy eyes lit up a little bit again, and said: “Zhu, Jubia has not been caught Does Kaede Lord dislike it?”

“Of course not. Go ahead.”

Kaede raised her finger and bounced her forehead, ignoring the body of the Water Element.

Jubia covering the forehead took two steps back, renewed his active and happy smile, and then turned around to choose the room to sleep in.


The next day.

Kaede took Elusa and Jubia to the train station in Argalifa.

“Is this the train? It’s very stylish.”

At this time, Elisa is wearing a light purple kimono, which is also one of the magic dressings, defensive The power is very low but the flexibility is high, and has a certain magic boost effect.

Although she is still very young at this time, she can vaguely see the temperament of a little fairy queen.

Jubia looked towards Elisa, tilted her head and said: “Is Elisa from a very remote place? I have never seen a train.”

” Un.”

Elisa does not deny nodded.

For her, coming from a remote area is not a timid thing.

“Let’s go, get in the car.”

Kaede walked forward and greeted him. The train ticket he bought was naturally the first-class train ticket, with Elisa and Jubia came to the forefront of the train, and the position was very wide, with only two left and right seats in each row.

Elisa had already learned a lot about the magic world from Kaede at this time, including magic guilds, etc., after sitting down, she held her cheeks with her two small hands and looked out the window.

“What will the wizard guild… look like?”

“You will be understood soon.”

Kaede responded in an easygoing manner.

Along with the start of the train, after the siren of the train sounded, the train began to move, and after crossing many towns along the way, it finally reached the Magnolia Railway Station.

After a while.

Kaede stepped into the Magnolia Guild, pointed backwards with a thumbs up, and said: “President, I bring back two wizards, you looked to do it.”

“Don’t just bring the wizard back…”

Makarov’s complexion stiffened, a subconscious start to talk, but then I saw Little Elisa and Xiao Zhu who followed Kaede in Biya, suddenly blinked, and said: “Hey, ah, welcome! I am the president here, are you two want to join our Fairy Tail Guild?”

See Macaro The husband’s face changed quickly, and Polusika, who happened to be in the guild, grabbed Makarov’s ear and lifted it up. He looked at him and said, “Do you look at this when you are planning to wait for them to grow up and attack them?”

“How…how is it possible!”

Makarov corner of the mouth twitches.

Kaede walked towards the second floor, glanced at Makarov, smiled easily, and said: “Let go of the president, for human beings, no matter how old they are, they can’t resist cute things. “

Polyusica looked at Kaede, and released the fingers that were holding Makarov’s ears. Makarov quickly rubbed his ears and expressed gratitude to Kaede. look.

That’s right!

The older you are, the more you will have a good impression of cute things. This is a normal human being.

“Please let me join the guild.”

Elisa’s slightly dull eyes blinked, and then she started to talk to Makarov, and Zhu next to him Biya also saluted: “Please let Jubia join the guild!”

Makarov snorted, took the tobacco pipe, took a breath, and said, “Okay, I approved your participation.”

“It was approved too soon!”

Polusica grabbed Makarov’s ear again.

“Ah, it hurts…”

Makarov said with bitter expression: “Their eyes are kind-hearted children, and they are Kaede. The ones brought back must have been carefully assessed by Kaede.”

Speaking of which, he looked towards Elisa and Jubia and asked, “What kind of magic do you all use?”

“Dressing up magic.”

Elisa nodded replied, and the rays of light appeared on her body, and the kimono she was wearing instantly switched to the Knight armor Kinoe in the rays of light.

“Water flow magic.”

Jubia responded at about the same time. With a light wave of her little hand, a stream of water gushed from her within-the-body, in the Sky traverses an arc, and then reintegrates into her within-the-body.

Makarov tilted his head and looked towards Polusika, and said:

“Look, they are all children with innate talent.”


Polyusika coldly-snorted, let go of her hand, and walked straight out of the guild, saying: “It’s okay, don’t bother me.”

