Control Time in Naruto Chapter 684

Hartfilia Manor.

Lounge room.

This is the lounge next to the main hall. Although it is a side room, it is still very open, at least hundreds of square meters, with some sofas and coffee tables.

On a relatively large sofa, there are five or six wizards gathered here, the youngest one seems to be a middle-aged person, and several old men with white beards are discussing each other. .

“Have you seen Mrs. Leila’s situation?”

“Well, it is indeed a severe magic deficiency. It is true that even the source of magic has been completely destroyed. , Life is passing by irresistibly.”

Magic deficiency is not the kind of injury that lacks arms and legs, but is the source of magic within-the-body due to the massive loss of magic power. Damaged.

The source of magic power is the core of life for the wizard.

Generally, a little damage can recover on its own. The more serious damage can be repaired after good care and recuperation. However, Layla’s source of magic power has been almost completely destroyed. Possibility of self-repair.

When the source of magic power is completely damaged, it means that the wizard within-the-body can no longer accumulate magic power. The magic power will flow continuously and also take away the life force.

“It seems that you are all helpless with such a serious magic deficiency.”


“It’s not impossible… …”


“The loss of the source of magic power means that magic power cannot be accumulated, but if there is a high-level Protoss wizard, then a high-level additional wizard Attach the magic power directly to Mrs. Leila’s body to get rid of this dilemma, and then with the high-level wizard of Light Element, you can prevent the passage of life force.”

“Light Element High-level…you are talking about a hammer.”

The new wizard old man said irritably: “The high-level Protoss wizard is pretty easy to find. The high-level additional wizard I haven’t had in several decades. I’ve heard of it, as for the high-level Light Element… you might as well directly find a wizard that can use the life magic of the lost magic!”

The protoss magic and the additional magic are relatively basic magic , But the former is advanced fairly simple, and the latter needs to be advanced to a high level. I have almost never heard that a few people can do it.

The so-called additional magic is the magic that attaches magic power to a foreign object for manipulation. It is said that high-level additional magic can even attach to the entire country. You can split a country into a ball by split second. Only exists in the legend.

As for Light Element, not to mention.

The magic of Light Element itself is almost one of the most difficult magic, and the high-level Light Element wizard is just a legendary.

“Kaede big brother, is Mrs. Layla’s illness that serious?”

Not far from the lounge, Kaede is also sitting on a sofa, Wendy He was sitting next to him holding a teacup.

As a dragon-killing wizard, she has a sense of hearing of the dragon type, so she can clearly hear the discussions and arguments of the wizards on the other side.

Because she had heard Grantini talk about magic deficiency before, she knew that even severe magic deficiency could be treated by Grantini, so she didn’t think it was a particularly troublesome disease, but now It sounded like it was far more serious than she thought.

This is indeed the case.

Heavenly Dragon Grantini’s Ranked S econd only to the King of Dragon, is already standing at the apex of a continent, surpassing the two ranks of the general Saint Ten Great Demon, and it can treat diseases, It does not mean that ordinary wizards can also treat.

Kaede took a leisurely sip of tea and said with a smile: “It is indeed a level of’terminal illness’. I can only think of seven treatments for the time being.”


Wendy opened her mouth and looked at Kaede in a daze, and said: “Seven, seven kinds?”

Kaede smiled easily and said: “Yes , One is what the people over there said, high-level protoss magic plus high-level additional magic plus high-level light magic, second is life magic, third is phoenix magic, fourth is the sky dragon magic you will use, and the fifth is time Magic, the sixth ultimate healing magic, the seventh is dark magic.”

Wendy said in a daze: “Dark magic?”


Kaede calmly said: “Dark magic has the means to create demons. If humans are transformed into demons, it naturally has nothing to do with the source of magic power, and it can be regarded as a kind of treatment in disguise.”

Just as Wendy was in a daze, the door of the lounge was pushed open, and a girl with golden hair ran in. It was Layla’s daughter Lucy.

