Control Time in Naruto Chapter 682

When Wendy heard Kaede’s words, her eyes suddenly lit up, and she said with a thankful expression: “Hmm…Thank you so much!”

Kaede slightly smiled, then took a step forward, extend the hand pointed to Wendy’s forehead, the fingertips fell on Wendy’s forehead, and a white magic array was swung away.

Including Grantini, all the dragons that follow Naz and the others across time are in the within-the-body of the dragon-killing wizard they raised, but in a self-seal state It is difficult for them to communicate with the Dragon Slayer wizards.

And they also hope Wendy and the others can grow independently from now on and become a truly powerful dragon-killing wizard that can defeat Black Dragon, so they only look at them in secret.

For Kaede, it is not difficult for Wendy to see Grantini.

Nothing is heard.

Wendy closed her eyes as subconscious, and when she opened her eyes again, she found herself in a blue sky. Here is her body within-the-body, which is Granty Within the seal of Nepal.


As the Sky Dragon Slayer wizard, Wendy naturally does not fear the sky. After she appeared, she immediately looked towards the distance, floating in the sky The familiar Heavenly Dragon showed a look of joy, and flew towards the other side with great effort.

Grantini saw Wendy’s appearance, and his eyes showed a little stunned look, and said: “Wendy…how did you come here…”

Here is the inside of the seal it made. Wendy’s consciousness should not be able to enter, unless the seal is broken, but it does not feel the seal is broken.

Wendy rushed over and hugged Grantini’s neck affectionately. After hearing Grantini’s words, she responded with a cute smile:

” It was a Big Brother who sent me here.”

“Big brother…who is it?!”

Grantini’s eyes were awe-inspiring.

Being able to bypass the seal it made and send Wendy’s consciousness into the seal to meet with it. This is not something an average person can do. Not only must it be an extremely powerful wizard, but at the same time It must be a person who has a deep understanding of dragon slayer magic.

And at this time, a peaceful voice came from not far away.

“Long time no see, Grantini.”

Kaede’s silhouette appeared silently in the sky not far away, looking towards Grantini’s Direction, start to talk towards it easy-going.

His consciousness also entered Wendy’s within-the-body.

“It turned out to be you.”

Grantini saw Kaede and was slightly relaxed.

It has met Kaede once, and communicated with Kaede. It is clear that Kaede is a more powerful wizard than Geoff, and it is not an evil wizard.

Grantini asked Kaede: “What time is it outside?”

Kaede floated in the sky, and responded with an easygoing expression: “x777.”

“This way…”

Grantini was slightly nodded, and whispered: “That means the plan was indeed successful.”

At this time, he has climbed Wendy, who was on Grantini’s back, looked towards Grantini curiously, and couldn’t help but said: “Grantini, do you know Big Brother? What is your plan?”

“It’s a plan that doesn’t need to tell you yet.”

Grantini looked at Wendy with a soft gaze, then looked at Kaede and said: “Mr. Kaede, can you please Is it something?”

Kaede smiled easily and said, “I promised.”

The only thing Grantini wants to ask is of course, and that is to hope him Come and help take care of Wendy. After all, Wendy is too young now, and she can’t break the seal and go out. On the one hand, it will attract the Black Dragon. On the other hand, when she goes out of the seal, it’s completely dead. Wendy’s dragon-killing magic hasn’t really been perfected yet.

It must stay in Wendy’s within-the-body, and improve the dragon-killing magic so that Wendy will not become dragons due to excessive use of the dragon-killing magic, and will not be unlocked until it is completed seal.

“Thank you.”

Grantini bowed his head to thank Kaede.

Wendy blinked and said in confusion: “What are you talking about, Grantini.”

Grantini’s gentle looked towards Wendy and said: “Wen Di, I have something to do in the next time and I can’t accompany you for the time being. You have to live with Mr. Kaede for a while.”


Wen Di opened her eyes wide, and suddenly showed a crying look, and said: “Where are you going, Grantini? What are you going to do?”

Grantini looked towards Wen Di, rubbed her head lightly, and said: “I’m going to do something very important, but it won’t take long to do it.”

“Yes, but I don’t want to leave the grid. Landini.”

Wendy started to talk pitifully on the back of Grantini.

