Control Time in Naruto Chapter 690


Kaede looked this scene, but instead of talking at all, she was shrugged and stared at the girl who’saves’ Wendy He glanced at Wendy and pointed at Wendy.

At this time, Wendy, who had already woken up, looked up towards the girl, and said timidly: “Sister, elder sister…that, the caterpillar just fell on my face Here, Kaede big brother helped me clean it up. It’s not what you think.”

The frowned girl gave Kaede a glance, but still didn’t believe it and said: “Is it threatened? Don’t be afraid, yes. The elder sister is here, he can’t do anything to you!”


Wendy opened her mouth and didn’t know how to explain it.

Kaede looked this scene, reluctantly shaking one’s head, saying:


As the voice fell, he took a step forward , And then the whole person disappeared out of thin air, appeared directly behind the white-haired girl, and patted her shoulder gently.


It was such a gentle pat, which immediately made the girl feel numb all over, as if she was electrocuted, and the tentative resistance was not made at all, and the whole person fell softly.

Kaede fell to the ground after taking the shot of the girl, and stood there gazed her, gently said: “You really don’t make sense, Miraj Strauss.”

This imposing-manner looks menacing and totally unreasonable, dressed up like a Hooligan girl, is the young Miraj, the kanban girl of Fairy Tail in the future.

It is worth mentioning.

At this time, Miraj is still a character like a reckless and impulsive little devil, rather than a gentle black-belly elder sister in the future.

“elder sister!”

When Lisana and Elfman saw this scene, they all exclaimed, looking towards Kaede with some panic and fear, But he came quickly to help Mila.

The supported Mila still couldn’t stand, her whole body was trembling slightly, as if she had experienced the pleasure of rising into the sky dozens of times in the split second just now, and she was violently gasp for breath.

She looked a little frightened Kaede, and said:

“You…how do you know my name…”

The moment she disappeared and instantly Appearing, and the light tapping on her shoulder, is obviously not a method that normal humans can use.


The man in front of him is obviously a wizard!

And under this close observation, she also discovered something that she hadn’t noticed just now because she was too sudden, that is, this man is a little too handsome, even more than what she once imagined The standard of future boyfriend.

“I just know a little bit.”

Kaede smiled easily and said: “Then re-introduction, my name is Kaede, I am a wizard, and this is my younger sister Wendy. , Is also a wizard.”

Wendy looked at Mila’s well-behaved nodded with innocent big eyes.

Mila opened her mouth.

Lisana and Elfman also looked towards Mila in a daze. They patrolled Mila, Wendy and Kaede, and finally Lisana couldn’t help but ask in a low voice. :

“Um, what is going on…?”


After a while.

Lisana and Elfman finally figured out the situation.

That was Wendy screaming because of the caterpillar. Kaede’s movements happened to be seen by Mila who appeared not far away, mistakenly thinking that Kaede was a criminal who abducted a girl, so she immediately rescued her. Finally got an oolong.

“That kind of action, and how loud it is, how can it not be misunderstood, it looks like a human trafficker.”

Mila pouted, two Put a small hand on his chest, turn his head to start to talk.

A trace of perspiration spilled on Lisana’s forehead, she couldn’t help saying:

“elder sister……”

Seeing Mila refused to admit her mistake, she was still very Quickly bowed to Kaede and Wendy, and said, “I’m very sorry, my elder sister didn’t figure out the situation and caused you trouble.”

Kaede glanced at Mira, but was not angry. On the contrary, he felt a little funny at the arrogant and pampered character of Mira, and said indifferently: “Nothing.”

In fact, he can also understand the reason for Mira’s character at this time. After all, she It is the elder sister, who has the responsibility to protect the younger brother and younger sister. It is obviously impossible to not be strong. She uses a strong mask to cover her tender heart.

“Are you villagers here?”

Elisa looked towards Lisana, and asked Lisana.

Lisana’s clever nodded, said: “Well, I live with my big brother elder sister, we are here to collect food.”

Elisa said solemnly:” In the past few days, have you encountered an abnormality?”


Lisana said slightly puzzled: “What kind of abnormality do you mean. “

Elisa said with a solemn gaze: “Abnormalities in various senses… We received an order from the Magic Council to say that there are traces of demonic activity in this area, so we came here to investigate. “


Lisana opened her eyes wide, showing a trace of fear, and said: “Evil, devil?!”

She looked at Kaede and Elisa, thought about it quickly, and then replied with some nervousness: “I found something abnormal in the past few days not at all.”



Elisa looked a little slow, and said: “Don’t be afraid, we are here for this.”

Kaede looked at Lisana and said easily: “Since you guys There is nothing unusual here, then we will leave first.”

As the voice fell, he greeted Jubia and Elisa, and turned Wendy around to the north of the jungle. Go in the direction.


When Mira saw Kaede, she turned around so suddenly, she couldn’t help turning her head and looked towards Kaede’s back, extend the hand wanting Say something, but the words are stuck for a while.

In the end, she stamped her foot a little annoyedly, and said: “Hateful guy…what’s so great about the wizard, I will become a wizard too!”


Lisana and Elfman glance at each other, seeing the helplessness in each other’s eyes.

They are already used to a strong character like Mira.

Lisana hesitated for a moment and said, “Elder sister, they said there are demons around here, but I don’t know if it’s true. Ordinarily, they shouldn’t have to lie to us. Should we go back to the village first. “

Mila thought for a while and said: “Well, let’s go back first, there are some spare food at home.”


She noticed that both Lisana and Elfman were a little bit afraid, she couldn’t help but stood up and said, “Don’t be so scared. Even if there is a devil, I can defeat it. Don’t worry!”

Mila’s appearance relieved Lisana’s tension a little. Although she knew that Mira was doing her best, such an elder sister was still reassuring and made her smile. And nodded.

“En! ”

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