Control Time in Naruto Chapter 700


Seeing Mila rushing out first, Eliza eyes flashed, and split second flashed many thoughts in her mind.

Should I catch up immediately, or interfere with Mira from behind now?

The most important thing is.

What is the test of this level? !

And at the next moment when these thoughts flashed past, Elisa immediately understood where the test of this level came from-it came from Kaede!


When Mira charged ahead, Kaede smiled, and a surging magic power swept away from him, surging in all directions.

The distance between Mila and Kaede is only 30 meters. For her now, she can rush past in seconds, but she only rushes out five meters. The speed suddenly slowed down.

The vast magic power released by Kaede formed a turbulent pressure like a sea wave, wave after wave against her, causing her body to tremble violently, her movements became slow, and her face A bright blood color emerged.

“so that’s how it is.”

“It’s really not easy to walk in front of you.”

Mila withstood the turbulent oppression took a deep breath, lifted up my magic power, allowed myself to stabilize the figure and start to talk with solemn eyes.

Feeling the magic power that is like the tide, impacting one after another, as if to fly her out and into the sky at any time, Mila squeezed the magic of fist, within-the-body Also broke out.

Because Kaede had healed her injury before and restored her magic power, what she burst out at this time was the magic power belonging to the S-Rank wizard level.

This explosion of magic power immediately reduced the pressure she felt, and the whole person continued to move forward.

One step…

Two steps…

Three steps…

From a position of twenty-five meters, she held Kaede’s impact, clenched the teeth, walked all the way to the position of twenty meters, and stopped again.

This place is closer to Kaede, and the impact and pressure are much stronger than before, making it difficult for her to move at this time, and she even dare not gasp for breath, because she may fly with a sigh of relief out.

“I can’t move at all…”

Mira extends the hand arm in front of her eyes, clenched the teeth against the shock and pressure, and said: “In this case… “

bang!! !

Along with a surge of magical power, the dark rays of light exploded towards all directions with Mira as the center.

Receive…the soul of Satan!

Mila used magic to transform into the form of the demon Satan!


Change for Mira, who is in the form of the soul of Satan, spread her wings, and the whole person got off the ground, came to in the sky, and made a powerful shout The sound, shaking the wings, continue to rush forward.

One meter…

Two meters…

Three meters…

In the form of the soul of Satan, Mira He advanced ten meters and came to a position only ten meters away from Kaede.

“At this distance, you can!”

Mila felt the pressure from all around, and judged the increasing speed of the pressure. After calculating this situation, she should be Can rush to Kaede.

second test, I passed!

Mira’s mind surged with this thought, and then continued to rush forward.


Almost as soon as she stepped forward and intruded within ten meters of Kaede, the shock she felt suddenly changed!

The impact within ten meters is no longer backward and outward, but downward.

This abrupt transition is like switching between front and back entry. The huge transition made Mira caught off guard. With a slam, she was pressed from in the sky and pressed on To the ground.

ka-cha! ka-cha! !

Mila fell to the ground, and the ground cracked towards all directions centered on where she was standing.

“Yes, hateful…”

Mila was crushed on her knees, but she held the fist tightly, and she stood up a little bit with difficulty Back, and lifts the head looked towards Kaede.

The shock she felt is still magic, not mixed with any magic, just pure magic!

The vast magic power!

Elisa in the distance looked at this scene, she couldn’t help showing a little shocked gaze. She knew that Mira’s magic power was almost equal to her, and she needed the form of Satan’s soul. The existence of hard fighting.

But now, just entering the ten-meter range of Kaede’s side, Kaede has been suppressed by Kaede’s pure magic to almost impossible to move, how powerful it is!


Mila made a stubborn voice, gritted her teeth, raised her leg hard under the pressure, and moved forward. Step forward.

She took two difficult steps forward, but these two steps made the oppression she felt even more terrifying.


When she raised her leg hard for the third time, the Demon Wings behind her under Fiend Form made a ka-cha sound, and a clear crack appeared!

This rift spread quickly, and her Demon Wings were completely shattered instantly!


“I want to be an S-Rank wizard…”

“I want to beat Kaede, you…I won’t Fallen…”

Mila struggled to make a sound, clenched the teeth abruptly, took a step, and took another step forward.

ka-cha! ka-cha! !

The fall of this step finally made her endurance reach the limit. The demon shell on her body shattered inch by inch, and the armor Kinoe and clothes were all shattered.

She could no longer maintain receiving magic, the whole person switched back to the original form, and was immediately oppressed on the ground, in close contact with the ground, unable to move anymore.


She passed out into a coma.

“It failed.”

Kaede stood with his hand, and looked at Mila, who was only six or seven meters away from him, started to talk softly.

With the voice falling.

The burst of magic power on his body quickly converges, and the split second recedes cleanly like a tide.


Kaede pointed at Mira a finger pointed, a beam of light covered her, and the rays of light briefly entangled her body, pulling her up from the ground and transforming it into dress-up magic. She put on a clean dress.

Then golden beams haunted her for a while, leading her to fly upward.

After sending Mira away, Kaede looked towards Elisa and said, “It’s your turn, Elisa.”

Elisa took a deep breath , Said: “It seems that only one person can pass the assessment of S-Rank wizard each time.”


Kaede smiled softly and said: “That’s it. But it does not mean that one person must pass, but only one person can pass at most. That is to say, it is normal for everyone to fail.”

Speaking of which, Kaede looked towards Elisa, Seriously said: “Mila’s strength is not much different from yours. She fell here. Do you still have the confidence to pass?”


Ai Lusa and Kaede looked at each other from a distance, and then she closed her eyes.

When she opened her eyes again, a bright radiance appeared on her body, she had already put on a silver armor Kinoe, and showed an unwavering gaze, saying: “Of course!”

“Very good.”

Kaede showed a hint of approval and said: “Then you go.”

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