Control Time in Naruto Chapter 688

“It’s not difficult to want a hot spring.”

Kaede stood up leisurely, smiled easily, then left the camp and walked a few steps away. Came to a place about tens of meters away, and then stomped gently.

weng!! !

A magical force spread on the soles of Kaede’s feet.

The magic array of Water Element and the magic array of Earth Element appeared at the same time, and accompanied by a wave of magic power poured into the ground, causing the earth about ten meters in front of Kaede to shatter and sink.

This magical power goes deep into the ground and spreads hundreds of kilometers in the blink of an eye. It connects with the hot spring underground somewhere and draws it over.

crash-bang! !

Scorching and turbid liquid sprayed from the sunken small pond.

Kaede waved his hand and swept the first part of the impurities and mud to one side. The rest is the clear hot spring gurgling up, filling the pond quickly.

“Okay, so amazing…”

Wendy held her small mouth and showed a little amazing expression.

After setting up the hot spring pool, Kaede patted his hand towards the camp, and said in an easygoing manner: “Okay, I have controlled the water temperature at a suitable level. If I want to change the temperature, You can let Jubia operate.”

Jubia blinked, looked towards Kaede, walking a few steps from the back, and said: “Kaede Lord, where are you going?”

” Go to the camp.”

Kaede smiled easily and said: “You guys first.”

Jubia took a step forward and took Kaede’s hand, looked Kaede, both cheeks Slightly reddishly said: “If there is nothing to do, just go clubbing together.”

Kaede let out a laugh, and said: “Elisa has grown up a lot.”

Di is still too young. He took a bath with him before, but Jubia had done things that suddenly came out of the bathtub, but he was also young and he didn’t mind.

But Elisa is now 13 years old, and she may be interested in his body if she is big or small. So it is really an annoyance to say that humans will grow up. What happened, Kaede sighed in the heart.


Elisa stood in the united front with Jubia this time, looked at Kaede with a slightly blushing face, trying to make herself look calm and calm, saying: “Many places There are all mixed baths. There is no and so on. Kaede, you can come together too.”

“Are you uncomfortable with Elder sister?”

Wendy noticed Elisa tried to conceal the stiff movement of’expecting’, showing a little caring gaze, and simply asked Elisa.

Elisa stretched taut’s face, said: “No, I am fine.”

A strange question mark appeared on Wendy’s head, and she looked at Ai with some confusion. Lusha, then turned her head and looked towards Kaede, and said, “Kaede big brother, come together.”


The look of looking three people, Kaede in the heart sighed, and then shake one’s head, smiled helplessly at the three people, and said: “If you all said that, then okay, please satisfy you.”


Shua! ! !

White rays of light flashed by, Kaede used the dress-up magic to change into a wrapped bath towel, then walked towards the hot spring and walked in.

Looked Kaede walked into the hot spring pool. Elisa breathed a little bit faster, but she quickly recovered her composure and calm. She also used her dress-up magic and took out a bath towel and walked over.


Jubia was one step faster than her, and jumped in.

In the end, only Wendy’s puzzled blinked was left, she also took off her clothes, walked barefoot to the hot spring, cautious and solemn used her toes to test the water temperature, and then slowly Walking into the hot spring pool, only a small head was exposed.

Kaede lies on the side of the hot spring pool, looking up to gazed the sky.

Even the oldest Elisa is only thirteen years old. He is naturally not interested in the smooth and flat body of a girl at this age. Only abnormal will be interested. Compared with the northern suburbs The sky night scene is worth enjoying.

It can be seen that the sky at this time has dimmed, and countless stars are dotted on the night sky. These stars are not real stars, but stars dotted by Star Spirit Realm.

If you keep flying upwards, you won’t be able to fly out of outer space in the end, you can only fly to the end of this world, and further up you will be the Star Spirit Realm.

Only by breaking the space of this World can one enter the real universe.

“Kaede big brother, what are you thinking about?”

Wendy sat nicely by the hot spring pool, with a nice posture, she looked towards the starry sky, her eyes seemed to show Kaede, with a little complicated gaze, couldn’t help but ask in a low voice.

Kaede recovered, smiled at her easily, and said:

“It’s nothing, I just saw the beautiful scenery in the sky.”

“It’s really beautiful Well.”

Elisa also looked up at the sky under the night, showing an admiring look, and said: “I don’t know what is on the sky. I heard some people say it is a vast and boundless universe. , And some people say that the sky above is the world where the stars live.”

