Control Time in Naruto Chapter 699

“President of First-Kage…”

Wendy blinked, showing a little admiration.

Elisa also showed a gentle smile, and said with some admiration: “I heard that our First-Kage president is a world-renowned’fairy strategist’, and has made great contributions to the development of the magic world. I don’t know what kind of person she is.”

“I haven’t seen First-Kage either.”

Makarov looked towards Heavenly kindly Wolf Island said with some nostalgia: “I heard that my name came from First-Kage. Unfortunately, I heard from Second-Kage Lord that First-Kage received teacher summon after that, and left the guild. I’ve been back.”

“Have you never been back?”

Jubia looked over and said in a little surprised: “Speaking of First-Kage, who is the teacher? , Why haven’t you heard of it.”

“Jubia, you read too few books.”

Makarov glanced at Jubia and smiled hehe Said: “The teacher of Lord First-Kage, the greatest wizard four hundred years ago, made great contributions to the prosperity of the human world and magic. Many of his legacy has now become the Sage Region.”


Jubia stunned: “400 years ago?”

She broke her fingers and calculated that Makarov was Third- Kage, making a calculation, said: “Lord First-Kage has lived for so long, shouldn’t it be three-four hundred years old.”


Ma Karlov shake one’s head and said: “First-Kage is indeed a person from a hundred years ago.”

Elisa looked thoughtful and said: “Does that mean that great wizard lived for 300 years? “

Makarov slightly muttered: “Perhaps so, but that wizard never appeared again after 400 years. No one but First-Kage saw him again, so No one knows whether he is still alive.”

“So great wizard, and Lord First-Kage, if only I had a chance to meet them.”

Wendy started to talk with a little admiring gaze.

Makarov sighed: “Then there is no understood. Even if Lord First-Kage is still alive, no one knows… Oh, right, it’s coming soon, the examiner should be in place. “

“Let’s go, Kildas.”

Kaede, who has been standing by and listening, smiled easily, beckoned at Kildas, and opened it. The space door leading to Heavenly Wolf Island disappeared on the Kinoe board with Kildas.

Makarov saw Kaede and Kildas leave first, turned his head and looked towards Mira and the others, and raised a finger and said:

“Okay, Then I will explain the detailed rules from now on.”

“The first test is a separate entry. There are five passages in the place marked by smoke on the shore. Each passage will encounter different difficulties and be smoothly transmigrated. In the passage, you will arrive at the second test.”

“Now everyone can go!”

With Makarov’s announcement, Fairy Tail’s S- The Rank wizard assessment has officially started!


Heavenly Wolf Island.

Kaede stepped out of the space gate, came to the island, glanced at towards Kildas, and said in an easygoing way: “Okay, you can go to the first test.”


“I won’t let them pass easily.”

Kildas laughed and said: “I don’t like making concessions in battle, but Kaede, your words, Don’t take the second test too hard. When the time comes, it’s troublesome if you don’t pass any of them.”

He takes one of the paths in the first test. No matter who meets him, he will definitely pass. No, on the one hand, it was bad luck to meet him, and on the other hand, no one could pass his test, and because it was the first test, it was fine for him to be strict, but Kaede was different.

If Kaede also strictly controls, with Kaede’s strength, he can pass the second test guarded by Kaede, I am afraid no one can do it.

When he heard Kildas’s words, Kaede just smiled easily, and then walked away into the distance.

Kildas also reduced his smile, became strict and serious, and walked towards the channel he guarded.


After a while.

Elisa and Mira and the others arrived in the first test.

Mila met Biguszlo, Elisa met Felid, and Meester met Kildas the worst luck.

Meister possesses memory magic and space movement magic, but because the entire channel is covered by rune technique formula, the technique formula specifies the impossible to use space magic to directly cross the channel, so he faces the base. Erdas can only fight.

With the flexibility of space magic, he persisted for a while, but in the end he fell under Kildas’s merciless Iron Fist.


On the other side, Elisa and Mira and the others also created their own wins and losses. Both Mira and Elisa were very close.

Although they are only fifteen years old at this time, much younger than Felid and Pigusro, their strength has indeed reached the level of S-Rank wizard. De and Bigoslow are stronger.

Of course, because of their young age, there are not many strong ones, and the two can only say that they are narrowly winning.


Elisa and Mira, both wounded, walked out of the passage, followed the directions of the road signs, and came to the center of the 1st floor of Heavenly Wolf Island.

Heavenly Wolf Island is in the shape of an ordinary island on the sea, and then a mushroom canopy that is comparable with the entire island grows on it. The top of the canopy is the Second Layer of Heavenly Wolf Island.

At this moment, Elisa and Mira arrived at the bottom of the most central Heavenly Wolf tree at the same time.

There, from a distance, you can see Kaede sitting leisurely against a thick tree root, with a slender grass in her mouth, with the hands behind the head, leisurely Gazed them.

“Come here.”

Seeing Mira and Elisa approaching, Kaede slowly stood up, smiled lightly at the two, and then flicks to shoot with the finger, shot two groups of white holy light to them.

Milk-white’s beam split second covers both Mira and Elisa, making them both feel a warm current pouring into within-the-body from all corners, quickly healing them The injuries on the body and restore their lost magic.

In a few seconds.

The white holy light disappeared, and both of them returned to their heyday.

However, the two who recovered to their heyday did not show the slightest relaxed look. They both stared at Kaede very solemnly, because they all knew that Kaede’s level must be no small thing!

If Kaede didn’t treat them, it would be fine. Treating them and even regaining their magic powers shows that this level will be quite difficult!

“Okay, the next step is the second test you are going to face.”

Kaede raised two fingers and said calmly: “The assessment of the second test is very It’s simple, just walk from you all the way to me, come and give me a high-five, and you can pass the level.”


Elisa and Mira Both looked towards Kaede with solemn expressions.

As long as you can walk to the side of Kaede and high-five with Kaede, you can pass the level. This sounds incredible, but the simpler things are probably the harder to do.

After a brief period of solemnity, Mira glanced at Elisa, with a confident and provocative look in her eyes, saying: “If you dare not come first, then I will go through the customs first. Elisa!”

With the voice falling.

She split second rushed forward and ran in the direction of Kaede.

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