Control Time in Naruto Chapter 691

After encountering the Kaede entire group, Mira returned to the village with Lisana and Elfman.

The three people were lucky enough to catch fish in the small river near the village, and had the dinner of the day.

After dinner.

Mila and Lisana three people got together and talked about the daytime affairs.

“Didn’t expect to meet the wizard, elder sister, have you seen how that person moved? It seems to be behind you with a swish.”

Lisana put her chin in her two small hands, gazed the starry sky, showing a very cute appearance start to talk.

This is also a village in a remote area. It is not as easy to access magic as in big cities. Basically, you can’t even see ordinary magic items here.

Meeting Kaede during the day was also the first time they encountered magic and wizard.

Mila nodded, said: “It is indeed not the ability that an ordinary person can resist. If that person has an evil intent, we should not be able to resist.”

Lisana laughed and said: “But they are good people, and that big brother is very handsome.”

Mila twitched his lips, a scene from the day flashed in his mind, lightly snorted and said: “not so bad Well, don’t look at him in deadly earnest, maybe it’s actually abnormal.”

Lisana showed a helpless look and said: “Where is that many abnormal, elder sister, you are too wary It’s heavy.”

Mila tilted her head and looked towards Lisana, just when she wanted to continue talking and so on.


Elfman’s yelled sound came from the back of the wood house, the sound filled with fear, resounding throughout the night.

Mila and Lisana were both shocked immediately, they looked at each other, both stood up suddenly, and looked behind the house simultaneously.


“Elfman big brother!”

The two didn’t know what happened, but they both went to Run behind the wood house.


Mila and Lisana, who came to the back of the wood house, showed a hint of horror.

I saw Elfman sitting there with a face of horror, moving back in fear, and in front of him, a disheveled hair appeared in the darkness, with claws and scales. Kinoe’s weird creature.

The devil Satan!

One of the demons that Jeff created!

This World didn’t have such creatures as demons, but because Jeff created a large number of demons for suicide four hundred years ago. These demons were scattered all over the world and multiplied with each other, causing them to be everywhere. There are residues.

Except for the gate of Ming Sect, there are demons like Dalioola and Satan living in many areas.

“no, don’t…”

Alfman was almost scared and cried. He didn’t even have the strength to stand up and escape, and looked at the demon in front of him with terrifying fear.

Satan stared at Elfman, then raised his huge paw at Elfman.


Mila who looked at this scene called out.

At the moment when Lisana and Elfman were almost dominated by fear, she gritted her teeth, picked up a wooden stick next to her, and rushed over. Fiercely’s stick hit Satan’s legs.

Boom! !

The stick exploded, and Satan was unscathed.

“Run! Elfman!”

Mila did not hesitate, shouted at Elfman who was sitting there.

Her voice made Elfman barely free from fear, got up instinctively, and fled to the rear.

But at this time, Satan turned his head and looked towards Mira, and his dark and sharp claws fell.

Boom! !

Mila raised half of the wooden stick in her hand to resist, but the wooden stick was suddenly smashed into pieces like crushing dry weeds and smashing rotten wood, and her whole person also flew straight backwards. Hit a wall not far away.

“elder sister!”

Lizana looked at this scene and couldn’t help but scream.

Mila, who was beaten out by Satan, did not die. In fact, she could be crushed by a single blow with Satan’s power, but Satan did not at all do that.

The demons all possess high intelligence, but they all tend to be evil.

“Trifling humans, dare to resist my demon king.”

“Courage is commendable.”

Satan looked towards Mira’s direction, voice Start to talk full of evil, saying: “But those who dare to attack me are unforgivable sins.” While talking, he walked towards Lisana’s direction, protruding his claws and hooking Lifting Lisana’s collar, she lifted her up, and said, “As punishment for you dare to attack me, let you see your loved ones die tragically, and then die!”

“no! !”

Mila’s mouth overflowed with blood, and she felt severe pain all over her body, feeling that the bones were about to fall apart, but looked Lisana was caught by Satan, and suddenly her eye socket cracked.

Satan glanced at Mila contemptuously, and didn’t care at all. He lifted his paw to crush Lisana’s body directly.


Almost at this time, a beam of light broke through the air and penetrated his claws accurately. Split second shot his entire right arm apart from the center.

Lisana also got rid of Satan’s claws, rolled a few times on the ground, and pulled a little distance away.


Satan, whose paws were cut off by the beam, made a painful yelled sound with anger in his voice, angrily roared: “Who is it! Who dares Hurt my body!”

He looked in the direction where the beam came from, and turbulent darkness burst out from his body.


Mila, who is rushing over here to try to save her younger sister, has rushed to Lisana’s approach and hugs Lisana, but The sisters at this time were also shocked by this change, and looked in the direction Satan was looking.

I saw that in the darkness, a silver-haired young man wearing a magic robe walked over calmly and calmly, and maintained the posture of raising his left hand and extending a finger.

The rays of light still faintly remain on his fingertips.

Mila and Lisana opened their mouths almost at the same time, revealing a little surprise.

It’s him!

The wizard in the daytime!

I remember that Kaede entire group said during the day that they came to follow the trail of the devil, and they really showed up in time in a critical moment!

“Hateful, light magic?”

Satan stared at Kaede for a while, gnashing one’s teeth. For their demons, light magic is the greatest magic of destructive power. .

Because their birth is derived from Jeff’s black magic, and the opposite of black magic is light magic. The destructive power of the most pure light magic on the devil is even superior to the destructive power of demons. on.

“Even if you can use light magic, don’t want to defeat me!”

Satan roared, the whole person floated upwards, and the huge darkness surged out from his within-the-body , Turned into a dark and suppressed halo, exuding a palpitating horror aura.

The halo hovered in the sky for a short time, then turned into a dark beam, crashing down towards Kaede.

“Soul Destruction is absolute!”

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