Control Time in Naruto Chapter 692


Good terrifying!

At the moment when the dark beam appeared in the sky, Lisana and Mira directly underneath, almost all this fearful thought surged in their hearts.

Although they will not magic, but at this distance, they can still feel the dark horror.

It is as if I am a flat boat in a stormy sea, seeming to be destroyed by the wind and waves at any time, and overturned in the huge waves.


Almost myself for a moment.

Faced with Satan’s attack, Kaede calmly stretched out his hand, and his fingertips burst out with golden rays of light.

This warm and sacred light, an instant shining all directions, collided with the dark impact released by Satan, and then it shattered the dark impact of Satan like crushing dry weeds and smashing rotten wood.


Satan was covered by golden beams and made a mournful scream sound, resounding throughout the village.

Under Lisana and Mira’s shocking gaze, Satan’s body seemed to be entangled in flames. Kinoe’s scales quickly eroded and disappeared, his wings disintegrated, and finally turned into a withered mass. The skeleton, fell from in the sky.

“Ok…so amazing…”

Lisana muttered in shock, looking in Kaede’s direction.

Mila didn’t speak, but she also showed shocked gazes. This scene brought them far more shock than Kaede casually during the day.

“It seems that I came in time, are you all okay?”

After Kaede defeated Satan, the rays of light at his fingertips gradually converged and finally returned to mediocrity. Odd fingers, and looked towards Mila and Lisana, start to talk mildly.

The shock in Lisana’s eyes narrowed a bit, showing a little admiration, and said: “Thank you, thank you…I’m fine.”

She said, again Thinking of Mira’s situation, he quickly looked towards Mira.

Mila’s mouth still has blood stains, and there is still some residual pain on her body, but she still endures it, and said to Kaede: “I’m fine…”

“That’s good.”

Kaede gently nodded.

That is at this time, three silhouettes ran from not far away. It was Elisa and Wendy’s three people.

“Kaede Lord!”


“Kaede big brother!”

Three people rushed to the front, all Each inspires magic and is ready to fight, but does not see the enemy.

Kaede turned around and walked to meet the three people, said with a slight smile: “Okay, it’s solved, let’s go.”

Elisa slightly startled, He noticed the dead bones of Satan on the ground, and said: “Huh? Is it over?”

“Kaede Lord is really amazing.”

Jubia closed his fingers, eyes Rays of light flashed in his eyes, and a little water splashed on his body.

The water droplets spilling from her happened to fall on Wendy next to her, making Wendy embarrassed for a while, and said slightly red on her cheeks: “Jubia elder sister, that…you are running water… …”

“Ah, I didn’t pay attention.”

Jubia took back the water droplets that had fallen on Wendy.

The three people followed Kaede, gradually moved away, and finally disappeared in the sight of Mira and Lisana.

However, Kaede didn’t go too far. Instead, after hiding in the darkness, he walked a certain distance away from the village, stopped and looked back in the direction of the village.

“What’s the matter?”

When Elisa saw this scene, she stopped and looked in the direction of the village behind.

A faint lustre appeared in Kaede’s eyes, and then faintly smiled, saying: “It seems that we are going to stay for another day. Sure enough, something should have happened.”

Wendy blinked and couldn’t help asking: “What happened?”

“The one named Mira, her magic is Awakening.”

Kaede stood in the original Ground, with a slight smile, looked in the direction of the village behind.


Next to the village.

After Kaede and Elisa and the others left, Lisana and Mira gradually recovered, and Elfman, who had fled not far before, also rushed over again.

“Elder sister, are you okay.”

Alfman looked towards Mira with some worry, because there was still blood on the corner of Mira’s mouth.

Mila wiped the blood from the corner of her mouth, shake one’s head, and said:

“I should be fine…”

In fact, she was in her body at this time There was still a hot pain, but I didn’t know why just now, and didn’t want to show a weak appearance in front of Kaede, so I just said that I was okay.

She took a deep breath, forcibly suppressed the discomfort in her body, looked towards the remaining part of the skeleton of the demon Satan, a little coldness flashed in her eyes, and fiercely stepped on it.

This guy almost killed Lisana just now!


The remaining bones of Satan were broken by Mira.

Looked at Mila’s brutal destruction of Satan’s corpse, both Elfman and Lisana had cold sweat on their foreheads, and the two of them glanced at each other and couldn’t help showing a serene look.


Almost as soon as Mira stepped on it, a shock suddenly occurred.

In the broken bones of Satan, a faint dark luster flickered abruptly, making the broken skeletons seem to come alive all at once, rushing towards Mira, and suddenly entangled On her lap.


“I am not so easy to kill…”

“Just use your body to become my The container of resurrection, humans…”

The weak voice of Satan sounded from the darkness, and the remaining power surged towards Mira’s body.

“elder sister!”

Lizana and Elfman who saw this scene couldn’t help but cred out in surprise and tried to come up to rescue Mira, but next moment He was hit by the darkness surging from Mira and flew back several meters.


Mila let out a cry, and her body flew involuntarily in the darkness.

She clenched her teeth, struggling desperately, her eyes showed tenacious and completely reluctant, and she gritted her teeth and said: “You…don’t think about it!!”

Although she is not a wizard, this demon has been killed by Kaede, and now it is just a little bit of bone. If she wants to dominate her, she will never agree!

One second…

Two seconds…

Three seconds…

And in this strong resistance and confrontation, She has the magic innate talent Awakening that she had that day.

The magic of her Awakening is-receive!

Swallow the devil or all external life, assimilate it into your own within-the-body, and melt it into your own power!

“What is this? No…no…ah Ahhhh!!!”

Satan’s weak voice uttered shocked words, and then let out a scream, the voice streaming in. Showing thick unwillingness.

He desperately tried to leave Mira’s Divine Physique, but it was obviously too late. His remaining power was reverse devouring by Mira, and his consciousness was completely destroyed by Mira Awakening’s magical power.


Along with the flash of black rays of light, Mira fell silently from in the sky.

“elder sister!”

Seeing this scene, Lisana and Elfman rushed over.

Mila landed steadily on the ground. She closed her eyes slightly, and then slowly opened her eyes. With some surprise, she realized that her within-the-body pain had completely disappeared.

Not only did the pain disappear, she could even feel that there seemed to be a powerful force in her body. She didn’t need to be extremely angry, she could punch through the steel plate with one punch!

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