Control Time in Naruto Chapter 695

Time flies by.

In an instant, two years passed, and the time came to x780.

In the past two years, Mila has also become the Little Demoness of Fairy Tail, called’Fiend Mila’, and has completely formed an incompatible as fire and water rival with Elisa. Just like Gray and Naz, they can fight almost as soon as they meet.

But Fairy Tail is such an atmosphere. It is usually noisy and even fights to dismantle the guild, but once faced with foreign enemies, or the guild’s companions are bullied, the entire guild will immediately gather.

Slightly worth mentioning is that Elisa has not been able to repay Kaede’s arrears in the past two years.

Because as she ages, a lot of her equipment needs to be replaced, plus the usual daily maintenance and repairs, hard work is barely enough for daily expenses.

At this time, she also understood what a huge number 100 million J is, not too much for Kaede, but for her it is really an unbearable huge number!

Although Kaede has never mentioned asking her to pay back the money, based on this, she feels a little sceptical every time she thinks about money.

Mila didn’t know where to understood this matter, and she often mocked her as the’debt king’, and the two of them were basically fighting each other daily.


Behind the Fairy Tail Guild, in the independent residential area, the single-family villa where Kaede lives.

It was evening, and the sky was already dimmed, Wendy with a pair of ponytails was walking leisurely on the street.

Two years have passed. She is eight years old this year, and her hair has grown to a length slightly longer than her shoulders. She gradually likes to use a hair tie to form a double ponytail hairstyle.

She still didn’t move out of Kaede’s villa to live alone. She still lives in Kaede’s villa, but she no longer sleeps in the same room with Kaede, but can sleep in a separate room by herself.

She has grown from a young girl to a stronger Lolita.

“Hmph hmph hmph……”

Wendy’s little face has an innocent and cute smile, step by step to the main gate, and then use the key to Gate of Opening Walked in.

The living room is completely dark.

This surprised Wendy a little bit, because Kaede’s house is equipped with lighting magic, the lights will automatically turn on before night, and there will be no such dark situation.

“Kaede big brother?”

Wendy called the doctor into the living room and tilted her head.

Are you not at home?

I also met obviously this afternoon.

Just as she was a little weird and was about to turn on the light, it was very abrupt. A hand stretched out from the darkness and covered her mouth.


Wendy was scared and gave a cry out in surprise, and she trembled.

Just as she was shaking and struggling with subconscious resistance to use the magic, the light in the room suddenly turned on.

The suddenly lit room was filled with all kinds of festive props. The most conspicuous one was a huge three-tiered birthday cake placed on the central dining table.

“Happy birthday! Wendy!”

Lisana stood beside the cake and waved at Wendy smiling hehe.


Wendy blinked in surprise, then looked up and saw Mila standing behind her, facing the corner of her mouth Evoke.

It was Mira who covered her mouth and frightened her.

“Sister Mila…”

While Wendy sighed in relief, her cheeks rose with a lovely pink, and her tone was a little bit of resentment.

Mila laughed heartily, patted her shoulder, and said: “Scared, you are not mature enough, our Dragon Slayer wizard…Happy birthday!”

“Originally I wanted to surprise you, but some idiot got scared without authorization.”

Elisa walked over, smiled gently at Wendy, raised her hand, and handed a gift box. He went over and said: “This is a birthday present, accept it.”

Mila suddenly opened her eyes when she heard Elisa’s words, and said: “Hey! Who are you idiots!” Asshole red-haired girl!”

Elisa said with a’hehe’, and said: “Of course it means you, mentally handicapped white-haired girl.”

“It seems that you are today I really want to fight!”

Mila raised her left hand, and her palm burst out with dark magic power, rolling like black lightning.

Eliza snorted, took the cake knife in her hand, pointed at Mira, and said: “I have tolerated you for a long time!”

The imposing-manner between the two broke out , Suddenly made Wendy caught in the middle shivering, feeling the atmosphere suddenly drop to freezing point.

Jubia and Lisana not far away also froze in place, with cold sweat on their foreheads.

Today, Mira and Elisa both have the level of S-Rank wizard, and their magic is so powerful that they are beyond the reach of two-year-olds.

“Mi, Sister Mila…”

Lisana started to talk weakly, trying to stop it, but Mila and Elisa didn’t hear it at all. Just staring at each other, as if lightning strikes in their eyes.

Battle like a is about to happen.


Almost just when Mira was about to transform, and Elisa was about to change clothes, two hands stretched out from one side and held them into fist, respectively in Mira and El There was a knock on Sha’s head.

dong! dong!

Elisa and Mira are both shouted in pain, and each covering the forehead backs away.

“Don’t fight in my house.”

Kaede glanced at the two of them, then took the fist back, and said, “Are you planning to demolish my house?”

Elisa, who was scolded by Kaede, covered her head and lowered her head, not daring to speak.

In today’s guild, the only one who can surrender her and prevent her from confronting her is Kaede.

“She provoked first.”

Mila muttered unconvincingly, holding her head.

“Don’t talk back.”

Kaede glanced at Mira, and said, “What are you doing to scare Wendy.”

Mila felt bad for a while, silently He looked away and said: “I just want to surprise her.”

While talking, Mila took out a gift box and handed it to Wendy, saying: “Here, give it to you My birthday gift is the magic gem that the villagers gave me after I killed the monster.”

“And my gift.”

Lizana also ran away laughing at hehe When I came over, the gift she gave was a delicate handmade hairband, which she made by herself.

Jubia’s gift is a cute rainy doll, which is also handmade.

In terms of relative value, the only gift that can be compared with the magic gems given by Mira is the gift from Elisa. Inside the gift box is a set of extremely exquisite and compact Princess clothes.

The most important gift for her is naturally to give clothes. This set has also been consulted by Kaede. Kaede chose among several types she prepared.

“Thank you…thank you all…”

Wendy is holding birthday presents one by one, her lovely big eyes revealing a touch of emotion, looking at the many elder sisters in the room They.

Lisana squinted her big eyes and showed a cute smile. Then she suddenly thought of something, looked towards Kaede and said, “Kaede big brother, what gift have you prepared?”


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