Control Time in Naruto Chapter 696

“My gift…”

Kaede let out a laugh. He actually didn’t care about this and didn’t make any preparations specially, but it was a temporary preparation for him. A birthday gift is naturally a very simple thing.

He raised his hand and grabbed it gently, and a ball of milk-white rays of light shot out in an instant, came in the sky, and quickly turned into dots of light in his palm Gather, and finally gather into a ball.

The white light finally converged inward, converging into a white pearl.

“Next, Wendy.”

Kaede slightly smiled and passed the pearl to Wendy.

Wendy stretched out her small hand to catch it, her big eyes sparkled with lovely rays of light, her cheeks were a little blush, and she said: “It’s so beautiful.”

Pearls, but they look more like magic gems, you can vaguely see that there are hundreds of millions of white light points floating and flickering inside the pearl.

“It looks like a magic gem.”

Lisana blinked and said: “But the gift of Kaede big brother should not be so simple.”

Kaede smiled easily and said: “It is indeed a magic gem, but it is specially made by me. There are 100 million lifeforms in this gem, all of which can be turned into magic soldiers.”


When Wendy heard Kaede’s words, there was a little shock in her big eyes, looked towards the glowing pearl in her hand, and said: “One…100 million magic soldiers?”


Kaede smiled lightly, and said: “You only need to inject magic power into it to turn it on, and you can release any number of magic soldiers. , But these magic soldiers are consumables. Once released, they have only 24 hours of existence and cannot be recycled again.”

In fact, this kind of life-saving magic props, Wendy basically does not use it. Yes, because Kaede also left a bit of magic in her within-the-body, she can observe her situation at any time, and can rescue her whenever she encounters any danger.

But since it’s a birthday present, it doesn’t hurt to give one.

These magic soldiers are not weak, but also not particularly strong. They are just ordinary magic soldiers. The number of hundreds of millions can destroy a country, but they encounter wizards like Mebis that are above Saint Ten , It is also difficult to crush by relying on crowded tactics.

A fairy law can be emptied directly.

It can be regarded as not breaking the balance of this World.

“It’s a very powerful guardian magic equipment. With it, Wendy won’t have to worry about safety issues.” Elisa showed a slightly shocked look and started to talk.

As a frequent visitor to the magic shop, she naturally knows the high value of such magic gems.

Generally similar, the price of magic items that can release a hundred magic soldiers is already tens of thousands of J, and if Kaede can really release 100 million magic soldiers, the price may already be It’s a sky-high price!

This is the power that can destroy a country!

Sure enough.

Although she has grown a lot in the past two years and thinks she has the strength of S-Rank wizard, there should still be a big gap in front of Kaede.

“This, this is too expensive…”

Wendy can’t be as accurate as Elisa judged, but she can also realize the value of this magic gem. , Suddenly felt that the luminous pearl in his hand became a lot sinking.

Kaede smiled indifferently, and said: “I will make a magic soldier of one hundred million dollars soon, as far as I’m concerned, it’s nothing, you can accept it with peace of mind.”

“Okay, come and cut the cake.”

As Kaede said, he took the cake knife from Elisa and came to the birthday cake.

After Wendy’s brief panic, cautious and solemn put away the magic gems that Kaede gave her, then came to the table and looked at Kaede to light the candle.

She put her hands together, silently made a wish, and then blew out the candle.

Mila tilted her head, patted Wendy’s little head, and said: “worthy-of is the wizard of the dragon of extinction in the sky. It only takes one blow to blow the candle.”

Kaede burst into laughter.

There is indeed a smell of’evil dragon roar’.

The small face of Wendy who was teased by Mira flushed suddenly, and she lowered her head in embarrassment.

When Lisana saw this, she immediately smiled and said: “Wendy, what wish did you make?”

Wendy broke her finger, and then revealed a pure innocence Innocent cute expression, weak tone said: “I wish to be with you forever.”

Elisa showed a gentle smile and looked at her seriously, nodded and said:

“It will.”

Jubia and the others also showed warm smiles.

Then the dinner session, accompanied by the birthday cake prepared in the morning, and chatting about the interesting things in the commission, Wendy listened intently from time to time, showing a cute smile.

Elisa and Mira are still bickering from time to time, provoking each other, but because Kaede is sitting next to them, they are also quite restrained.


I don’t know who provoked the head, and the open strife and veiled struggle between the two became drinking.

Although the red wine prepared on the birthday is not high in degree, Elisa and Mira still drank a lot of wine each, and finally all drunk at the banquet.

Kaede not at all stopped the two of them, and just sat next to him and looked laughed.

After all, the two are used to quarreling and fighting all day long. Just like Naz and Gray, almost everyone in the guild is no stranger, and they are both fifteen years old. A little red wine is nothing.

Even Wendy drank a small cup at the end, her face turned red and red, like a ripe apple, and fell asleep on the sofa dizzy.


Looked down Elsa and Mira, and Wendy who fell asleep on the sofa, and also a little fascinated by drinking Jubia confused, Kaede gently shaking ones head.

For a moment, he waved his hand and arranged a temperature magic array to keep the living room at the warmest room temperature and the floor became warmer.

After finishing, he stopped paying attention to Elisa and the others lying on the floor, and went back to his room to read and rest.


Early morning.

A ray of morning sun shines into the room through the curtains.

Kaede opened his eyes on time.

Although he doesn’t need much sleep, he usually sleeps once to experience normal human life.

His sleep is also very stable and he wakes up on time. During this period, unless something happens outside, he will not wake up.


As soon as eyes opened, Kaede felt that the weight on her body was not right, not just the weight of the blanket, but something extra.

Looking sideways, what you can see is a calf wearing white over-the-knee stockings on his stomach, and the calf’s Master is lying there with no image.

As for the young girl appearing on her as soon as she wakes up, Kaede has long been accustomed to it, so it’s no surprise that she sat up calmly and stretched out her hand to pinch Mira Ankle, take her calf away.


Mila frowned, slowly opened her eyes, and woke up.

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