Control Time in Naruto Chapter 685

“Kaede big brother, how many kinds of magic do you know?”

Wendy has big cute eyes with a little shocked look left in her eyes Kaede.

From knowing Kaede until now, she has seen protoss magic, additional magic, healing magic, space magic and even light magic.

Accordingly speaking, the average wizard should not have so much energy, while studying so many magics and having extremely high attributes.

“I don’t know.”

Kaede touched Wendy’s little head, and smiled easily.

If you insist, the types of magic he has should be infinite, and he can easily analyze any magic other than One Magic when it appears in front of him.

Wendy followed Kaede back to the lounge where she was resting before, sat down next to Kaede, and said admiringly: “Kaede big brother, how strong are you.”

” Well, it’s not easy to describe.”

Kaede thought a little, then smiled at Wendy, and said, “Probably a little bit better than all the wizards you have seen.”

While talking, Kaede picked up an apple in the fruit plate on the coffee table, and gently hooked her finger. A small magical array appeared on the apple, and a wind blade swept over it, quickly peeling off the skin of the apple. .

Kaede picked up a cut apple and delivered it to Wendy’s mouth.

Wendy opened her mouth nicely.

But when she bit forward, she couldn’t bite the apple. Instead, she took a bite, because Kaede pulled her hand back a little bit just right.

She bit an empty Wendy’s teeth and bumped her teeth lightly. After being teased, her cheeks glowed lovely, and her big eyes seemed to glow with a little water.

“Kaede big brother…”

“Hahaha, here you are.”

Kaede smiled and passed the apple in his hand.

The difference between Wendy and Mebis is that if it was Mebis, he would just puff up his cheeks and think about how to’retaliate’ back, while Wendy would completely Without the idea of ​​”retaliation”, being teased would only show a cute expression with a red face.

Just after Kaede played with Wendy for a while, a steward walked into the side room, and some respectfully bowed to Kaede and started to talk: “Dear wizard, the master invites you to the study Go get your commission.”


Kaede nodded, ate half of the banana in his hand, then stood up and said: “Wendy, you Wait for me here.”

Wendy’s well-behaved nodded responded: “Un.”

Kaede followed the steward through the corridor and walked around the corridor. After that, he came to a study room on the west side of the villa.

In the study, Lucy’s father and Leila’s husband Jode were already waiting in the room. He saw Kaede walk in, directed at Kaede nodded, and sent a check in his hand to the desk. In front, said: “This is the commission of 20 million J.”


Kaede calmly picked up the check glanced at, and then put it into his pocket.

Jiu De stood up and looked towards Kaede said solemnly: “Does my wife’s condition still need follow-up care and treatment?”

Kaede said in an easygoing way: “According to the normal Nursing care plan is good.”

Jude nodded, said: “Um…that’s good, yes, I want to hire you as the head of the bodyguard of Clan Hatfield, and give you 20 million J’s salary for one month, tentative invitation for one year, I don’t know how you like it?”

Listening to Layla, Kaede should be a very powerful wizard. Recently, Clan Hatfield is currently in During the ascent phase, some powerful guards are also needed.

Kaede turned around, walked out the door, smiled calmly, and said: “Sorry, I have no interest in the work of guards.”

“The 30 million J What do you think?”

Jude started to talk with a deep voice against Kaede’s back.

Kaede glanced at him sideways and said with a smile: “It has nothing to do with the commissioned price. I am just not interested in the work of the guard.”

Jiu De slightly startled, a trace of irritation flashed in his eyes, only when Kaede wanted more, and said: “The price of 30 million J a month has been able to hire 100 qualified guards at the same time, you don’t think you can ask for more. Is it a bit rude? Wizard.”

“It seems that you don’t understand what I mean.”

Kaede smiled carelessly and said: “Actually, I am not interested in money. , It is only a temporary intention to accept this treatment request.”

Speaking of this, Kaede walked directly outside.

Jiu De was surprised by the mistake.