She looked at everyone in the room with anxious and crying eyes, and said: “Is the doctor here?! Go and see my mother…”

Several wizards paused, and after each glance at each other, although they secretly secretly shaking ones head, they still stood up and said: “Don’t worry, we will pass.”

Several wizards left to rest. Room, walked to Leila’s bedroom again.

“Let’s go.”

Kaede took a sip of tea and looked after a few people walked out of the lounge, and stood up, greeted Wendy next to him, and walked towards the door go with.

When he walked into Layla’s bedroom with Wendy, the older medical wizards who had left before were already checking Layla’s condition.

After several people took turns to look at each other, they looked at each other, and finally all shaking ones head sighed.

“What’s the matter, how is my mother?”

“Why don’t you guys speak…”

Lucy looked like this, despite her age She was still very young, but realized something. She showed an unacceptable look and looked at the wizards to start to talk.

One of the wizards sighed, said: “I’m very sorry, we are really helpless to Mrs. Layla’s illness, at best we can only do our best to relieve Mrs. Layla’s pain.”

” You… lie to people…”

Lucy had trouble organizing language for a while.

And just when the atmosphere was depressed, a voice came from the side, and the tone was very easy-going: “Since there is nothing I can do, please give me a little trouble, let me come next.”

Several wizards looked in the direction of the sound, and saw Kaede wearing a magic robe walking towards this side, separating the crowd, and walking to Layla’s bed.

A little Wendy followed.

All of them showed a little dazed expression. They glanced at each other, and they all saw the doubt in each other’s eyes… They even said let him come, who is this young wizard?

“He seems to be the wizard of a fairy tail. I have an impression.”

One of them looked at Kaede’s back and started to talk quietly with a thoughtful look.

The prestige of the Fairy Tail Guild has been famous throughout the continent of Ishgar several decades ago, so when the name was mentioned, several other wizards in the room immediately responded.

“It turned out to be the wizard of that guild…”

“It’s a little too young, maybe I haven’t seen severe magic deficiency at all, it’s the same as mild to moderate They are two concepts.”

“If their legendary First-Kage president is here, maybe there is a way to treat it.”

Several people use very low-minded The sound starts to talk.

sense of hearing Wendy and Kaede, who are very good, naturally heard a few people’s comments, but Kaede doesn’t care at all, but walks to Layla’s bed and glances roughly. skin color Layla, who was lying there with a pale and weak expression, caught her situation in the eyes.

In the memory of Layla and Kaede, there is almost no difference between the appearance of Lucy when she grows up. It must be said that the girl of Clan Hatfield has inherited the bloodline of her ancestors very well.

Layla looked towards Kaede and started to talk with soft eyes:

“Don’t bother so much…I am also a very strong Protoss wizard, I know my situation. Yes, it’s impossible to treat the source of magic power completely destroyed…”

“This World doesn’t exist an absolutely incurable injury.”

Kaede smiled easily and lifted up right. hand, snapped his fingers.

weng!! !

A magic array appeared on the ceiling, shook the ceiling one after another crack, and caused the magic factor in the entire room to fluctuate violently.

There was also one after another crack on the top of the bed on which Leila was lying, and finally cracked together with the light-colored curtain and scattered towards all directions.


Layla was taken aback, looked a little surprised at the magic array that appeared directly above, she clearly distinguished that the magic array was surging The magic power is amazingly the magic power of the stars!

This is Protoss Magic!

Moreover, it is still a very high level of protoss magic, I am afraid it has reached the super magic level!

After unfolding a magic array, Kaede not at all stopped, but smiled lightly and raised his right hand, and snapped his fingers two consecutive times.

pa pa!!

Along with the snapping of his fingers, two more magic arrays unfolded under the star spirits array. The three-layer magic arrays are stacked together in the sky, like the shape of treasure tower .

This scene caused a very strong wave of magic, making the entire bedroom seem to have set off a gust of wind, causing the nearby walls to appear piece by piece.

The medical wizards who were not far away all stared wide-eyed, looking dull and unbelievable this scene.

