Control Time in Naruto Chapter 687

Spring is gone and autumn is here, time flies by.

After Wendy and Naz joined the guild, a year passed in a blink of an eye, and the time has come to x778.

This year Elisa was 13 years old, Jubia was 11 years old, Wendy was 6 years old, Mebis was 105 years old, and Kaede was 19 years old.

For him who can travel through time, his age can be defined arbitrarily. He thinks that the age of 19 is very good. He is just an adult, and he is not 20 years old. It is not a true Lord, so Just turn down a year.

In the guild.

Six-year-old Wendy still hasn’t grown much, but in this year’s time, she has completely adapted to her companions in the guild. She is no longer as afraid of life as before, and because of her cuteness, the guild’s The wizards basically take care of her.

Walking in the guild, people often invite her to eat ice cream, cakes, etc., and they are all normal and delicious ice creams and cakes.

For everyone’s kindness, Wendy was a little sorry at first, but later Elisa enlightened her that the guild was home, and her companions were family members. There was nothing sorry between the family members, so she gradually adapted to everyone’s treatment of her. Love.

“Wendy, come here to see the gift that my client gave when I went to deal with Dark Demon this time.”

A wizard uncle in the guild pointed at Wendy smiled at Hehe and waved, and took out an exquisite pendant, delivered it to Wendy, blinked and said: “It is said that wearing it often has a refreshing effect.”


tone barely fell, before Wendy could respond, a fat female wizard next to him hit him on the head with a fist, saying: “Idiot, Wendy is the sky dragon slayer wizard, using the auxiliary class Type of magic, this thing is useful… Do you want to wait for Wendy to grow up and do it on her?”

“Ouch…how is it possible!”

wizard uncle He squeezed his ears and picked it up, gave a strange cry, looked over with a smirk, passed the pendant in his hand, and said: “Here you are.”

Wendy looked this scene blinked , Showing an incomprehensible look, but in the end a cute and innocent smiling face was revealed. In short, it was enough to know that it was kind.

Just then.

The door of the guild was pushed open, and President Makarov walked in, holding a piece of paper with words in his hand, and walked to the counter.

Many wizards in the guild greeted Makarov.

“President, I’m back after the meeting.”

“The council didn’t trouble us, right.”

Makarov pointed at everyone waved his hand, then jumped to the bar, stood up, raised the paper in his hand, and said unhappily: “A bunch of guys who only know about eating know how to instruct others. Well, they say that there are traces of the devil in the north. I hope we The guild sent someone to investigate…”

Makao touched his head, nodded and said in pain: “Demon, that is very dangerous, come back to this kind of work.”


“Let me burn it to ashes!”

Naz gave a strange cry, waved his arms, spouted flames from his mouth, and started to talk excitedly.


Makarov slap held Naz’s head, slapped him on the ground, and glanced at him irritably. Obviously, this kind of mission is not what Naz can do for such a young age. .

Almost at this time, Kaede’s leisurely voice came from the second floor, saying: “Investigating the devil’s whereabouts is such a troublesome thing, it can only be done by the S-Rank wizards. “

Everyone in the guild looked up to the second floor.

Kaede put his hands on the handrail on the second floor, and said with an easy-going expression: “Kildas is going to execute the commission, there is no way, then it seems that I can only go there.”

Makarov looked towards Kaede and said: “If you don’t want to go, it doesn’t matter if you ignore them.”

Compared to family members, the group of guys in the council are naturally a group that can go anytime People who eat shit only know that they assign troublesome things to others. He didn’t plan to accept this kind of entrustment. It’s okay to ignore the council anyway.

“It just so happens that I’m a little boring at leisure.”

Kaede smiled easily and said: “It’s better to go and take a few people by the way, and exercise them a little Right.”

Speaking of this, he walked down from the second floor, glanced at the guild, and said: “Elisa, Jubia, Wendy… come and form a temporary team. .”


Makarov reached out and patted his forehead.

Never mind Elsa, strength is indeed quite strong in the guild, but Jubia is weaker. As for Wendy, there is obviously almost no fighting strength.

Bringing Elsa can also be said to bring one more fighting strength, if you bring Wendy…this is not to investigate the devil, but to take this opportunity to go to the north for vacation!


When Alusa and Jubia and the others heard Kaede’s greetings, they almost all started to talk with pleasure.

Since they joined the guild, only Wendy has been entrusted by Kaede several times, and they have never acted with Kaede.

They also understand this. After all, Wendy needs more care, and they were not strong enough before. Kaede impossible took three of them at once. It would be troublesome to take care of them when an accident happened, but now she Already a strong wizard in the guild, Jubia is not weak, at least it will not be a drag.

