Control Time in Naruto Chapter 680

Early morning.

Kaede woke up from sleep, stretched out comfortably, got up from the bed in her pajamas, came to the window, opened the window, and took a breath of fresh air outside the window.

It is another summer of the year, with plenty of sunshine and fresh air, and the climate is mild and suitable. It is a very suitable season to go out and pick up Lolita.

Standing at the window, smiling and welcoming a few breeze, enjoying the warm morning sun, Kaede looked up towards the sky, but saw that the sun hanging on the sky seemed to tremble.

“Don’t be so afraid, I won’t eat you again.”

Kaede laughed helplessly.

The sun of this World is also real, but it is not a complete star, but a body with a soul with a small part of stellar power, similar to the protoss.

It was probably because he had absorbed several stars in front of the other side before, so whenever he looked up towards the sky and looked at the sun, he would make it shivering.

After shaking one’s head, Kaede turned around, opened the bedroom door and walked into the living room.

The living room is clean and tidy, and the only thing that can’t be integrated is a young girl who fell asleep with her arms and head on the sofa, half of her body lying on the ground.


It seems that I heard Kaede coming out of the room. Jubia opened his dim sleepy eyes, and was a little dazed to confront Kaede. After taking a look, he suddenly woke up and stumbled: “Ah…that, early, Kaede Lord.”


Kaede pointed at Jubi Ya Easygoer smiled and said: “Why are you falling asleep here.”

Jubia’s cheeks were slightly red, and his head hung down and said: “I don’t know… I planned to come over and prepare for the Lord Kaede earlier. Breakfast came, and it seemed that I suddenly fell asleep last night.”

Alisa rarely comes to Kaede’s house, but Jubia often comes to help with housework, including cleaning the room and doing rice.

It’s not difficult to understand.

If someone looks handsome enough like him, it is obviously normal that girls often come over to help with housework.

Kaede looked Zhubia laughed and said, “Don’t suddenly fall asleep at my house in the future, otherwise people will mistakenly think that I am abnormal.”

“10 …I’m so sorry!”

Jubia bowed to Kaede.

When she lifted the head, she saw that Kaede had already walked into the kitchen. When she was about to help her, she was instructed by Kaede to bake bread, and after a while, Kaede walked away with two delicate breakfasts. Came out and took the toasted bread from her.

“Kaede Lord’s personal breakfast…”

Looked at the breakfast on the plate, Jubia’s eyes sparkled with a little starlight, and part of his body was unconsciously turned into water. Flowing down the seat.

Kaede tilted her head and glanced at, helplessly said: “Don’t let the water flow at every turn.”

This girl is fine in all aspects, except when her emotions are too intense to control her strength. It’s more troublesome to run water, but fortunately, she can recycle the water, so that the floor and the bed will not get wet.

“Ah, yes, I’m sorry…”

Jubia was awakened, and he tossed his hair in a loss, and the falling water droplets surged upwards again. Take back her within-the-body.

After eating breakfast, Kaede left home and walked in the direction of the guild.

At this time, in front of the guild, there was a lot of excitement in the clearing. Gray once again challenged Elisa, and the two were in a duel.

Although Gray and Elisa are only twelve or thirteen years old at this time, their magic is not weak, but in comparison, Elisa is naturally stronger.

On the one hand, Elsa within-the-body conceals the bloodline inherited from mother Ai Rin, and on the other hand, she has also received some guidance from Kaede on magic.


Finally, Elisa smashed the shield in Gray’s hand with a sword, trampled Gray to the ground with one foot, stepped on his chest, and inserted the sword blade on the ground next to Gray’s neck. .

“It’s over.”

Seeing this scene, some of the wizards onlookers nearby burst into laughter.

Various voices came.

“Look, I’ll say that Elisa must win.”

“Grey, you can’t beat Elisa.”

” But Elisa is really strong, she feels like she’s almost stronger than me, she is less than thirteen years old, I am afraid that in two years, I am going to be an S-Rank wizard.”

In the laughter of everyone, Elisa took a step back, put away her sword, extended the hand at Gray on the ground, smiled and pulled him up.


“I will try harder to train……”

Gray stood up and hammered himself with fist in distress Chest.