Kaede’s words fell in his ears, did not arouse his admiration and other emotions, but made him feel a kind of humiliation, because he is a person who believes in the supremacy of Ryo until now. He thinks Ryo can buy everything!

He looked at Kaede’s back, said solemnly: “You saved Layla, even if you are rude, I won’t be with you lower oneself to somebody’s level, but you may not understand Ryo’s power and have enough Even if you want to destroy your guild, Kaede’s wealth is with no difficulty.”

“Do you really, do you think so?”

Kaede paused for a while, heading towards Jiude Gently glanced at, he raised his hand into his clothes, took out a magic cap, put it on his head lightly, then turned around, left the study and disappeared.

Jude stared at Kaede’s leaving back, and finally snorted, went back to the desk and sat down, thinking for a while.

After a while.

He seemed to have thought of something, got up from the seat, pushed open the study door, and came outside.

After walking out of the study, he walked two steps forward along the corridor, but suddenly realized that something was wrong, frowned and looked back.

Two guards stood at the entrance of the study.

The two guards were supposed to salute him when he came out, but now they seem to have forgotten, not at all salute him.

And when he looked back, the two guards showed a calm smile on their faces, put their hands into the clothes, each took out a magic hat, and put them on their heads. And looked at him calmly.


Jiu De was frightened, pupils shrank violently, cold sweat on his forehead, could not help but yelled, and said: “You guys, what’s going on!!! “

Steward not far away ran over quickly, came to the side of Jiude, and said, “Master, what’s the matter?”

Jiude staggered back and pointed. Looking at the two guards at the entrance of the study, with a hint of horror in their eyes, they said: “What’s the matter with them!”

“They are nothing.”

Steward is strange. After taking a look at Jiude, he put his hand into his clothes, took out a magic hat and put it on his head, calmly said: “Master, you should rest.”

“Ah! !!!”

Jude yelled, the whole person almost fell back to the ground, and while backing, he shouted: “someone comes! Here comes!!!”

Not far The maid and the attendants at the place heard Jiude’s yelling and ran over, but one after another took out an exactly the same magic cap from his clothes and put them on their heads, all showing calmness. Looked towards Jiude, and said:

“Master, what’s the matter?”

There was panic in Jiude’s eyes, as if he had just drilled out of the water. .

It’s the wizard!

It must be the ghost of that wizard!

He looked at the maid and steward who came close, yelled, and scrambled to escape, fleeing along the corridor.

In the houses passing by, whether it is the doctors who are still staying here, or the steward and guards of Clan Hatfield, the maids, they all stand there quietly one after another, with an attitude He looked at Jiude with peaceful eyes.

Jiude ran away all the way, escaped to a bedroom door, pushed the door open and rushed in, yelled: “Layla! Layla!!!”

Here is a brand new In her bedroom, Layla was sitting on the bed and saw Jiude running in. Suddenly looked at him and said:

“What’s wrong, Jiude, so panicked?”

“The wizard…the wizard who healed you…what did he do to my guards and steward, hateful bastards!!”

Jiu De held the fist tightly, gnashing in panic again. one’s teeth.

Layla gave Jiude a strange look, took out a magic cap from the quilt and put it on her head, her expression became calmer, said with a slight smile:

“I didn’t feel anything unusual, is it because Jiude, you are too tired, or go to rest earlier.”


Jiu De let out a collapsed yelled, hit the Gate of Opening and ran out, stumbled along the corridor for a while, and finally came to the lounge unconsciously.

He rushed into the lounge and saw Kaede sitting leisurely on a sofa, and his daughter Lucy was talking to Wendy next to him.

“You, what did you do?!”

Jiu De looked Kaede with some fear and some anger.

Kaede looked Jiu De, with an easy-going smile, and said: “Can’t your Ryo sit down for you? But unfortunately, I am going to fire you now.”

“Dismiss… Dismissal?!”

Jude looked at Kaede with a look of uncertainty.

