Control Time in Naruto Chapter 683

Settling Wendy is very simple.

Because she is still too young, although she is also a wizard, the character is introverted and gentle, innocent, and unable to take care of herself, so she can only live with Kaede temporarily.

At this time, Wendy’s cuteness is no worse than in childhood Mebis, but compared to in childhood Mebis’s strength, she is still a crying lover.

Although she said she would become a strong wizard, after not seeing Grantini, her dependence on Grantini was completely transferred to Kaede, almost following Kaede I followed closely, and at first I was a little scared and afraid to communicate with Elisa and Jubia.

Because she is cute enough, Kaede doesn’t mind the short experience for oneself and the feeling of’father’. Although he also has two daughters, Lilith and Liana, they have grown up too much. It’s coming soon. Once she was born, she has strong strength and cognitive abilities, and soon she has a fairly mature mind, and she is completely different from Wendy.


Two days later.

When I woke up, Kaede eyes opened sat up and stretched out his body leisurely.

His bedroom is a very spacious room, but instead of placing the bed at all, it hits the floor directly.

Looking next to him, you can see that less than a meter apart, there is a bedding that is obviously small and a large circle. Wendy is lying down in a cute ball. , Sleeping gracefully.

Kaede originally placed her in a separate room, but she slept for less than half an hour and ran to Kaede’s room with her bedding. She stayed with Grantini every day since she was a child. Together, she has never slept alone, and she is even a little afraid of the dark alone.

Kaede smiled and allowed her to lay the floor next to her.

As if hearing the movement of Kaede’s wake, Wendy’s lovely eyelashes flickered twice, then opened her sleepy eyes a little, rubbed her eyes and sat up.

“Morning…good morning…”

She greeted Kaede nicely.


Kaede replied easily, then stood up, a touch of rays of light appeared on his body, and the blue and white striped pajamas changed into a magic robe .

Wendy blinked slightly surprised, but when she thought that Kaede was a wizard, she quickly revealed a well-behaved and warm smile and got out of the thin blanket.

Open the bedroom door.

Jubia came very early today, and unexpectedly even Elisa was outside. The two had already prepared breakfast. When they saw Kaede coming out, they both greeted Kaede.

“Why came over and found me to have breakfast.”

Kaede looked towards Elisa’s easy-going start to talk.

Elisa sat next to the dining table, slightly smiled, and said: “Today I am going out to perform a commission. It may be that a lot of genius can come back. I still come to say hello before leaving.”


Kaede’s gentle nodded, said: “Be careful.”


Elisa was nodded, and then looked towards the one who walked out behind Kaede Wendy greeted her kindly: “Morning, Wendy.”

Wendy responded timidly and weakly: “Morning… Elder sister… Elder Jubia sister .”

Kaede looked Several people sat down at the table, smiling gently and saying: “I really feel like a family of four.”

Elisa and Jubiah hearing this, all showed a warm look. One of them is orphan from the very beginning, and the other parent has passed away a long time. For them, home is a bit remote and can experience for Oneself feels naturally warm.

Elisa looked towards Wendy next to her, and said with a slight smile to Wendy: “From now on, treat the guild and this place as your own home, Wendy.”

She also heard Kaede talk about Wendy’s situation.

“Well, Elder sister.”

Wendy has a warm and lovely blush on her cheeks. At this moment, she has gradually adapted to it, although she is still daring She was afraid of life, but Elisa still had a feeling of friendship.

Jubia looked towards Kaede, whispered: “Kaede Lord, that…Jubia also accepted a commission, and I have to go out a few genius to come back.”

“Well, you all pay attention to safety.”

Kaede smiled easily and said: “It just so happens that I also plan to take a commission today and bring Wendy with me, so that she can learn more about this World.”

After eating breakfast, Kaede separated from Elisa and Jubia for a short time, and then took Wendy to the guild, holding her directly to the second floor.

Although it is said that wizards that are not S-Rank are forbidden to step on the second floor, it is naturally not restricted by Kaede. Besides, Wendy’s current age is not so much a wizard as it is a wizard. Raise a little loli.

“It’s not here yet.”

After Kaede walked up to the second floor with Wendy, he glanced at the bulletin board on the second floor, then retracted his gaze and walked to nowhere. Sit down at the distant table.

