Control Time in Naruto Chapter 703

Kaede raised her head, gazed Elisa disappeared above, then slowly lowered her head, naturally raised her hand to touch it, and touched a small head.

It was a little loli less than his waist. It was Wendy who ran over at no time.

“Why did you find here?”

Kaede touched Wendy’s little head, smiled and started to talk.

Wendy showed an innocent and cute smile, with big eyes bent into crescents, and said: “The sense of smell of dragons is very keen. I can smell where the Kaede big brother is… the magic just now. Kaede big brother belongs to you, isn’t it?”

Kaede let out a laugh, and said, “You told me that there is something strange about me.”

Wendy opened her mouth. , Suddenly became a little confused and embarrassed, breaking his fingers and saying: “I…I didn’t mean that…”


Kaede laughed After a while, he bent over to pick Wendy up, and let her ride on her neck, then the figure shook and flew towards the sky above.

Wendy cried out in surprise, but didn’t panic. Instead, she immediately stretched out her little hand and hugged Kaede’s head tightly, and was taken by Kaede to the sky.

Because she is the wizard of the Sky Destroy Dragon, she was often carried around the sky by Heavenly Dragon Grantini before, so naturally she doesn’t exist fear of heights, and she is very familiar with the sky.

At that time, she hugged Grantini’s neck like this.

Kaede took Wendy all the way to the sky above 2-Layer on Heavenly Wolf Island, holding her calf with one hand to prevent her from losing her balance, and pointing the other hand down, saying: “Yes Can you see it?”

“You see it, it’s Elder sister.”

Wendy is nodded.

The average person is hard to see below at this position, but as the Dragon Slayer wizard, her vision is also very keen. At this height, she can clearly see Elisa who has just arrived at the Second Layer.

She was slightly surprised and said, “Is Elder sister passed the second test? Did other people pass the second test?”


Kaede slightly smiled and said: “Mila is still a little bit close. If she can get rid of her arrogant and not calm and calm ills, it will be almost done.”

After touching her hair, she said a bit sorry: “Mira’s elder sister is indeed impulsive sometimes…”

Behind the evaluation of others makes her feel unethical, so she is a little bit ashamed.

Almost at this time, Elisa also spotted Kaede and Wendy flying in the sky without hiding the figure, and waved at them.

“Keep it up, Elder sister!”

Wendy also rode on Kaede’s neck and waved to Elder.

After Elisa greeted Kaede and Wendy, she walked in the direction of the final examination, and the chief examination of the final examination was the president Makarov.

“Come on, Elsa.”

Makarov stood with his hand in his hand, showing a rare solemn expression, and said: “Then the next step is the last level. Tested. Although it is you, this level may not be difficult for you, but you still have to pass the test.”

As the voice fell, Makarov waved his hand and appeared nearby. Created an array of multiple magic technique formulas, and at the same time start to talk to tell Elsa the content of the last level.

The last level is indeed unavoidable.

This test focuses on the ability to analyze and adapt.

The previous first test tested luck and strength, and the second test tested magic and Willpower, so that even if the overall strength has been tested, the third test will naturally not be tested again for strength.

For an S-Rank wizard, strength is fundamental, but the adaptability and analysis ability are also very important, because the difficulties and dangers they will encounter are much higher than ordinary wizards.

If Mira is here, there may be some difficulties facing the last level.

But for Elisa, who has been able to face the raids of the Black Magic Order since she was ten years old, and even has the intention to save a smaller child, she has no obstacles at the age of fifteen. !

In half an hour.

Elisa passed the final exam!

“Congratulations, you have passed.”

Makarov’s serious expression turned into a kind smile, and said: “So starting today, you are a fairy tail S-Rank wizard is one of them.”

Elisa bowed to Makarov and said: “Thank you, the president, for your cultivation.”

Seriously, Makarov also reduced his smile briefly, restored a serious and serious expression, and said: “So, from this moment on, Elisa, what you have to remember is your obligation as an S-Rank wizard.”

“You who became the S-Rank wizard are already a well-known figure among many wizards. You have the duty to lead them. This is both an honor and a responsibility.”

Love’s words, Elisa’s expression has also become more solemn, she can appreciate the weight contained in Makarov’s words.


As an S-Rank wizard, if you execute the mission together with other people, that many half are in the position of Captain, and all decisions are responsible for the team members.

As an S-Rank wizard, the responsibility is no longer to simply complete the commission, but also to shoulder the reputation of Fairy Tail and fight for Fairy Tail.

“I will try my best.”