“Then you go and clean up, and then we’ll set off.”

Kaede smiled slightly at Elisa and Jubia, and then walked out of the guild.


In ten days.

In the north of Fiore Kingdom, somewhere in the open forest, the silhouettes of Kaede and the four people of Elisa, Jubia, and Wendy are walking through the forest.

I said it was investigating the traces of the devil, but because of the presence of Kaede along the way, Elisa and Jubia did not worry about the mission problem, and it was rare to be able to execute the commission with Kaede, so these ten The days spent are as joyful as traveling.

Kaede walked in the front, Wendy followed Kaede closely, and Elisa and Jubia walked in the back.

I have walked a long distance today. Elisa and Jubia are obviously a little tired. Although Wendy is a dragon slayer wizard, she is only six years old after all, and she is walking slowly. After I got down, I felt a bit hot on the soles of my feet.

At this moment, Kaede turned his head and looked towards her, and said gently:

“Can I go on?”

“Also… Yes…”

Wendy pointed at Kaede nodded with big cute eyes.

Kaede smiled, squatted down beside her, leaned out her hand, picked her up, let her sit in her arms, and then moved on.

Jubia, who followed, looked at this scene a little enviously, but he could only envy it a little. After all, Wendy was only six years old, which is a treatment that children can enjoy.

After another walk.

Everything becomes clear at once ahead.

The entire group has already passed through the forest and came to a somewhat open gorge within the valley.

“Okay, let’s rest here today.”

Kaede stopped and felt the breeze blowing from the front, towards Elisa and Jubia’s easy-going start to talk.

Elisa and Jubia were nodded, and immediately began to take out the equipment, set up the tent, and set up two medium-sized tents after a while.

Wendy is in charge of finding the ingredients, but it is said that she is in charge, but Kaede is actually in charge.

“Your auxiliary magic has a certain foundation, but the attack-type magic hasn’t been practiced at all. Does Grantini teach you the most basic breath?”

Kaede took Wendy to a high point in the gorge and asked Wendy.

Wendy said slightly sorry: “I have been taught, but I have not mastered the skills at all.”

Kaede smiled and touched Wendy’s little head. Then he raised his head and looked towards the sky, looking towards a flying bird that appeared at a very high altitude, and said: “Wendy, looked…”

He raised his head and opened his mouth, took a gentle breath, and the air flow entered In his mouth, with magic power brewing in his mouth, he spit out into the sky.

“Heavenly Dragon’s roar!”

bang!! !

A dragon’s breath pierced the sky, annihilating half of the flying eagle’s wings that passed by, causing it to fall weakly from the sky, and Kaede reached out to catch it.

Wendy blinked, showing a look of admiration, and said:

“It’s amazing…”

“Try it.”

Kaede lifted her chin at Wendy, smiled and gestured at her.

Wendy was nodded, looked up towards the sky, closed his eyes, took a deep breath, and then spit it out, trying to make a super fierce expression of’ao wu’.

“Heavenly Dragon’s roar…”


A small group of naked eye barely visible faint air currents came out of her mouth, which looked like a dragon hiccup.

Looked at her own masterpiece, her cheeks flushed, showing a little shy look.


Wendy’s cute look made Kaede couldn’t help but laugh, and said, “Sure enough, it’s too early for you to learn this, so take your time. “

Wendy was laughed at by Kaede for a while, not knowing what to do, until Kaede reached out and touched her little head, and showed her a sunny smile, which made her smile sweetly. .

Boom! boom! !

Kaede raised his finger, made a pistol-like posture, fired a few shots into the sky and the canyon, then reached out and beckoned, and some of the prey he had killed flew over.

Taking the caught ingredients, Kaede and Wendy returned to the camp, and soon a bonfire was raised, and various meats were cut and grilled on the bonfire.

“After a day’s journey, it would be nice if I could soak in hot spring.”

After eating barbecue, Elisa stretched her body and went to Jubia Looked in the direction of the man, and said: “Can your magic make hot spring?”

Jubia shaking one’s head, and said: “No, I can only make hot water, and here is also There is no place to put hot water…”

Speaking of this, she paused, turned her head and looked towards Kaede, revealing a smile that was completely different from that of Elisa, and said: “But If Kaede Lord wants it, you can take a bath in Jubia’s body~ Elisa is fine.”

While speaking, she turned herself into a stream of steaming water , Poked his head out of the water, and said with a smile: “Jubia can adjust the water temperature.”

Is this a humanoid self-propelled automatic bathtub?

Kaede’s mouth trembled. This rain girl is always good at playing.

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