“That aura…can’t be wrong, it’s bright magic, and it’s high-level…”

“The magic array in the middle… is a high-level additional magic!”

High-level Protoss Magic!

High-level additional magic!

High-level light magic!

Three high-level magic arrays spread out in the sky, making all of them a little sluggish.

Whoever can use one of these three kinds of magic is already an extremely powerful wizard, and is absolutely qualified to be ranked among the top ten Great Demon guides, and they actually saw three at once. One, and it was used by the same person!

One of them looked at this scene and couldn’t help rubbing his eyes, wondering if he had an illusion.


The star spirit demon array blooms with a bright starlight, which draws a large number of magic factors between Heaven and Earth, transforms them into star spirit magic power, and then injects them into the additional magic of the middle layer among the array.

The additional magic array manipulated the magic power of the astral spirits, and continued downward, penetrating the lowest light magic array, making the violent magic power become sunny and gentle, and then fell on Leila.

Nothing is heard.

A lot of magic power poured into Layla’s within-the-body, so that the flow of her magic power stopped quickly and the flow of life force also ended.

In just ten seconds, Layla’s face has recovered a little blood energy, and it is no longer as pale and weak as before.


Kaede slowly lowered his hand, the in the sky three-layer demon array gradually dissipated, he looked towards Layla on the bed, calmly said: “Sorry, some damage has been done, but you The elapse of magical power and life force has ceased, and your magical power source will slowly recover.”

Actually use time magic or extreme life magic to heal, the movement will be much smaller, huh It can be over in one click.

The room is quiet.

Lucy is still wiping her tears, looking Kaede in a daze.

Only Wendy recovered soon, looked up and looked at Kaede blinked, and said in a slightly shocked manner: “Kaede big brother is so amazing…”

Only know the high-level additional magic, but that is the rank mastered by Heavenly Dragon after all.

“My body…”

Leila lay there blankly, sat up a little bit, and sensed her physical condition, but she was still a little dazed for a while.

Severe magic deficiency is really cured.


The way Lucy looked at Layla, she gradually reacted and said: “Mother, how are you?”


Although Layla was still a little unbelievable, when she heard Lucy’s words, she was still slightly nodded at her, recalling the scene just now, with a little shock.

After hearing Layla’s confirmation, Lucy finally burst into tears of joy, jumped to her feet, and hugged her tightly.

Leila patted her daughter’s back, stroking her soft golden hair, showing a gentle gaze, then looked towards Kaede not far away with a grateful look, saying:

“Thank you.”

“Only commissioned, you are welcome.”

Kaede started to talk with an easygoing manner.

Lucy cried loudly in Layla’s arms. After a moment of sobbing, she gradually recovered. She got up from Layla’s arms and looked towards Kaede, working hard towards Kaede. Bowed and said: “Thank you…”

Kaede gently touched Lucy’s head, then turned and walked out.

The little Lucy is still very cute now. Unfortunately, she will be naked from time to time when she grows up. Kaede thinks maybe some corrections should be made in the future.

Until Kaede left the room, the medical wizards not far away gradually recovered, and there was still shock in his eyes.

“At such a young age, he has mastered high-level protoss magic and additional magic, as well as high-level light magic. That guy is completely a monster.”

“Sure enough, fairy. Are the tail wizards all monsters?”

After several people glance at each other, they slipped out of the room silently.

Because of the previous movement, Jiude and some bodyguards in the manor were all disturbed and all drove over.

Jude, who rushed into the bedroom, was surprised to see the mess in the room suddenly, but then he saw Layla sitting there, her complexion obviously much better than before, and suddenly startled again.

“Layla, your body…”

“It has been healed.”

Layla replied to the gentlemanly.

Jude put out a long breath, then looked at the cracked ceiling and walls, and couldn’t help asking: “Is it a treatment just now? Why does it look like there was a battle? “

Layla nodded, said: “Well, it was made during the treatment, but it’s okay.”

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