Elisa solemnly start to talk.

Makarov returned to his kind look and said: “Then I will rest assured.”

Almost at this time, Kaede took Wendy and flew down from the sky. Smiling and hugged Wendy from her neck.

Wendy who fell on the ground immediately blinked at Eldersha, showing a cute smile, and said: “Elder sister Elder, congratulations!”


Elisa also smiled and touched Wendy’s little head.


She turned her head and looked towards Kaede.

Kaede didn’t speak, and she didn’t speak either. The two of them looked at each other like this, and there was a little sheen in their eyes.

At this moment, without speaking, Kaede can also sense Elisa’s heart, so she also responded with a smile and encouraging eyes.

“Well, that’s right.”

Makarov looked at this scene, suddenly thought of something, and said leisurely: “Although Elisa, you passed the examination, but Don’t randomly accept the S-Rank mission with a high commission. If the difficulty is high, don’t try to complete it alone in order to pay Kaede’s money.”

Elisa’s expression froze.

She just wants to say a word now-don’t mention money!


Kaede smiled, thinking of something, and said: “By the way, I broke your dress in the second test before , The money for the equipment will be offset in your debt.”

Elisa exhaled, she was actually thinking about this, but sorry to mention it to Kaede, and then Kaede came forward naturally. It was to make her feel relieved.

“Okay, let’s go back.”

Makarov showed a kind look, and then the whole body suddenly grew bigger, suddenly turned into a giant, and stuck out With the palm of his hand, he directly grabbed Elisa and Kaede and the others.

Neither Kaede nor Elsa and the others resisted, leaving Makarov to catch.

Makarov who became huge and grabbed Elisa and the others, ran towards the edge of Heavenly Wolf Island, quickly came to the edge of Heavenly Wolf Island Second Layer, and then jumped under.

“Elder sister…It’s so hard…”

Kaede and Elder were in the huge palm of Makarovto, they happened to face each other, in the middle With a Wendy in between.

Because it was too crowded, Wendy was stuck between Kaede and Elisa, and Elisa was wearing the steel armor Kinoe, so Wendy became dizzy. Huhu.


Elisa smiled apologetically, and immediately used dress-up magic to change into a kimono.

It’s okay if she doesn’t change her outfit. Under the change of outfit, Wendy suddenly squeezed her chest on top of her armor Kinoe, and buried her head directly in it.


I noticed that Wendy, who was the size of Elisa, was shivered, and her body became stiff, her face flushed, and she couldn’t help thinking about herself. The question of when to grow up.

Kaede noticed Elisa and Wendy’s situation, couldn’t help but laugh, poked her elbow back, and said: “It’s too crowded, President.”

Lightweight Pushing Makarov’s palm open, Kaede right hand pushed forward, and the golden beam entangled Elisa and Wendy, leading them to the ship on the shore.

At this time, Makarov also quickly lifted his giantization, and his huge body quickly shrank, and he changed back to the short Little Old Man, jumping on the Kinoe board.

“Yo, president, what’s the situation?”

Kildas was waiting on the Kinoe board, seeing Makarov and Kaede and the others fall, and directed Makarov smiled and started to talk.

Makarov said leisurely: “Elisa passed.”


Kildas looked towards Ellu Sha, smiling, said: “You will be the S-Rank wizard of Fairy Tail from now on, but you have to work harder.”

Elisa greeted Kildas with a smile.

“Why can you pass…”

Mila, who has woken up, jumped out with a white bandage wrapped around her head, her cheeks bulging, she is not Convinced start to talk, looked towards Kaede again, and muttered: “Why don’t you make concessions to Elisa, Kaede.”

Elisa folded her arms on her chest, with an air Calmly said: “Kaede is partial and incorruptible. It’s your own lack of ability. Don’t blame others.”


Mila looked at Elisa’s She squeezed the little fist angrily, and finally stomped her foot, pointed at Elisa, and said: “Don’t be too proud, I will definitely become an S-Rank next year!”

Ma Karlov looked at this scene leisurely, smiled, jumped to a chair not far away and sat down, and said, “It’s nice to be young.”

Kildas haha ​​smiled, also happy looked Mila and Elisa said: “You are active when you are young, as if you have seen me before…but the oldest person is also the most respectable. It is the president who made the guild grow to the present.”

While speaking, Kildas looked towards Makarov.

Kaede smiled easily and said: “The elder is indeed the most respectable.”

“Che, I am not too old.”

Ma Karlov glanced at Kildas and Kaede and said, “Okay, it’s time to return!”

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