Control Time in Naruto Chapter 701


Elusa took a deep breath.

There was Mira’s path-finding before. At this time, she already understood the specific test of the second test guarded by Kaede. If the first test tests combat ability and luck, then this level test What is magic and Willpower!

“Change clothes, Japanese style clothes!”

At this time, Elisa is wearing an azure kimono, embroidered with patterns of autumn leaves, cherry blossoms, etc. Her fifteen-year-old beautiful and tender face has an unspeakable exquisite beauty.

This costume is not a Kinoe armor. It basically has no resistance to physical attacks, but it has greater resistance to magical impact. The material of the clothes is extremely flexible, even if it is torn vigorously. Difficult to break, it is not suitable for making erotic clothes.

After getting ready, Elisa stepped forward.

She stepped into the range of 30 meters, a gust of wind immediately assaults the senses, making her feel her breathing stagnated, and her slightly loose kimono was blown. Up.

“Is this the magic pressure of thirty meters, it is really strong.”

Elisa whispered in the heart, but she was not surprised. In the reaction, the strength of the magic pressure within the distance in front of Kaede was already judged.

Wearing a Japanese-style suit, she stepped forward against the pressure of the wind, and her scarlet hair was blown away and flew towards the back.

Kaede stood with her hand in her hand, quietly looking at Elisa who was struggling to move forward.

One step,

Two steps,

Three steps,

Elisa walked hard against the violent wind pressure At about twenty meters, I finally felt that the resistance of the Japanese wind suit had reached its limit.

She did not hesitate. After shouted in a low voice, the magic power burst out from within-the-body.

Her magical power is almost the same as Mira, and the pressure on her body is suddenly relieved in the state of complete explosion.

“Windbreaking sword!”

After the explosion of magic, Elisa did not stop, but raised her hands, and the sword of the wind imprint appeared on the handle of Two Swords In her hand, and was waved by her.

The sword that was swung formed a sword shadow and gust of wind, like a semi-circular outline, which resisted her up ahead and resisted part of the magical oppression.

Elisa keep going!

One meter,

Two meters,

Three meters,

Waving a sword, she finally came Ten meters away from Kaede.

She stopped slightly, and gasp for breath twice, but did not move forward immediately, because after seeing Mira, she knew that within ten meters, the impact of magic would become more fierce. Strong, but also change the direction of the impact.

“Dress up, Divine Shield!”

Elisa shouted in a low voice.

She lifted the dress of the Japanese wind suit and the gale sword, and replaced it with the extremely heavy armor Kinoe. At the same time, she also had a huge shield in her hand, which was taller than her height. .

Using her shoulders and two arms to lift up the sacred giant shield, Elisa shouted, took a step forward and walked within ten meters of Kaede.

bang!! !

The original magical impact of backwards and upwards was suddenly changed to downwards, causing her body to sink suddenly, and nearly half of her calves fell into the mud.

But because of her preparations, Kaede’s impact was still resistant to her, without making any sound.

“The judgment is good.”

Kaede’s peaceful start to talk, with a slight compliment, said: “If you use this dressing from the very beginning, then wait for you to walk in Within ten meters, both magical power and physical strength will be greatly depleted.”

“First use the wind suit to reduce consumption, and then use the sacred shield to fight to the death. This is indeed the right approach. Mira is indeed more rational.”

Mila and Elisa are not much different in strength, but because of the character, Mira is actually not enough to become an S-Rank wizard at this time, because she Too reckless.

When you encounter an enemy, you just transform yourself and start fighting, almost without considering tactics.

Although you have enough strength, you can solve the opponent with a single punch like Saitama, which is not impossible, but Mira obviously does not have that strong strength.

Such recklessness will not cause any problems when encountering enemies with ordinary strength, but if encountering enemies with equivalent or even stronger strength, you will encounter a serious crisis.

Elisa is much calmer than Mira in this regard.


Elisa withstood the first wave of shock, and then did not respond to Kaede, but concentrated all her strength and magic to withstand the divine The huge shield pushed forward section by section.

One meter,

Two meters,

Three meters,

With the resistance of the sacred shield, she finally step by step Entered Kaede’s restricted area!

It works!

Such a thought flashed in Elisa’s mind, and then she continued to force forward, pushing the Holy Great Shield into the range of less than five meters from Kaede.

But almost at this time, her face changed suddenly.