Makarov chuckled, then picked up the Fairy Tail stamp, and stamped Jubia and Elisa with the imprint of Fairy Tail Guild respectively.

“Okay! Now you are the official members of the Fairy Tail Guild. From today, you will work hard to become a powerful wizard!”

Makarov closes the eyes , Touch the beard and start to talk.

However, I waited for a long time but didn’t wait for any response. When the strange eyes opened to see, I was surprised to find that Elisa and Jubia had gone to the second floor!

“What are you doing there!!”

Makarov let out a strange cry with protruding eyes.

He raised his hand and grabbed it in the direction of Elisa and Jubia, and his huge palm reached the stairs to grab Eliza and Jubia from the stairs.

But at this time, another equally huge palm protruded from the second floor, gently opened Makarov’s big hand, bumped in the sky, and then quickly retracted .

Kaede stood by the corridor on the second floor, looked Makarov said with a smile: “Probably they came up to find me. They don’t know that non-S-Rank wizard can’t just go to the second floor, I don’t know. If you are not guilty, don’t do anything to punish you.”

“…smelly brat.”

Makarov glanced at Kaede, twitched his lips, and said: “Don’t let them down yet.”

Kaede’s eyes showed a little nostalgia from Makarov’s voice. Since he grew up in Naruto World strength step by step, he has almost never heard it again. Someone once called him so that when he heard it, instead of being angry at all, he was full of nostalgia.

“Elusa, Jubia, it is forbidden to go to the second floor in the guild without special circumstances.”

Kaede walked up to the stairs, walked down the stairs, and rushed While Elisa and Jubia started to talk with a smile, they said: “Okay, I will take you to find a place to live. You can rent the female dormitory in the guild, or you can rent a house outside alone.”

Jubia recovered, stuck out the tongue and said: “Where does Kaede Lord live?”

Kaede responded easily: “I have a villa that I bought separately.”

Elisa thought briefly and asked: “Then Kaede big brother, is there a rentable house near where you live?”


Kaede laughed and said: “I bought the house for quiet, so I bought the entire neighborhood nearby by the way. Now it is vacant. You can choose to rent whatever you want and only charge your lowest rent.”

Elisa and Jubia looked at each other and saw the same look in each other’s eyes.


So rich.

Looked Kaede left the guild with Elisa and Jubia, Makarov mouth held the tobacco pipe, couldn’t help but murmured, “How do I think this kid wants to grow up Let’s do it.”


Except for the single-family house in the middle of Kaede’s purchase, which is three-story, the other houses nearby are basically two-story. Shah and Jubia chose the nearest two buildings on the left and right.

Jubia also borrowed 10 million J from Kaede, so renting a separate house is not a big problem.

After that.

Jubia and Elisa formally made their debut as members of the Fairy Tail Guild, and began to undertake various commissions as wizards.

Then Elisa found out that she seemed to be in a lot of trouble accidentally.

The highest salary for an ordinary commission is only a few hundred thousand J!

To accumulate 100 million J to repay Kaede’s loan, I am afraid that this kind of commission is not enough for a lifetime!

After learning that Elisa borrowed 100 million J from Kaede, Makarov’s expression became very weird. Finally, she comforted Elisa and said, “Kaede doesn’t lack the money. , Don’t worry about paying him back, there is hope for you to earn 100 million J after you become a powerful wizard.”


As long as you save money slowly, there will come a day and you will still be able to pay off the debt, Eliza thought in her heart.

With the addition of Elisa and Jubia, the atmosphere in the guild has become more lively. Gray, who joined early, told Elisa about a month after Elisa joined. Initiated a challenge, then was beaten up.

Then then began to be beaten repeatedly once to many times a month.

As the daughter of Ai Rin, Elisa’s magic innate talent is without a doubt, and the magic hidden in her body is also extremely powerful, and she has become a very powerful wizard in the guild in a short time. .

And time is passing, quietly came to July 7th of X777.

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