“Both are correct.”

Kaede glanced far away, revealing a distant gaze, and said:” Above the sky is both the Star Spirit Realm and the vast and boundless universe.”

Elisa looked towards Kaede with a slightly surprised look, revealing suspicious eyes.

Kaede looked towards her, smiled easily, raised his hand from the water, and brought up a cluster of water splashes, which floated in the sky, forming two water balls, which were close together.

“You can understand that the world is like this kind of water ball, the bottom is the world we are in, and the top is the star Spirit Realm… And outside these two water balls is the vast universe. “

Kaede gently held two water balls with his hands to start to talk.

Elisa showed a sudden look and said: “so that’s how it is.”

The little blush very red Wendy soaked in the hot spring pool was also blinked at this time , Said: “The world is really big, our world alone has places that cannot be visited for a lifetime. There are various adventures, but there is such a vast world outside.”


Kaede started to talk with a slight sigh, and said: “Compared to the vast universe outside, we are all very small.”

The power of thirty stars seems to be huge. One finger can pierce the entire world of the fairy tail, as easy as piercing a thin film, but compared to the vast universe, it is like a target against the sea, so small that no matter how small it is Enter, will not feel.

Just a galaxy, there are hundreds of billions of stars.

Although his current power can also come and go within a galaxy, if he wants to destroy a galaxy with a single blow, he must at least possess the power of billion stars.

In the vast universe, such galaxies are no less than hundreds of billions. Even Kaede can confirm that there are more universes outside of the universe, which should be like Dragon Ball world.

Perhaps where he is now is one of the many universes in the Dragon Ball world, he won’t be surprised if he suddenly meets the god of destruction.


Elisa, Jubia and Wendy all look up to the gazed starry sky, immersed in the huge world and the smallness of themselves.

After a while, Jubia first recovered. She walked towards Kaede in the water and showed a cute smile at Kaede, saying: “Kaede Lord, what are you thinking about?”

“Think about something.”

Kaede recovered, condensed his thoughts, looked at Jubia, smiled gently, and said: “I will tell you when I have a chance.”


Jubia nodded, and said: “By the way, Jubia will help Kaede Lord wipe his back.”



Kaede also restrained his emotions and smiled easily.

No matter how huge the universe is, his footsteps will not stop, maybe the wanton life and the swaying life will be quick, maybe doing something loving with cute young girls can get a strong pleasure, but For humans, the strongest and most lasting pleasure is the breakthrough self.

Being able to continuously complete one’s own goals and achieve one’s own achievements, the pleasure obtained is far more pleasing than the momentary pleasure.

“Be one step ahead of her…”

Recovered Elisa gave Jubia a slightly annoyed look, and spit out in the heart, but looked helplessly. towards Wendy next to her, smiled softly at her, and said: “Wendy, let me wipe your back for you.”

“Thank you, I will also help Elder sister wipe her back later.”

Wendy showed a simple and lovely face.

Speaking of which three people call Kaede have nothing common with each other. Wendy calls Kaede and adds’big brother’, while Jubia is used to speaking in maid style, while Ailu After Sha first called Kaede the big brother, now it has become a more accustomed direct name.

Kaede lay on the edge of the hot spring pool and asked Jubia to wipe his back with a towel, and said without thinking: “Don’t do strange things, Jubia.”

If you don’t remind me in advance, this rain girl will always do some novel things, sometimes even he can’t predict it, so she is very worried about Jubia’s situation when she grows up.

“Okay, Kaede Lord.”

Jubia responded with a smile.

The wiping of Kaede’s back is basically ineffective, because although Kaede maintains a normal human appearance, the touch of the skin and all aspects are no different from humans, but he is essentially nearly 30 stars The energy of the black hole converges.

Any dust remains impossible on him.


After a while, back rubbing becomes a massage service.

In the beginning, Kaede was lying on the towel, and Jubia stood on his back with cautious and solemn feet, stepping on him with slippery feet. After that, Wendy joined in cutely. Finally It’s Elisa.

This kind of massage by stepping on the back hardly requires too many skills, so Kaede is also rare and comfortable to enjoy. He can naturally experience normal human hot spring and back massage while maintaining a human body. Kind of enjoyment.

And it is worth mentioning that Wendy, Elisa, and Jubia three people, because of their weight have nothing common with each other, so the feeling of having six little feet on their backs also have nothing common with each other.

In half an hour.

The entire group completely relieved the fatigue of the whole day’s journey and returned to rest in the tent set up before.

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