Control Time in Naruto Chapter 704

As Elisa was successfully promoted to S-Rank wizard, this year’s S-Rank wizard assessment also ended, and Elisa was finally dignified and boarded the fairy The second floor of the tail.

Her character is calm and calm. Although she was successfully promoted to S-Rank, she was not at all too proud of Yamato. She did not start contacting S-Rank mission very early, but listened to Makalo. My husband’s reminder is that most of the time, I only borrow some non-S-Rank missions with relatively high remuneration.

Only when she feels that she needs to train herself and form a team with her companions, she will accept the S-Rank mission. Of course, the process has been arduous, but in the end it was all completed.

One year.

In just one year, Elisa has completely stabilized her external reputation and internal prestige as an S-Rank wizard, making people in the guild admire, and people outside the guild in awe .

Also on this day almost a year later, an old man on crutches faltered and walked into the Fairy Tail Guild with some difficult steps by step.

He came to the counter, looked towards Makarov with one eye, took out an order form from his pocket with a slight difficulty, and handed it to Makarov.


Makarov’s eyes were a bit solemn, and he reached out and accepted the order. After glanced at, his eyes widened slightly, and cold sweat was spilled on his forehead.

“Um…this is…”

The label on the order sheet has a unique mark.

One hundred years mission:

Expedition to Spirit Peak Zhuonia!

The so-called one-hundred-year mission is a mission that no one can complete in one hundred years. In the entire magical world, there are very few missions that no one completes in one hundred years, or simply only a few. , Every mission even has a certain reputation!

These missions that have not been completed for a hundred years, each one of them does not know how many wizards have failed, and even lost their lives for them. This is the most dangerous mission of this World!

Of course.

The reward is also the highest!

In addition to extremely high rewards, once such a mission can be completed, then the wizard will immediately become famous throughout the magical world, and even the guild he is in will become famous.

Imagine a guild that can even complete the’hundred-year mission’, and what kind of commission it can’t complete.

Once this is done, the number of commissions received by the entire guild will increase sharply.

More entrustment means more work, more money can be made, and a better life for all wizards in the entire guild.

“Again, someone failed…”

“I…gave it to you…”

The old man with crutches started to talk with a difficult tone.

Makarov has a cold sweat on his forehead. He is very aware of the difficulty of the 100-year mission. Even the wizard of the Saint Ten Great Demon level will also face great danger and pressure.

The old man in front of him looked said solemnly: “This mission can be hung with us, but I can’t guarantee that someone will follow.”


The old man looked at Makarov a little sullenly, and said: “You… but fairy tail, this commission is also…”

Makarov said solemnly: “This is A hundred-year mission is not something that can be completed by who. I heard that a strong wizard took him over three years ago, but it still failed.”

The old man with crutches was silent.

At this time, a hearty voice suddenly came from one side.

“President, what are you holding, show me.”

Kildas walked in boldly in his cloak and came to the counter and ordered a glass Liquor, while tilting his head looked towards the order in Makarov’s hand.

Makarov did not refuse, but closed the eyes and handed over the order.

“Well, a hundred-year mission, an expedition to Spirit Peak…”

Kildas took over the order, his bold and hearty expression gradually became serious, he stared at this Commissioned Zhang, after his eyes changed for a while, he didn’t know what he thought of, and finally made a decision, saying, “It seems that the last person has failed again. This commission has reappeared, President, if this is the case, it is better to let me try. Let’s try it out.”

The old man on crutches and Makarov looked towards Kildas together, as well as some of the wizards next to the guild that they had heard. They also stopped their movements and looked towards with some shock. Kildas.

“Are you serious?”

Makarov looked solemnly, and said solemnly to Kildas: “This is the commission of the Spirit Peak expedition to Zhuonia. One of the hundred-year mission!”

Kildas sighed, with a serious expression in his eyes, and said: “I will never be foolish, chairman, I have indeed felt my I’m stuck in a bottleneck. I want to break this bottleneck. This mission may be the best test for me.”


Naz stopped waving at Gray Fist.

Grey also looked over, with cold sweat on his forehead, and said: “Kildas…Is this a decision to take the 100-year mission?”

Although they can’t go to the second floor , But the highest rank above the SSS-Rank mission is also the most difficult 100-year mission. They have heard of it.

“Yo Xi, I’m burning!!”

Naz spouted flames from his mouth, showing an expression of extreme excitement.

Gray glanced at Naz and said: “Idiot, that kind of mission is very dangerous!”

Kildas is going to take a 100-year mission, and this situation spread quickly. After the entire guild, everyone in the guild could not help but gather, or looked towards Kildas nervously or excitedly.

Some people think that such a mission is extremely difficult and dangerous, but others think that such a mission can only be completed by a powerful wizard like Kildas!

Kildas is, after all, one of the strongest wizards in the guild, second only to Kaede!

“Have you decided?”

Makarov looked towards Kildas.

Kildas lowered his head with the commission and looked at the order: “Yes, I have made a decision.”

Speaking of which, he put the order He went into his pocket, then stood up, looked up into the distance, and said, “But before I go to execute this mission, I have one more thing I want to do.”

“Do you want to…”

Makarov started slightly, and then quickly thought of something.

Kildas sighed, grinned, his eyes revealed a touch of faith, and said: “Yes, I’m going to challenge Kaede!”

” This year’s training, why should he win him before leaving!”

With the voice falling.

The guild was silent at first.

Then there was a burst of skyrocketing, as if to overturn the entire roof.


Kildas, the oldest S-Rank wizard in the guild, is going to challenge Kaede!

This is a competition for the title of the’strongest’!

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