Control Time in Naruto Chapter 702

It’s so heavy…

Can’t stand up…

Magic power is about to collapse…

I also need consciousness Disappeared…

Elisa knelt on the ground, her bare feet and calves sank into the ground. She felt that her magic power was on the verge of exhaustion, and the heavy pressure made her on the verge of collapse , Always fall to the ground completely.

What she endured at this moment is exactly the same as what Mira had endured before.

But the difference is that Elisa’s heart is stronger!

Even though she felt that her magic power was about to be exhausted, her body could no longer support, and she was on the verge of desperate situation, but she had never given up the idea at all.


Never give up here!

Elisa’s fingers gradually loosened because of detachment, and the power from where she didn’t know came from, she squeezed into a fist again, and under the great pressure, she raised her head little by little. .

She wants to pass the test, she wants to become an S-Rank wizard, and she wants to chase Kaede’s back!


Along with tenacious and firm voice, Elisa’s within-the-body, whose magic power is nearly exhausted, suddenly emerges a huge wave The magic!

This magic power is not to create something from nothing, but the second source of magic that exists based on the source of First Demon!

Most of the wizards can’t touch the traces of the second source of magic in their lifetime. The development of the second source of magic can make the wizard take a big step forward steadily at the magic level.

The wizard that can open up the second source of magic can basically set foot in the field of S-Rank wizard steadily, and if it is already S-Rank wizard, it is more solid and one step further!

From S-Rank wizard to Saint Ten Great Demon, there is still a big gap. There are at least two small steps, and the development of the second source of magic can skip one of them. .

The unlocking of the second source of magic often takes a long time for training. People who don’t have aptitude will take longer. Elisa’s high enough aptitude allows her to be under the pressure of Kaede. Freed the second source of magic!


In the explosion of the magic torrent, Elisa’s scarlet beautiful hair danced like a queen, and under the pressure of Kaede’s magic, little by little stood up.

She still has a few scars from when the armor Kinoe was broken, including a trace of blood on her face, but her eyes are extremely calm and firm at this time.

She just gazed Kaede positively, and then pulled the jade foot that was trapped underground out of the soil, and took a firm step forward.

One step,

Two steps,

Three steps,

The second source of magic is broken and unlocked by itself under the pressure of Kaede, Ai Lusa’s magical power has risen a step, although she has not reached the level of Saint Ten, she is already able to withstand Kaede’s oppression.

Although there are still some difficulties, even in the process of advancing, because of the pressure and impact on her body, the wounds on her body rolled off drop by drop because of the pressure and impact, but her steps did not tremble and tremble. pause.


Elisa took three steps, came to the front of Kaede, and raised her right hand.

Kaede calmly looked at her, looked at her walking all the way, and finally smiled, and raised her right hand, gently extending it forward.


The big palms and the slender white hands are closed in the sky.

With this high-five, Kaede’s magical power surging towards all directions also receded like a tide, all converging back to within-the-body, making him look like an ordinary And the handsome wizard.


As the oppression disappeared, Elisa also shook and fell to the right.

Although after liberating the second source of magic, she insisted on Kaede’s magical oppression and walked to Kaede’s face, but her physical strength had already been overdrawn and her body was always at its limit, purely relying on Willpower Take the last three steps.

At this time, the pressure disappeared, and her stretched taut’s Willpower also relaxed, and immediately felt her body limp, unable to support her standing.


She didn’t at all fall to the ground, but was gently caught by Kaede’s outstretched arm, and put her down side by bit.

“You did good.”

Kaede laid Elisa flat, let her lie on the ground, and gave her the praise she deserved, saying: “second test you Passed.”

Elisa looked tired and fatigued. At this time, the weight of her body made her feel that she couldn’t move a finger. She could only look at Kaede and smile with difficulty.

The second test passed.

Although there is a third test guarded by Makarov personally behind, she believes she will pass it too!

If you become an S-Rank wizard, although there is still a huge gap between Kaede and Kaede, at least you can barely catch up with some steps.

“Okay, I will treat you.”

When Kaede saw that Elisa was so hard that she couldn’t even speak, she smiled casually at her and flattened her. Raising his left hand, a cloud of emerald fluorescence brewed in his palm.

His palm hovered over Elisa’s forehead, and then slid down from the top of the head until it reached the tip-toe.

The emerald green fluorescence in the palm of the palm is scattered, falling on Elisa’s body, allowing the wounds on her body to heal with the speed very fast visible by naked eye, and even within-the-body because of pressure and The injuries caused by the impact were also healed.

In a few seconds.

Elisa felt her body return to its original state, moved her fingers a few times, and sat up a little bit.

Elisa gave a gentle smile and said:

“It seems that I am still better than Mira.”

“Well, the third test should be I can’t stop you either.”

Kaede smiled easily and said: “Before you go to the third test, you have time to slowly recover your magic, but it’s a waste of time. I’ll help you recover as well.”

As the voice fell, Kaede stood up and pointed to Elisa.

Shua! !

The fingertips burst out with a touch of white holy light, covering Elisa’s whole body, which first produced a purifying effect, and cleaned all the remaining blood and dirt on the surface of her body, and then she Pour into her within-the-body.

The warm magic split second completely fills her body.

These magic powers quickly poured into her First Demon source of magic and her second source of magic. After filling the two places completely, it disappeared.


Elusa’s idea move, whose magic power was restored, used dress-up magic and quickly changed into a dress.

Although she doesn’t care about these minor details for Kaede, if the magic has been restored, facing Kaede in this way will undoubtedly be a little embarrassing and rude.

“Go up.”

“I’ll wait for your news.”

Kaede took two steps back and signaled that Elisa could go up.

Elisa took a deep breath, nodded with a firm gaze, and said: “I will pass the final assessment.”

As the voice fell, she jumped, Follow the path to the direction of the final assessment.

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