But soon he saw that Steward wearing a magic hat came in, without looking at him, but went straight to Kaede and bowed to Kaede.

“Master, what’s the order.”

“Go and settle his wages, he was fired.”

Kaede rushed at random for a long time. De pointed.

The steward immediately responded, and walked over to Jiude, calmly said: “Please settle your salary with me.”

Jude stared his eyes and looked. In this scene, the body trembling said with clenched teeth: “Asshole thing…I’m Jade! What are you talking about!”


Talking with Wendy Lucy glanced at in the direction of Jiude strangely, and then pointed at Kaede: “Father, what is he talking about?”

Kaede shrugged, said: “Who knows, maybe something delusional Sick, imagine yourself as me, don’t be afraid, I have fired him.”


Lucy nodded.

Jude’s eyes widened looked at this scene and said, “You…what did you do to Lucy! I am Jade! I am Jade!”

“Don’t pretend to be my father casually.”

Lucy puffed up her cheeks and looked at Jiude with dissatisfaction. She was frightened by Jiude’s madness and couldn’t help hiding next to Kaede. Said: “Is this delusional? It feels terrifying.”

Kaede touched Lucy’s little head, soothed her, and then motioned to Steward and the guard to take Jiude along to withdraw. Those people immediately understood and dragged Jiude down.

Lucy saw that Jiude was dragged down, relaxed, looked towards Kaede and said: “Father, when Mother gets better, let’s go out and play together, OK.”

“Okay. , Then Acquired.”

Kaede touched Lucy’s little head, slightly smiled.

Only Wendy looked towards the direction in which Jiude was taken out with a little worry, couldn’t help looking towards Kaede, and whispered: “big brother, is this really good?”

The entire Hatfield Manor was covered by memory magic at this time, and everyone’s memory was changed and tampered with.

Although she is not at all affected by memory magic, Kaede has already told her what happened, so she is not too surprised, just a little worried about Jiude’s situation.

“It’s okay.”

Kaede smiled at Wendy easily and said: “Let him realize that Ryo is not a panacea, it’s just a small punishment. After he understands it in a few days, everything will be back to its original state.”

Wendy is nodded.


In a few days.

The guards of Clan Hatfield and Steward, who were restored to normal, were found messy and messed up in the warehouse, and I don’t know how to get around the past few days.

Seeing that his guards and steward have returned to normal, but Jade is still a little frightened, and it took a long time to recover from the fear.

After careful questioning, he found that all the guards and steward knew nothing about what happened in these three days. They all thought it was a normal three days. On the contrary, he was overly worried about Lei Pulling the situation leads to mental disorders.

Already in fear, he didn’t dare to directly ask Layla if he was aware of it. He tried to knock on the side and found that Layla didn’t feel weird about what happened the past few days.

He was scared.

If it’s just a huge magic with formidable power, it won’t make him feel scared, because he has huge wealth and can invite more wizards to fight for him.

But Kaede’s power is too weird. In a short moment, it completely replaced him and took everything from him!

No one feels abnormal!

What a weird power this is!

This means that Ryo really doesn’t make any sense to Kaede, because Kaede can completely replace him at any time, becoming Lucy’s father, Layla’s husband, and Hatfielder’s Master!

Jiu De fell into silence, and then locked himself in the room for two days, and finally gradually recovered his mental state.


The horror of those few days has been completely etched in his heart, making him never want to experience the second time in his life, this feeling of being taken away by others at any time and completely replaced Too terrifying!

At the same time, Kaede has also taken Wendy back to the small town of Magnolia, where he lives.

“Why, do you still miss Lucy?”

Kaede looked walking with her head down, and Wendy, who was in a daze while walking, started to talk with a smile.

Wendy gently nodded, the past few days she and Lucy get along very well, and some of them like Lucy’s lively elder sister, so it is inevitable to part with a little bit.

“Don’t worry, you will meet again in the future.”

Kaede slightly smiled, pushed the door open and walked in.

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