Wendy lay in Kaede’s arms, poked out half of her head and looked downstairs, curiously looked towards the other wizards in the guild, and happened to have a glance at one of them, and some The timid and fearful, she immediately shrank her head back.

Also almost at this time.

In front of the counter downstairs, in the seat where President Makarov was sitting, a flame suddenly burst in front of him, and a scroll appeared in the flame.

Makarov’s eyes narrowed took out the scroll, and after a cursory glance at the content on the scroll, the mouth hold tobacco pipe took a cigarette, and then slowly walked up to the second floor and took this Scroll to the top of the commission board on the second floor.


Without waiting for him to glue the newly arrived commission, Kaede beckoned, and the commission flew out of his hand, turned around in the sky, and fell into Kaede’s hands. .

After the symbolic glanced at, Kaede stood up and said:

“I took this commission.”

“Don’t mess with any commissions Take it…”

Makarov glanced at Kaede and said: “Are you confident?”

Kaede smiled easily and said: “No problem.”

The rank of this order is S-Rank, but the above mission is not a crusade mission, but a’cure’ mission. The requirement of the commission is to treat the female Master of the Great Consortium Hatfilia clan of the Kingdom of Fiore Layla, the above shows that she is suffering from severe magic deficiency.

The reason for the lack of magic power is naturally that she used her own magic power to replace the missing Aquarius key a few days ago, and forcibly opened the door of the eclipse star spirit, which eventually led to side effects.

Actually, few people in this World can treat severe magic deficiency. Makarov glanced at knows that this is quite troublesome, and even Polusica may not be able to cure it.

This is indeed the case.

Under the normal plot trend, even with Jiude’s huge financial resources, he issued S-Rank commissions across the country and sought a powerful healing wizard to treat Layla, but it still failed to save Layla. The life of this Protoss wizard eventually died of illness not long after.

There are not many people who can treat severe magic deficiency. There are just two here, one is Kaede himself, and the other is Wendy in his arms.

Wendy’s sky-slaying dragon magic can cure severe magic deficiency.

Even if she is far from a mature dragon-killing wizard and cannot cure Layla, she can barely manage Layla’s symptoms and prolong her life.

“Then please, Clan Hartfilia is quite rich. If you have a good relationship with them, you may be able to receive more commissions with very rich rewards in the future.”

Makarov started to talk with a kind eyebrow, and then he mouthed the tobacco pipe and went downstairs.

Wendy, who was lying in Kaede’s arms, poked her head, looked at the order in Kaede’s hand, and showed a thoughtful look, saying: “Magic deficiency…Grantini and I said how to treat it, but… I may not be able to cure severe cases…”

Kaede smiled, touched her little head, and said, “Don’t worry. I also use a little bit of healing magic.”

Wendy knew that it was a commission to treat patients, and she also showed a more serious and solemn look, and said, “Well, shall we go now?”

“Let’s go.”

Kaede stood up, pressed forward with one hand, and the space folds silently in front of him, like mirrors placed on both sides , There are cascading portals.

Kaede held the order form in his left hand, and the right hand pulled Wendy, so he walked directly into the space door and disappeared on the second floor of the Fairy Tail Guild.


Hatfilia Manor.

The space folded somewhere in the town, and a space door appeared, and then Kaede pulled Wendy out of the space door and stepped onto the streets of the town.

“It’s so beautiful here.”

Wendy followed Kaede, looked around all around, showing a cheerful expression, then looked towards the front and said:” Was it space magic just now? I heard Grantini talk about it.”

Kaede responded in an easygoing way: “Yes.”

Wendy retracted and looked away. The manor’s gaze looked up towards the small town in front of him, and said: “Is the Hatfilia clan mentioned above in the small town in front?”

“no, this is their clan It’s the manor, the whole town is.”

Kaede laughed, and walked forward with Wendy, all the way to the center of the manor of Hatfilia Clan, which looked very elegant and beautiful. The building, but as soon as you get closer, you can feel that the entire estate seems to be filled with a nervous atmosphere.

In the courtyard, there are even some doctors in small groups wearing white doctor uniforms, discussing with each other solemnly, but in the end they are all helpless shaking ones head sighing.

“Hello, may I ask if you are…”

As Kaede approached, a steward came over and asked Kaede.

Kaede gestured to him with the commission in his left hand, and said: “I am the wizard of Fairy Tail. I have accepted the commission you posted.”

