Control Time in Naruto Chapter 705

Single-family villa.

In the courtyard, Elisa is wearing loose thin clothes, lying on a lounge chair, sunbathing with sunglasses. Today is a rare leisure time.

“Elder sister, the drink is here.”

Wendy walked to the courtyard with two cups of drinks, and came to Elder’s side with a gentle and lovely smile , Handed Elisa a drink.

Elisa stretched out her hand to take it, and responded mildly: “many thanks.”

Wendy’s big eyes were bent into cute crescents and said: “You are welcome.”


This year, Elisa is sixteen years old. She has grown from the little girl in Rosemary Village to a beautiful girl with a curvaceous figure and exquisite body.

As for the nine-year-old Wendy has also grown a lot, but only in height.

“Elisa, your skin is getting better and better.”

At this time, Lisana appeared behind Elisa with two small hands. Putting on Elisa’s shoulders, laugh at hehe’s start to talk.

Although Elisa and Mira are still incompatible as fire and water, the cute and playful character Lisana has a good relationship with everyone, as well as Elisa.

“I also take care of it.”

Elisa gave a smiling smile.

Although she is the most powerful girl in Fairy Tail, she is still a girl after all. Naturally, she does things like dressing and skin care.

“Jubia doesn’t need it.”

Jubia, who had just watered the flowers in the garden, walked over and pointed at Elisa slightly provocatively. eyebrows raised.

The fourteen-year-old Rain Girl now treats Elisa as a love rival.

“Jubia’s body is made of water after all.”

Lisana laughed and reached out and pinched Jubia’s cheek.

After flirting with Jubia, Lisana looked towards Elsa again, squinting her eyes and said: “What kind of boyfriend Elisa plans to find in the future?”

“Well, I haven’t thought about it.”

Elisa took a sip of ice juice and started to talk.

Although he said so, Kaede’s silhouette flashed through his mind.

A smile flashed in Lisana’s eyes, she suddenly looked towards Wendy next to him, smiling hehe and said: “Where is little Wendy?”

“… Huh?”

Wendy was caught off guard by this question, her face flushed suddenly, and she said: “This, this kind of thing as far as I’m concerned is too far.”

Lizana hehe smiled, then looked up towards the sky, showing a little yearning look, and said: “I hope it will be a character sunshine, a mature heart, a strong strength, and a handsome male child.”


Wendy tilted her head and said thoughtfully:

“What you said seems to resemble the Kaede big brother.”

“What does it resemble me? “

Kaede’s voice came from not far away.

Wendy was taken aback. When she looked past, she saw Kaede also walked into the courtyard, looking over here with an easy-going look.

Her face is slightly flushed, and she said uncomfortably: “Elder sister and Lisana are discussing the ideal boyfriend.”

“Oh What is Wendy’s ideal?”

Kaede showed a hint of joking.

Wendy’s head blushed with heat, her little face flushed hot, her two little hands pinched the skirt corners and lowered her head, saying: “Why… why do you ask me? ……”

“It’s most interesting because I ask you!”

Lizana couldn’t help but laugh at Wendy’s reaction, and reached out to touch her little head.

Even Elisa was so cute by Wendy’s appearance, she couldn’t help but smile.

“It’s great to not have to work hard this year.”

Elisa sat up from the recliner, stretched her body, and started to talk with a smile: “How about let’s play Mahjong?”

This period is the screening and assessment period of S-Rank wizard, because she has been promoted to S-Rank, so at this point in time, she is the least busy .

In comparison.

Mila has no time to play. Recently, she has been in a frenzied working state.

“Can’t play for the time being.”

Kaede smiled easily, and said: “Kildas is coming to find me soon.”

Jubia was slightly surprised After a moment, he tilted his head and said: “Kildas?”


Kaede nodded, looking sideways in the direction of the guild, said with a slight smile: “He I took a 100-year mission. Before I left, I probably wanted to challenge me once.”

Kaede’s words made Elisa stand up all of a sudden, showing a look of surprise, and said: “Hundred-year mission ?!”

The ordinary wizard may only know that the 100-year mission is the most difficult mission, but I don’t know how difficult it is. As an S-Rank who has contacted and even completed several S-Rank missions Wizard, undoubtedly has a deeper understanding of the difficulty of a hundred-year mission!


Kaede slightly smiled and said: “He wants to challenge himself.”

While speaking, he picked it up casually A cup, with the mouth of the cup facing Jubia, fell on her and fished it.

oh la la! !

Jubia’s shoulders turned into water, and he filled a glass of water.

“Maple, Kaede Lord.”

This action made Jubia instinctively want to dodge, but because it is Kaede, he endures the idea of ​​dodge, letting Kaede go from her A glass of water was taken from him.

Kaede smiled easily and said: “Borrow some water.”

ka-cha! !

As the voice fell, he threw the cup in his hand forward, and the water in the cup split second poured forward, and at the same time it froze into ice inch by inch in the sky, turning into a handful of ice. sword.

It was also when Kaede held the ice sword in his hand. With a’boom’, Kildas appeared outside the courtyard and touched the back of his head, saying:

“Ah, sorry, if you don’t pay attention…”

“It’s okay, just remember to replenish Elsa with the money from the maintenance yard wall.”

Kaede slightly smiled , Holding the ice sword and walked towards Kildas.

Kildas looked towards the ice sword in Kaede’s hand, was slightly startled, and then said resolutely: “It seems that you already know what I’m here for. It’s a bit hard to use here, let’s go open a little Where is it?”

“No problem.”

Kaede’s peaceful nodded, stretched out his hand.

Golden’s magic array split second covered the underfoot, and then Kildas, Elisa, Wendy and the others in the courtyard felt their heads dizzy, and the world scenery in front of them changed suddenly.

When the change was over, everyone saw that it was no longer the small town of Magnolia, but an open field outside the small town!

“Your space magic is really breathtaking.”

Kildas reacted and couldn’t help but sigh.

Although he doesn’t use space magic, he has seen a lot of space magic, so he can also measure the meaning of Kaede’s Lifting The Heavy As Though It Was Light to space magic.

Meister in the guild also uses space magic, but he can only transfer people he touches at most, and Kaede’s space magic obviously moves the entire space!

“such insignificant ability, not enough.”

Kaede smiled calmly, then stood still and looked towards Kildas, saying: “Then start now Well…other people, I will give pointers to their magic, but if you do, don’t do any temptation.”

Kildas let out a hey, fighting intent rushed into his eyes. A surging wave of magical power surged up and down, saying: “I have this intention too!”

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