Control Time in Naruto Chapter 686

In childhood Lucy is quite cute.

Although she is like a mascot in the fairy tail of the future, she can also do the magic of one, that is, love, to save the entire guild.

But it is obviously not suitable for her to join Fairy Tail now, after all, she is too young, and the situation is different from Wendy, Elisa and the others.

Kaede can also directly interfere with her trajectory, allowing her to join Fairy Tail now, but in many cases Kaede does not want to forcefully change anything.

Like Wendy and Elisa, Jubia.

On the surface, it seems that he is an abnormal abductor who sells Lolita. One by one abducts into the fairy tail, but in fact it is not like that.

They will join Fairy Tail later, and compared to their previous lives, joining Fairy Tail in advance will reduce a lot of crying and experience more friendship.

But Lucy is different. She has parents. Nothing can replace living with them.

The only problem is that her father Jiude character is a little bit bad, so Kaede also casually took a lesson, maybe it will be much better in the future.

Kaede has his own standards of good and evil, and will not give any sympathy to the wicked, but for innocent and lovely girls like Mebis, he will not do anything that will reduce their happiness .

Not to mention.

He has always been entangled by various girls. For example, when he wakes up, he suddenly finds that he is wet, and Jubia is sleeping beside him. Helpless shaking ones head.

After the Hartfilia Clan incident came to the end of a phase, the Fairy Tail Guild began to become lively.

The biggest reason is that Naz joined.

As the destiny son of Fairy Tail world, the younger brother of Jeff, the child of Fire Dragon King Igunilu, and the main body of the strongest demon END, Naz also carries the most’one Of magic’ people.

As the fire dragon wizard, as soon as he joins, he is naturally incompatible as fire and water with Gray, who uses magic and knows that there is no half a month, and he begins to challenge each other every day.

The outcome between the two is basically the same.

At this time, Naz is still just a child after all, and he can’t stimulate the power of END, and the power of opening up to his companions is also ineffective, so he and Gray birds of a feather.

He also tried to challenge Elisa with fire, but was beaten by Elisa every time.

The entire guild has become a lot more active because of Naz’s joining. Every day, the wizards in the guild are smiling and watching Naz’s tossing.

Boom! ! !

With the sound of something being thrown out.

I saw Naz flew more than ten meters, the bloody nose and swollen face fell to the original ground, and at the same time Elisa walked over with the sword and pierced the sword into the ground, condescendingly looked him and said:

“This is it?”

“But…hateful…next time I will win…”

Naz Lie Exhale on the ground.

Gray stood not far away, looked at Naz and said with a smile: “Save it, you can only light candles at the birthday party.”

“What are you talking about, bastard eyes drooping!”

“Huh? Do you want to fight? Hanging eyes!”

Gray rubbed his wrist.


Without waiting for him to come near, his head suddenly hit a steel shield and then fell to the ground.

“How can you quarrel like this as a companion.”

Elisa retracted the shield, folded her arms on her chest and started to talk to Gray.

Grey and Naz fell aside, both showing their faces.

Just then.

A voice came from the direction of the door.

“Are you training Gray and Naz early in the morning? Are you in good spirits, Elsa.”

Kaede smiled and walked in from the door and came to the bar , Pointed a finger at a female wizard behind the bar.

The female wizard immediately smiled and nodded, poured Kaede a glass of juice and handed it over.


Elisa saw Kaede, her cheeks suddenly glowed with a hint of pink, the imposing-manner of the queen suddenly converged, and she looked away “I’m just teaching them how to be companions.”

Wendy, who walked in beside Kaede, looked towards Kaede curiously, and said, “Kaede big brother, what do you mean by training?”

She has never heard the word.

This question baffled Kaede. After muttered for two seconds, he said: “Well, it means teaching.”

“That’s it.”

Wendy showed a dazed look, nodded, and then dragged Kaede’s attre, and said: “Then Kaede big brother can also train Wendy?”

pu!! !

Several wizards who were drinking nearby all sprayed out the wine.

Together with Elisa, they opened their mouths, looking Kaede and Wendy, and the atmosphere froze for a while.