The steward was startled. Later, I took a look at Kaede slightly and saw that Kaede was too young with a little Wendy, showing a little skeptical look, but he still bowed to Kaede and said:

“Please follow me.”

Steward took Kaede into the manor and walked all the way, and soon came to a very rich and luxurious door and stopped, and directed at Kaede and Wendy nodded and said:

“Please wait here for a while.”

After speaking, he knocked on the door and walked in.

After a while.

The door was opened, and an old wizard, about 60 or 70 years old, in a magic robe walked out of the door, shaking his head as he walked, with helpless gazes in his eyes.

Steward, who walked out behind the old wizard, also looked a little depressed. This is already the dozen or so wizards to come for treatment, but after checking Layla’s condition, he said They are exactly the same, that is, they are too serious to be cured.

“I’m very sorry for both of you. The lady said that she was tired and wanted to rest for a while. Please go to the side hall to rest first, and see you later.”

steward Looking down at Kaede and Wendy, start to talk.

Kaede said nonchalantly:


Layla’s situation is already very bad, but it’s not a big problem for him, what It’s the same time to start treatment.

After asking Kaede and Wendy to rest in the side room, Steward returned to the room again.

It can be seen that the room is a very spacious bedroom and a luxurious big bed. Laila is lying on the bed with a weak face, and Jiude is standing beside the bed with a calm face.

“This group of loser wizards……”

Jiu De was a little angry, and said: “15 million J can’t find a doctor who can be used in the field. Go and raise the commission for me. To 30 million J, go to me now!”


Steward sighed in response.

But at this time, Layla’s slightly weak voice came and said, “Don’t waste any more energy, Jade…this is a severe magic deficiency, and it’s the most difficult disease for wizards to cure. , You let Lucy come over, I want to talk to her.”

As the most powerful Protoss wizard at present, she also knows how severe her symptoms are, and the doctor doesn’t use it at all, even It is a wizard who masters healing magic, and few can cure this severe magic deficiency.

She confirmed this after forcibly opening the door of the eclipse star spirit, but in order not to worry her ancestor Anna, she told Anna not at all that she would not fall until she came back.

In fact, she didn’t regret anything, because she fulfilled the last wish of her ancestors and fulfilled the meaning of Clan Hatfield’s existence. She also freed her daughter Lucy and let Lucy No longer need to continue the mission of opening the door of the eclipse star spirit.


Jiu De was silent for a few seconds, and finally started to talk slowly, then opened the door and walked out.

After a while.

A girl with golden hair ran in. It was Lucy who was only ten years old.

At this time, she was already understood Layla’s condition was serious, and she stumbled to the side of Layla’s bed, and then directly choked up, her big eyes full of tears.

“mother…they, they said that your illness is very serious and it can’t be treated. Isn’t it true? Didn’t you say it was just a cold?!”

Layla extended the hand with a gentle gaze, touched Lucy’s head, patted her back, and said with relief: “It doesn’t matter Lucy, although maybe I can’t accompany you anymore, but I will become a star and keep watching Yours.”

“No…I don’t want…”

Lucy threw herself on Layla and burst into tears.

Layla patted Lucy’s back lightly. Just when she was about to continue to comfort her, she suddenly coughed violently, her face turned paler, showing a little painful look.


Lucy let go of her hand, revealing the look of lose one’s head out of fear, feeling at a loss for a while, but soon thought of something, and said:” I, I’ll go to the doctor right away!”

While talking, she ran out the door quickly.

Lyla looked at Lucy who ran away, extended the hand towards her, weakly said: “Wait, Lucy…”

However, Lucy not at all listens When he arrived, he ran out.

Lei stretched her hand to cover her mouth, coughed twice, and lay down her body, looking at Lucy’s disappearing back, silently sighed, and a little bit of resentment in her eyes.

Of course, she is not willing to abandon her ten-year-old daughter and die, but the severe magic deficiency almost doesn’t exist the possibility of cure. No matter how strong the healing magic is, the wizard can only relieve her symptoms at best. It was already the limit to let her live longer.

She was actually hesitating whether to tell Lucy what she had learned from her ancestor Anna, but after thinking about it, she decided to hide it. After all, their mission of Hatfieldia Clan has been completed.

By the time her this generation is over, there is no need to involve Lucy.

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