Control Time in Naruto Chapter 698

After Wendy’s birthday passed, Elisa and Mira were caught in a frantic scramble for commissions, so that there was no time to fight each other.

Not only them, but the other 80% of the wizards in the guild are almost all vying for commissions.

No one wants to be an S-Rank wizard.

On the one hand, being able to become an S-Rank wizard is equivalent to being recognized and becoming the face of the Fairy Tail Guild. On the other hand, only if you become an S-Rank wizard can you qualify On the second floor, accept the super high amount of commission above S-Rank.

In this respect, Elisa is more eager to become an S-Rank wizard than Mira. After all, only then can we see some hope of paying off her debts, and only to become an S-Rank wizard. Only then has the ability to fight side by side with Kaede, and will not be hindered by anything.

Today’s Fairy Tail Guild, S-Rank Wizard has four people in total.

Kildas who was promoted first, Kaede who was promoted later, Laxus and Mistgang.

Among the four people, Kaede is recognized as the strongest.

Kildas once lost to Kaede and considered himself inferior to Kaede, and Laxus also challenged Kaede after being promoted to S-Rank, and then he was very’sensible’ that Kaede should be the strongest That wizard.

half a month time passed.

Fairy Tail finally ushered in this year’s S-Rank wizard promotion assessment.


“Next, I will announce the list of wizards participating in the S-Rank assessment this year. There are five people in total.”

In the guild, the president Makarov held a stack of manuscript paper in his hand, lifted it upwards and looked towards the wizard with many fairy tails gathered in front of him. Start to talk announced:

“Bi Guthro!”





With the announcement of the list, Elisa and the others on the list were suddenly in everyone’s attention.

Naz, who was not selected, collapsed and said: “Ahhh, why don’t you have me again!”

“You are still too tender.”

Makarov glanced at Naz in an easygoing manner.

Although Naz has worked hard, and the overall strength is not bad, the number of completed commissions is much worse than other people.

S-Rank wizard not only needs to have a strong strength, but also a high enough degree of commission completion, because everyone is equivalent to the board of the guild. Once the commission is accepted and cannot be completed, it will It affects Fairy Tail’s reputation outside.

Although Fairy Tail never evaluates it unexpectedly, the reputation of the commission will directly affect the number of commissions that can be received, as well as the salary of all wizards in the guild.

The impact is great.

If there are fewer commissions, the people who cannot receive the commission will have no food to eat, and there is still a wife and child to raise.

“This year’s assessment location is in our guild’s Sage Region, Heavenly Wolf Island.”

“The basic rules of the assessment will be explained to you later. Those who are selected can go back to do it. Ready.”

Makarov started to talk leisurely, and then walked out of the guild, leaving only the unselected wizards to stay where they were frustrated.


Naz burst into flames and held the fist.

Makaou looked at Naz next to him, and said with relief: “Don’t worry about it, Naz, you are only 13 years old and you are already very strong now, and the assessment of S-Rank wizard is not there. If you are eligible to participate, you will be able to pass.”

Naz looked towards Macao and asked, “Have you participated in Macao?”

Macao touched the back of his head , Said: “Ah, I participated once, and then I met Kildas.”

“That’s really…”

Wendy showed a reluctant and helpless smile .

Except for Kaede, Kildas is the strongest. In the S-Rank assessment, I met Kildas almost without any solution.

“But then again, this year’s S-Rank assessment, it seems that Kaede will also serve as the examiner.”

Gray showed a thoughtful look at start to talk.

Wendy bent her big eyes and showed a cute smiling face nodded, and said: “Yes, Kaede big brother said he would be an examiner.”


Macao patted Naz’s shoulder, the corner of the mouth twitches, and said: “Okay, I think now we should pay a silent tribute to the examinee staff this year.”


In one hour.

The port of Magnolia.

The ship of the Fairy Tail Guild docked here put away the anchor, slowly sailed out of the port, and headed towards Heavenly Wolf Island.

Makarov and Elisa and the others of Examinee are not the only ones on board, but also two examiners, Kaede and Kildas, as well as Jubia and Wendy.

Jubia followed up secretly. Her body melted into the seawater and almost no one could notice. Although Kaede saw it perfectly clear, she just let out a laugh, not at all to stop it.

So she soon got on the boat.

As for Wendy…well, she was on board as the mascot of this S-Rank wizard assessment.

Specially responsible for calling keep it up.

Considering that there is such a cute little Wendy shouting keep it up, it may inspire more motivation, so Makarov also approved Wendy to follow.

After the ship was enchanted by Kaede, it sailed very quickly, and its route was precise to Heavenly Wolf Island.

The climate at sea is very hot, so almost everyone, including Kaede, put on swimsuits.

“It’s not that old, Elsa.”

“I think yours is smaller.”

Elisa and Mira are still the same The look of each other was not pleasing to the eye, and the two wore white and blue swimsuits to complain about each other’s figures.

Kaede looked The two people who were quarrelling could not help but sighed. Elisa is still grown up after all.

When Elisa was brought back to the guild, she was only eleven years old and she looked very young, but now four years later, at the age of fifteen, she is already a pretty girl.

From cute to young and inexperienced, to sexy, although it is a beautiful process, it also lost the original cuteness.

Humans have a variety of judgments about young girls after they grow up. Some like the figure, some like the face, and some like the weird parts. It is difficult to reach a unified vision.

But the cuteness is almost unanimously liked by most normal people. Even if you don’t like it, you won’t hate it.


Kaede turned around and noticed that Wendy was standing there with her face flushed and her head down, with a lovely heat coming out of her head.

It was obviously Elisa and Mira’s unscrupulous argument, which made her a little shy to hear.

Looked at Wendy’s appearance, Kaede couldn’t help but sigh. Even Wendy has grown up a bit. She didn’t understand this before, but now she obviously understands a lot.

After a long time.

The guild’s ship finally approached Heavenly Wolf Island, and the outline of Heavenly Wolf Island was vaguely visible.

Although the people on the ship have joined Fairy Tail for more than two years, not everyone has been to Heavenly Wolf Island. Even if they have joined Elisa for four years, this is the first time they have come. Sage Region.

“Is there our Sage Region? It’s spectacular.”

The gazed piece is like two islands lined up and down, supported by a huge tree On Heavenly Wolf Island, Elisa showed a little shocked gaze.

Makarov came over and said leisurely:


“It is said that our Fairy Tail President First-Kage Mebis Lord, met her teacher there, followed him to learn magic, and then founded the Fairy Tail Guild.”

“It can be said that this is the origin of our guild.”


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