Kaede kept his demeanor calm and glanced at the wizards who were spraying alcohol. Several of them were shocked suddenly, and they lowered their heads to do anything. did not hear.

Other wizards in the vicinity also silently continued to do their own things under Kaede’s gaze.

Kaede only looked towards Wendy at this time, showing a gentle smile, and said: “If you have any questions about magic, please come to me at any time. In addition, the word “tuning” means very strict teaching. You don’t want to use this word in the future.”

“…Is that so?

Wendy blinked her simple big eyes, looking thoughtful and nodded, and said, “Thank you Kaede big brother . “

Kaede said in an easygoing way: “Grantini asked me to take care of you, of course, including magical guidance. “

“Un. “

Wendy showed a cute smile.

Almost at this time, Kaede drank all the juice in the glass, then slowly lifts the head, looking towards outside the guild In a certain direction, he said: “The one that should be here is here. “

“…what? “

Elisa, who came by, heard Kaede’s words, and started slightly.

Kaede slightly smiled and said: “It’s nothing. Someone has come here. I will meet her.” “

As the voice fell, Kaede disappeared silently.


An enemy not far from the Fairy Tail Guild, somewhere on the roof Above, a beautiful woman with golden hair is standing here, carefully observing the situation in the guild.

It’s a bit inaccurate to say that. It’s more accurate to say that she is observing Wendy and Naz The situation.

She is Anna Hatfilia.

Together with Naz and the others, transmigrated the gate of the eclipse to the Protoss wizard four hundred years later .

“Wendy and Naz have had a good time here, you don’t need to observe anymore. “

Kaede’s voice came quietly from behind Anna, making her stiff first, and then her eyes changed drastically.

Anna suddenly turned around and saw Kaede I don’t know when I appeared a few meters behind her, standing there quietly looking at her.

“Night? “

Anna looked Kaede, start to talk a little bit disbelief.

Although Kaede had not yet repel Black Dragon Akuno Loki when the Eclipse Gate was launched. Ya, not as famous as later, but at that time it was also a wizard who was well-known in the mainland, she naturally knew it.

She saw Kaede in the guild just now, but only regarded Kaede as People who look similar to Ye, or descendants of Ye 400 years later, after all, she came here after 400 years.

But now.

Kaede appeared behind her, and she confessed that she was observing Naz and Wendy, coupled with that look and her instinct as a woman, gave her an unbelievable judgment in her heart.

The wizard in front of me is the’night’ four hundred years ago, and he has come four hundred years later!

“long time no see, Anna. “

Kaede started to talk to Anna with an elegant expression.

Anna’s eyes showed an unstoppable tremor, and said: “It’s really you… how did you get here? Four hundred years later, have you also passed through the eclipse gate? ! “

Kaede smiled softly and said: “Of course not, but you have consulted me about time and space magic. It should be clear that with my ability, it is normal to appear in this era. “


Anna took a deep breath.

She found White Dragon Sting and Shadow Dragon Roger this period of time. , Because I saw that they are living well, so I did not interfere with their lives, and then continued to search for Naz and Wendy and came here.

“I came here half a month ago, night Have you already understood our plan? “

Anna looked at Kaede asked.

The eclipse plan is not at all Kaede’s participation, but Kaede’s demeanor in front of me seems to be completely clear to her plan.

Kaede said easily: “Know a little bit. “

Anna took a deep breath, thinking of some information about 400 years later that she came into contact with this half a month, she couldn’t help but ask Kaede: “I came here and heard about you I repeled Akunorokia four hundred years ago. Is that true? “

Kaede stared into Anna’s eyes, stared at her for two seconds, and then said with a smile:

“It’s true. “

“Even Jeff can’t do it…sure enough you are the Legendary in the wizard…”

Anna looked at Kaede, with a little shock in her eyes, saying : “In fact, our plan was to ask for your opinion at the time, but your whereabouts are too difficult to find. We want to find you but we can’t find you. “

“It doesn’t matter, you guys succeeded too. “

Kaede said with a smile indifferently.