A girl called out:

“Grey, put on your clothes first!”


Gray With a strange cry, cover the key parts.

Elusa silently closes the eyes, saying: “Really.”

At this time, a voice of greeting came from her ear.

“Morning! Kaede!”

“Why come here so early today, is it rare to plan to go to work?”

Elisa eyes opened When I looked at it, I saw that the many wizards gathered outside the guild all greeted the silhouette who had come from not far away.

Kaede waved in response, then glanced at Elisa, smiled easily, and said: “Get up to a duel so early?”

“Well, the challenge was agreed yesterday.”


Elisa smiled, then she held the sword in her hand and suddenly thought of something, she looked towards Kaede and said: “By the way, it’s been a long time since I asked Kaede big brother about magic.”


Seeing this scene, the nearby crowds shouted in exclamation.

Kaede let out a laugh, and said: “Is this challenging me?”

Elisa said with a slight smile: “No, more is to ask.”


Kaede laughed and said: “Whether it is a challenge or a consultation, I accept it. Would you like to take a rest and recover?”

Elisa took a slight breath, adjusted her state slightly, and said: “The consumption of magic power is not very large, it can be done now.”

“Come on then.”

Kaede is nodded with a gentle manner.

Many wizards nearby saw this scene, including Gray, Jubia and the others, and they couldn’t help but step back a bit, letting go of a larger area.

In fact, the many wizards present have seen Kaede’s shots very rarely. Most people have never seen it even once. The only thing that knows is that Kaede defeated Kilda. This matter.

Kildas’s power is recognized within Fairy Tail, so Kaede who has defeated Kildas is naturally the strongest wizard of Fairy Tail as it should be.


Kaede has completed two ten-year missions and one hundred-year mission!

Above the ordinary commission is the commission of S-Rank, then the commission of SS-Rank and SSS-Rank, and the commission above the SSS-Rank is only ten years of mission. The so-called ten-year mission is ten A mission that no one can complete in a year, and a mission that no one can complete in a hundred years. It represents the most difficult commission in the magic world!

The completion record of these missions also imprints Kaede’s absolute power.

Elisa gazed Kaede, her expression became calm and serious, holding the magic sword in both hands, took a deep breath, and said:

“I’m going to.”

Shua! !

In the next instant, she jumped and slashed towards Kaede.

Kaede stood in place without moving or dodge. He raised his hand peacefully, and sent his left hand upwards. A bunch of ice appeared out of thin air and greeted Elisa’s sword.


Gray looked this scene slightly in amazement. It was the first time he saw Kaede take action. In the past, he just listened to people in the guild telling Kaede’s actions. Strong, didn’t expect Kaede to be an ice wizard.

But he vaguely remembered that Kaede seemed to have demonstrated other abilities in the guild, such as the ability to increase the body exactly the same as the president Makarov.

“Looked well, Gray.”

Makarov did not know when he appeared next to Gray, kindly looked at the battlefield ahead, and said: “Kaede can use ice The magic is probably for you to see.”

Grey’s eyes revealed a look of surprise, looked Kaede calmly releasing the magic of ice between his hands and feet, and couldn’t help saying: “President, what do you mean? Is it Kaede who knows other magic?”


Makarov took a cigarette and said slowly: “I haven’t seen it so far. What about magic that Kaede can’t use, hehe.”

Have you never seen a magic that Kaede can’t use?

Grey was stunned for a while, revealing an outrageous look.

And at this time, Kildas did not know when he appeared next to him, folded his arms on his chest, and said seriously: “The president is right, Kaede is magic Intellectual attainments are the most profound of the wizards I have encountered. He also uses all the magic of the president and I. If you want to ask him what kind of wizard he is, you can only make a conclusion like this…”

Grey looked towards Kildas.

Kildas also looked towards Gray, with a deep gaze and said:

“…All-knowing and all-powerful!”

“All-knowing…all-powerful? This is too ……”

Grey showed a little unbelievable look.

Kildas haha ​​smiled, touched the back of his head, and said, “It may be a bit exaggerated, but it probably means that. In short, as far as I know, it may only be a child. No, hahahaha.”

Gray was sluggish for a while.

In the field.

After Elisa sent out the 1st Strike actively, she failed to send out the 2nd Strike to Kaede again, and the whole person fell into a completely passive struggle.

