Control Time in Naruto Chapter 706

weng!! !

Along with Kildas’s eruption, a vast wave of magic power erupted from him, far exceeding the level of a normal S-Rank wizard.

This is the magic of the Saint Ten Great Demon guide level!

In the entire fairy tail, apart from Kaede, only Kildas’s strength can approach the chairman Makarov.

Just the shock caused by magic power has already made Elisa and Jubia and the others tremble behind Kaede.

“Ok…good terrifying magic…”

Lisana’s hair and clothes are flying backwards, she extends the hand arm in front of her, but still can only Standing hard on the spot, a little shocked expression appeared in his eyes.

The hallmark of the magic power of the Saint Ten Great Demon guide level is that it can trigger a great change in Heaven and Earth within a certain range, and the magic factors between the sky and the earth within a certain range begin to berserk.

Kildas’s outburst at this moment undoubtedly provokes the entire Magnolia.

“This magic is Kildas!”

“It’s fighting!”

Many fairy tail wizards in the direction of the guild, sense With this vast magic power rising into the sky, his mind trembled.

After everyone glanced at each other, they couldn’t help but rush to the direction where Kildas was. Obviously no one could ignore the battle between Kildas and Kaede.

Bath in the center of vast magic.

Kildas gazed Kaede, said solemnly: “Are you ready? Kaede, I’m going to go!”

Kaede opened the ice sword in front of him , Looked at Kildas with a calm look.

Step on,

Kildas moved!

He took a step forward, and the earth underfoot immediately shattered and disintegrated, turning into blocks of squares, and collapsed in all directions by his magical power.

When the 2nd Step fell, Kildas’ speed gradually increased, and at the same time he began to roar, gathering all his magic power on his right arm,


You can see Kildas’ right arm, gathering a wave of terrifying magical power, and the magical array turns into a bright white light condensed on it.

“Drink Ahhhh…”

With a series of loud roars, Kildas rushed towards Kaede, and finally waved his fist, from bottom to top Hit Kaede.

As at first said, there is no tentative attack. It is spare no effort at first, because he knows that Kaede and his strength do not need any mutual trial!

“Break evil and show righteousness–“

“One day!”

Along with Kildas’s roar, his fist exploded with vast magic power , To punch Kaede into the sky and fly to the horizon!

Almost when Kildas punched, Kaede also moved. He calmly raised the ice sword in his hand and pressed it down flatly.

The fragile ice sword, as if it would explode into icicles as long as it is touched.


When the ice sword in Kaede’s hand touched Kildas’ fist, the ice sword was not at all broken. Instead, Kildas’s magical impact was suddenly stopped. Up in the sky.

I can feel Kaede’s ice sword, and there is also a huge and vast, terrible magic power that is as deep as an abyss, and it collides with the magic power of Kildas.

bang!! !

Heaven and Earth has changed!

This is the collision of the magic power of the Saint Ten Great Demon guide level. The wizard spare no effort confrontation of this stage causes not only the pure magic factor berserk, but the entire sky and earth. Lost, the shock of the magic factor will cause tidal waves!


Wendy, who was already receding far away, couldn’t bear the plagiarism between Heaven and Earth’s magical power suddenly surged, and her body was involuntarily facing Then flew away, and let out a scream.

But at this time, Elisa stretched out her hand in the sky and grabbed her, hugged her in her arms, and then shouted in a low voice, bursting out her own magic.

“Dress up! Vajra’s armor!”


In the golden rays of light, Elsa put on the resistant armor Kinoe, underfoot smashed the ground forcefully, and hugged Wendy to withstand the surging magical tide between Heaven and Earth.

“Jubia, Lisana!”


At this time, Jubia has no time for him to take care of him, and his body has turned into The water flowed out waves of water, she moved with difficulty, and Lisana came to the back of Elisa.

With her magic power, it is still a bit short to resist the magic tide caused by the fight between the Saint Ten Great Demon guides, and Lisana naturally can’t do it.

When they came behind Elisa, Jubia and Lisana felt lighter.

“Many thanks, Elisa…”

Jubia took a deep breath, then showed a cute look, and said: “But Jubia does not I gave you the Kaede Lord.”

Wendy, who was held in Elisa’s arms, showed a helpless look and couldn’t help but vomit: “Elder sister Jubia, you think too much That’s it.”

Elisa ignored Jubia, only with the pressure of the tide of magic, focusing on the direction where Kaede and Kildas were fighting, with rays of light in her eyes.

This is…

The power of Kaede and Kildas.

It is true that both magic and magic are superior to her. Compared with the two S-Rank wizards, she is indeed a bit too tender now, in all aspects.

“Kaede big brother really strong.”

Lisana hid behind Elsa, poked half of her head from Elisa’s side, looked towards Kaede and Ji The direction of Erdas’s battle also showed a little shock in his eyes.

She saw that Kaede used that ordinary ice sword to forcibly suppress Kildas’s fist, so that Kildas’s fist could not go one step further!

bang!! !

Kaede just maintained the stalemate with Kildas, looked at him peacefully, and then suddenly added strength to his fingertips.

Kildas has reached its limit, the fist and arms are shaking, and the magic has already exploded with full strength, but it still can’t break through Kaede’s ice sword to suppress his fist.

The sudden increase in Kaede’s strength suddenly made him unable to withstand the limit.

Boom! ! !

Kildas was directly crushed by Kaede’s ice sword and flew backwards. Both his right fist and his right arm were frozen in split second, and the whole person flew out ten meters away.


After kicking Kildas into the air, Kaede put down the ice sword, and said easily: “Your strength has indeed improved a lot. This time spar will end here.”

Kildas rolled over ten meters away, barely landing smoothly.

He lowered his head slightly and did not immediately respond, but he quickly raised the right hand that was frozen in ice, the magic of golden burst out, and the ice split second on the right hand was broken into countless squares. grid.

He suddenly raised his head and looked towards Kaede, he hesitated, and grinned:

“Sure enough, it is still as strong as expected.”

“However, I Today, I won’t admit-defeat easily, Kaede!”

With the fall of the voice, he once again surged with magical power, rushing toward Kaede again.

When Kaede saw it, she slightly shaking ones head.


“It seems that you can only feel a little more distance.”

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