Grantini said softly: “Wendy, you are already a strong dragon slayer wizard, you are about to learn to be independent, and Mr. Kaede will take care of you, so you should know More people know more partners.”

Wendy didn’t speak, she hugged Grantini’s neck tightly.

After Grantini calmed her a few words, he blew gently at her. The air flow made Wendy’s consciousness gradually depressed, and gradually fell into a deep sleep.

After putting Wendy’s consciousness into a deep sleep, Grantini looked towards Kaede again and said, “Mr. Kaede, you should also have some understanding of our plan.”

” Know a little bit.”

Kaede slightly nodded.

Grantini took a breath and said: “Then do you think we can defeat Akunolokia?”


Kaede lightly nodded.

In fact, Black Dragon Akunorokia has taken the dragon-killing magic to its extreme, bathing in the blood of Wanlong and becoming the king of dragons, even if Naz and Wendy and the others grow up no matter how much It is always impossible to surpass Akunorokia, but there is one thing that can surpass Akunorokia’s power, and that is the magic of the one he is still seeking.

Grantini smiled and said: “I can get your approval and feel more at ease. I hope Mr. Kaede can take good care of Wendy.”

Kaede looked at it. Looking at Grantini, he sighed slightly: “In order to knock down Akunolokia, you really paid a considerable price.”

Grantini slowly started to talk and said: “This is what we have to do…”

Kaede stopped talking, idea moved, the whole person was like a phantom, disappeared in the seal of Grantini, and returned to the outside world.

His fingers were still touching Wendy’s forehead, and at this time he gently retracted back.

Wendy, who was in a drowsy state, shook, and fell to the ground on one side, but was immediately held by Kaede’s hand and picked her up.


The sleeping Wendy whispered the name of Grantini in a low voice, and then gradually regained consciousness, briefly lost , Sat up from Kaede’s arms, looked all around in a little panic, but could not see Grantini’s silhouette.

The reunion with Grantini just now seems to be just a dream.

“Grantini, has it left?”

“No, it is always looking at you.”

Kaede looked Wendy Smiled gently.

Wendy pursed her mouth, raised her little hand and wiped the corner of her eyes, trying to show a strong look, and said: “Grantini must have something very important, I will… …I will try to be a strong wizard.”

Speaking of this, she suddenly thought of something, looked towards Kaede and said weakly with her fingers: “Yes, by the way, Big Brother, you know Is my name? My name is Wendy Mabel.”

“Just call me Kaede.”

Kaede touched Wendy’s little head and used his left hand with one hand Hugging her, then the right hand swept over her gently, and a green magic array emerged.

The magic array releases soft rays of light and quickly heals the wounds on Wendy’s arms and calves that were cut by sword grass.

“Big Brother, will you also heal magic? It’s amazing…”

Wendy saw this scene, and a little rays of light appeared in her eyes.

Kaede said in an easygoing way: “Know a little bit.”

After healing Wendy’s wound, Kaede put her down and said: “I want to go to the wizard guild Is it?”

“Wizard guild? Where is that.”

Wendy put a finger on her chin, blinked, and showed a curious look.

Kaede explained with a gentle gaze: “It’s a place where many wizards gather.”

Wendy raised her head to gazed Kaede and asked: “Kaede big brother, you are also a member of the guild. Is it?”

Kaede smiled easily and said: “Yes.”

“Then I want to see it too.”

Wendy’s big eyes There was a look of hope.

Kaede gently nodded and said: “Then follow me.”


A few days later.

In the Fairy Tail Guild.

Kaede briefly introduced Wendy’s situation, and said to Makarov: “That’s the general situation, she is the wizard of the Sky Destroy Dragon.”

Ma Karlov looked towards Kaede suspiciously, and after looking at Kaede two eyes, he said: “Just this morning there was also a wizard of Flame Destruction Dragon in the guild, which is also a child. It seems that the same group appeared.”

Speaking of which,

He looked at Kaede and said: “Do you know something?”

Kaede smiled indifferently and said: “I know some, I will grow you Do you want to listen?”

“Forget it.”

Makarov waved his hand indifferently and said: “You didn’t take the initiative to say that it should not be at the worst thing , Old fogey, I don’t need to ask them about their origin.”

Makarov raised two fingers at Wendy and made a yeah hand seal, showing a kind smile , Said:

“Welcome to the Fairy Tail!”

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