Kaede not at all uses such a complex and magnificent magic, just standing in place, swept forward with the left hand and then the right hand.

Along with Kaede’s movements, I can see Icicles with thin thumbs appearing in the sky, constantly shooting towards Elsa, forcing Elisa to evade and parry.

“Dress up, armor of the ice demon!”

After Elisa parried a few waves of offensive, she shouted in a low voice, rays of light shrouded her body, and soon transformed Out of a blue ice armor Kinoe, holding a heavy sword.

After changing into the ice magic armor Kinoe, which greatly improved the resistance to ice attribute magic, Elisa rushed towards Kaede step by step against the ice that Kaede released.

“Not bad.”

Kaede looked step by step Elisa, who rushed towards her eyes, showed a faint smile and said: “Although the ice magic armor Kinoe has improved your The resistance, but without sufficient magic power and manipulation of magic power, it is difficult for you to achieve this level.”

Grey looked at this scene not far away, and there was a sense of awe in his heart, Ai Lusa did not use the ice magic armor Kinoe at all when fighting with him, indicating that there was no spare no effort at all!

Although the ice magic armor Kinoe is considered magic equipment, it borrows the foreign object and is the power of Ryo, but for wizards who use dress-up magic, this is their normal method.

“If it were me, I am afraid that the modeling magic would have no effect at all.”

Gray couldn’t help but mutter, trying to empathize, thinking that if he was in Kaede At this time, most of the ice magic could not stop Elisa at all.


How can Kaede resist the encroachment on him by Elisa wearing the ice magic armor Kinoe?

Gray stared intently in Kaede’s direction.

Eye looked at Elsa step by step and approached against the sky full of ice, and finally raised the heavy sword in her hand, slashed down towards Kaede, Kaede slightly smiled, and stopped releasing the ice, Instead, he gently lowered his hand, and at the same time, a huge ice blue magic array appeared on his underfoot, and the split second spread to all directions.

Standing in the rays of light of ice blue, Kaede starts to talk softly.

“Glacier…the age.”

Shua! ! !

Along with the moment the voice fell, a touch of frost spread from the soles of Kaede’s feet and expanded outwards at a very fast speed, instantly freezing the ground nearby into ice.

The ice blue boots that Elisa wore, together with the ice magic armor Kinoe, were forcibly frozen by the expanding frost, and frozen together with the earth.

The spreading ice did not stop, but spread to a very far place during an instant.

Under Gray and the others’ shocking attention, you can see where you can see, whether it is the earth, the coast, or the sea that stretches to the end of the line of sight, all covered by ice!


All the buildings in the small town of Magnolia are covered with a layer of frost in this instant, as if they have transformed from split second in midsummer to winter!

There is absolute silence in front of the guild.

The only people who didn’t have much shock were President Makarov and Kildas.


“Suddenly it got so cold, my back pain is about to be committed again.”

Makarov took the tobacco pipe and spit out One sentence.

Kildas helplessly covered his forehead and said: “It’s just pointing Elsa magic, there is no need to make such a big movement.”

“You have no right to say These words.”

“Shut up.”

Makarov glanced at Kildas.

A person who made the entire Magnolia small town specially developed the’Kildas Mode’ to prevent him from accidentally destroying the small town, obviously is not qualified to complain about Kaede.

ka-cha! ka-cha! !

The heavy sword in Elsa’s hand was pressed hard, but in the end it was completely frozen at a distance of three feet from Kaede.

Kaede stood on the ice, looked towards Elisa slightly smiled, then raised her finger, and flicked her heavy sword lightly.


The ice covered on the heavy sword shattered, spreading to the bottom of her boots, and eventually all the ice that had frozen her armor Kinoe shattered.

The liberated Elusa staggered forward because of her magical overdraft, and was held by Kaede with her hand.

“This is…too powerful…”

“Sure enough, I can’t chase your shadow at all.”

Elisa because of the cold There was still some trembling, some shocking looked at the Snow and Ice World in front of me.

Kaede smiled easily and said: “Don’t be discouraged. When I was your age, I was only a little stronger than you. This level can be easily reached in the future, as long as you have more magic Just know some.”

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