Anna gradually suppressed the shock in her heart and said: “But whether he can defeat Akunorokia is still unknown. But if you exist, we are very sure that we will succeed. You should be stronger than Black Dragon. “

Kaede once repel Black Dragon, so even if Kaede can’t use dragon-killing magic, cannot kill Black Dragon, he still has the power to compete with Black Dragon.

Basically, as long as Naz and the others grow up and join forces with Kaede, then they will be able to kill Black Dragon and end this era with great confidence.

Kaede said in an easygoing way: “Well, A little better than him. “

Change to other people saying that it is better than Black Dragon, then Anna will only treat him as gibberish, but Kaede should be a bit stronger if he says that.

Anna looked towards Kaede and couldn’t help but ask another question, “…Is Jeff still alive? “

“Alive. “

Kaede gave her an affirmative answer.

Anna also knows about Jeff, knowing that although Jeff is involved in the eclipse plan, but because of Because of the contradictory curse, Jeff is also a very unstable existence for the times.

An existence that cannot be killed but will always involuntarily deprive other people of their lives is undoubtedly also very terrifying.

But fortunately.

Kaede can repel Black Dragon, so it must be able to suppress Jeff, this era has Kaede’s existence, no matter what will not appear too big Question, this also relaxes her a lot.

“Wendy and Naz seem to have a very happy time here too. By the way, have you met Grantini and Igunilu? Up? “

Anna glanced at the direction of the Fairy Tail Guild again.

Kaede also glanced at the direction of the Guild and said: “I have seen Grantini, Igunilu, I haven’t Go to see him, but he knows my existence. “

Anna nodded, her eyes looked towards Kaede with some crystal clear eyes, and said: “Fortunately, in this era, there is a great wizard like you.” “

“No, I am not great. “

Kaede looked up at the sky and said with a slightly deep gaze: “I’m just working harder than you guys, and I’m standing a little higher. “

Anna exclaimed: “Such a height cannot be achieved with hard work. “

Speaking of this, she paused for a while, and then said resolutely: “Since Wendy and Naz are okay, then I will leave too. Although you are here, we can defeat Black Dragon The odds of success should have risen to more than 90%, but in this period of time when Naz and the others grew up, I still look for something that can improve the odds of success. “

“Go ahead. “

Kaede not at all say more, just glanced at her peacefully.

Anna nodded, then jumped up, left the roof, and fell into the small town below I walked into the crowd and disappeared.

Kaede glanced at in the direction where she left, then smiled and retracted his gaze. After a step, he returned to the guild.

“Kaede big brother, you are back. “

Seeing Kaede disappeared for a while and appearing out of thin air again, Wendy and Elisa and the others who knew Kaede would use space magic were not surprised, but they all looked over. .

Wendy was holding a milkshake in her hand, and looked Kaede curiously: “Kaede big brother, who did you meet just now? “

Kaede laughed, took the milkshake from her, took a sip, and said, “A Protoss wizard, Anna Hatfilia.” “

Wendy opened her mouth, looked at the milkshake in Kaede’s hand, and said in a very small voice: “Then, that is mine…”

Kaede looked small Wendy looked a little cute and pitiful. Haha couldn’t help but smile, and stopped teasing her, holding the milkshake cup in both hands and pulling it to the sides, making another cup like magic, and handing it back to her.

“Anna Hartfilia…”

Elisa stood aside, also holding a glass of milkshake, lowered her head with a thoughtful look, and chewed the name. .

Kaede looked at her, and suddenly thought of something, she said with a smile: “By the way, Elisa, you don’t have a surname. “

Elisa nodded.

She does not have suffixes like Hatfield and Mabel, because she is an orphan, and without parents, she naturally cannot inherit A suffix like Hatfilia.

“I’ll think of one for you, and it’s called Shucarletto. What do you think… Elisa Shucarletto. “

“Succarletto… it sounds good. “

Elisa showed a surprised look, then looked towards Kaede, her eyes shone with sheen, and said: “Thank you…”

Kaede smiled and touched Ailu Sha’s little head then put down the milkshake in her hand and walked outside.

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