At this distance, she can clearly sense that Kaede’s magical pressure within five meters has increased a bit more than five meters away!

From thirty meters to ten meters, the increase of magic impact is steadily rising, and from ten meters, the magic impact changes to magic pressure and increases.

From ten meters to five meters, it rises smoothly, but within five meters, it increases its strength!


The last five meters is the final test!

What made Elisa complexion changed is that she herself was still five meters away, and did not fully feel the oppression and impact within five meters, but the sacred shield she was holding against was already Under the impact within five meters, the rays of light began to break!

ka-cha! ka-cha! ! !

Standing on the front, you can see the magic halo on the surface of the sacred giant shield, like an eggshell, cracks appearing inch by inch, and continue to spread.

“Can’t stand it…Oops…”

Elisa slightly clenched the teeth, and the thought of’unpassable’ in her mind flashed away, and finally she fisted suddenly clenched, shouted angrily, and rushed forward with a huge shield.

Only the last five meters!

In any case, rush to Kaede before the sacred shield is destroyed!

If you can’t even reach Kaede, how can you stand side by side with Kaede? How can you see Kaede’s back!

ka-cha! ka-cha! !

As Elisa pushed in, the breaking speed of the Sacred Great Shield was also getting faster and faster.

Five meters,

Four meters,

Three meters,

This last five meters is like the first mountain in the world Difficult to climb, just a short two meters, made Elisa feel almost exhausted.


Finally, the magic halo on the surface of the Holy Great Shield was completely shattered.

Kaede’s magic impact violently hit the surface entity of the Holy Great Shield, causing cracks on the surface of the Holy Great Shield, and it began to shatter inch by inch.


Kaede looked at this scene in a calm manner.

He didn’t stop at all because Elisa’s dressing started to break, but as an examiner of partial and incorruptible, he would not cheat for personal gains even when facing Elsa.


Elisa also knew that the situation had come to the end. She launched the final shock, and the whole person tried her best and rushed forward again. Meters, but the sacred shield in his hand also completely collapsed.

She came within two meters of Kaede. As long as she advances one meter, her raised hand can clap Kaede.


The last meter is as difficult to climb as the sky.

Along with the destruction of the sacred shield, Kaede’s magical impact fell on her without any hindrance, and split second crushed her to stand, half kneeling on the ground.

ka-cha! ka-cha! ! !

The thick armor Kinoe on her body also began to appear inch by inch cracks, and spread to all directions.

Finally, with the sound of metal cracking, the armor Kinoe on her body was completely exploded, turning into fragments and flying around.

“No way…”

Elisa exploded with magic power, trying to make the final resistance.

Kaede Kinoe is her dress-up magic, there is nothing underneath Kinoe, even the hot spring has been done, she naturally doesn’t care what Kaede sees, but the key question is , Without the armor Kinoe, it would be difficult for her to withstand the impact of magic.

Furthermore, her magic consumption and physical strength have almost reached the limit. In this state, it is extremely difficult to change magic again.

End here?

She was half kneeling on the ground under the oppression of the magical force. Both soles of her feet were completely plunged into the ground, and half of her calf was also submerged into the ground. At this time, she felt the vast mountain-like oppression, as if making her even I can’t stand up.

It is already the limit to be able to keep this from being completely overwhelmed.


Kaede just stood there, gazed looked at Elisa who was half-kneeling under the pressure of his magic.

There was a faint golden luster in his eyes, and a large part of the future was clearly understood, and then a little disappointed gaze flashed, but he quickly returned to calm.

He has just observed all possible future branches, and none of the branches will show signs of One Magic.

After all, Elisa is facing her companions, facing the guild’s assessment.

In this state, she would not touch the power of One’s Magic and it was normal to use it. If you want to see One’s Magic in this way, there is obviously no success rate.

If it weren’t for being able to see all the future branches, even if there was a chance that he could see it accurately, he would probably not make this attempt.


If he thinks that his assessment is too harsh, it is a wrong judgment, because Elisa is not unfeasible.

Even if he does not perform any make concessions, in 70% of the future branches, Elsa can pass the current assessment!

Because she is the daughter of Ai Rin, the ancestor of the Dragon Slayer wizard, with Ai Rin’s bloodline flowing on her body, she has the power of a dragon, and her body has huge potential, much larger than Mira !

Even if there is no armor, even if you are naked, as long as you can stimulate a little potential, you can pass this level!

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