Control Time in Naruto Chapter 689

The next day.

Kaede eyes opened wake up.

As soon as I woke up, I felt that I had a slight breath hitting my face, and there was something slightly more than the weight of the blanket pressed on my body.

Looking up, you can see Wendy stretching her limbs and sleeping sweetly on his body. It is rare for this well-behaved Lolita to have trouble sleeping.

Kaede laughed blankly.

He slowly sat up, and Wendy became a pose hanging on him, a little frowning expression appeared on her cute little face like a porcelain doll, and then a little eyes opened.

Her dim eyes opened, showing a little dazed look, and then she felt a hand rubbing her cheek twice, and Kaede’s chuckle was in sight.

“Did you make a good dream last night?”


Wendy gradually realized what was happening, and stepped back a little panicked After taking a step, I fell back on the blanket and fell back on the ground with a loud sound.

Because she still fell on the blanket, it didn’t hurt at this time. She slightly red her face and lowered her head weakly and said, “Dream, I dreamed of Grantini, and dreamed of I also become a dragon flying in the sky with it.”

“No wonder.”

Kaede laughed heartily for a while, and said: “The sleeping position of the big Peng spreading wings turned out to be This way.”

After reaching out to touch Wendy’s little head, he stood up, opened the tent and walked outside. Seeing that Elisa had been up for some time, Jubia seemed Still sleeping in the tent.


Elisa, who was exercising in the morning, greeted Kaede with a gentle smile.

Kaede smiled and waved, just as he was free, so he accompanies Elisa to do morning exercises.


In one hour.

At the end of the morning exercise, Kaede threw a’cleansing technique’ to Elisa casually to clean the stains on her body, and each used dress-up magic to change into clothes.

At this time, Jubia had also woke up. Considering the physical development of the young girls, even though they were in the wilderness, Kaede still made milk for their breakfast.

It’s not the use of space magic to take it from a long distance, but the direct use of “material conversion magic” to convert the material, turning water directly into milk.

Elisa, who owes 100 million yuan, was surprised that Kaede could conjure up the magic of milk, and almost quickly imagined the earning power that this magic could bring, and asked Kaede about the specific content of this magic. , How to make milk.


This is a magic she cannot learn.

Because material transformation magic is not strictly a magic that can be mastered by humans, but a super-large magic array system structure, similar to the Rsystem of resurrection, and wants to be mastered by the human body It is very difficult.

Of course, when she grows up, she can also use other methods to make milk, but she can’t make money from that kind of production. She can only regret that.

After breakfast.

Kaede took three girls and continued on the road.

It took about one morning for the four people to transmigrated the gorge and came to the opposite side of the gorge, in a wood that became sparser.

This place is no longer completely desolate, but a little trace of human activities can be seen here, and you can see to the front, there is a human village not far from this forest.

Wendy is still following Kaede, and Elisa and Jubia are behind.


Suddenly, Wendy let out a scream.

Elisa and Jubia looked at her simultaneously, and even Kaede turned their heads and looked at her, and saw Wendy showing a frightened look, standing there stiffly, all over Trembling, panicked expressions in his big eyes.

Looking closely, you can see a caterpillar lying on the left side of her cheek. It seems to have just come from the fall off tree, and it happened to land on her cheek. She wanted to get rid of it but didn’t dare to reach out, so she could only stand there shaking.

It can be seen that her hair appears to be frizzy, standing up messy.


Kaede burst into laughter, took a step to Wendy, lifted her finger, and flicked the caterpillar off her cheek. Fly out.

This action caused Wendy’s panic scream again.

Seeing that there are still a small amount of caterpillar body hair remaining on her cheeks, Kaede bent over and leaned over, blowing a breath at her cheeks, and the air flow swept over her cheeks. A few remaining body hair entangled and flew out.

After doing this, Kaede has to stand up straight and comfort Wendy that she is fine.


Almost at this time, a gust of wind came from behind, accompanied by a shouted.

“Hah Hah!”


I can see a slender calf making a flying kick in the sky, kicking Kaede’s shoulder, trying to kick Kaede staggering, but it failed to kick Kaede.

This kick had no effect. The man’s movements didn’t stop. After turning over in the sky, he immediately picked up Wendy, and quickly backed a few meters.

I can see a girl with white hair who is kicking and taking Wendy away. She looks about the same age as Elisa, with a strong appearance.

“Don’t be afraid, elder sister protect you!”

The girl touched Wendy’s head to start to talk, and made a very imposing-manner gaze gazed Kaede, saying: “Hey, you guy, what are you going to do to her?!” This sudden scene made Elisa and Jubia both feel a little dazed, and Jubia who reacted immediately afterwards glared at him. Holding the little fist while holding the girl who appeared, he said:

“Where did the guy dare to attack the Kaede Lord.”


Ai Lusa thought of something, her hand on the hilt was slightly relaxed, and the looked girl spread her hand and said, “You seem to have misunderstood something. Just cleaned up Wendy’s insect.”

It was probably just now. Wendy’s screams and Kaede’s actions made the white-haired girl who happened to appear in the vicinity mistakenly think that Kaede was going to do something to Wendy, so she helped her.

The girl looked towards Elisa and Jubia, and said: “Ah, there are two other accomplices, you should be the kind of criminals who abducted children in the rumor, don’t want to lie to me.”


“elder sister!”

“What happened!”

At this time, there was another cry not far away, and I could see two The same white-haired silhouettes ran over. One of them was a youngster who was about twelve years old, and the other was a little smaller, a girl with short white hair who looked about the same age as Jubia.

The two quickly ran to the sides of the girl who had rescued Wendy, looking at other side, and vigilantly confronting Kaede, Elisa and the others.

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