Control Time in Naruto Chapter 707


Many fairy tail wizards headed by Naz are rushing towards the outskirts. Naz is the fastest running, and I can already vaguely see Kaede and Kildas on the open plain in the distance. ‘S silhouette, can vaguely feel the turbulent magic power of Kildas.

“Wow! It’s already started!”

“I’m burning!”

Naz spouted flames from his mouth as he ran forward While waving the fist, he said: “Keep it up! Kildas! Down with that guy Kaede!”


Blue cat Hobby sitting He waved his paw on his shoulder to agree.

Naz’s relationship with Kildas is much closer than Kaede’s. He often lives in Kildas’s house and competes with Kildas magic, almost often mixing together. Naturally, he supports Kildas more.

Some support Kildas, and naturally some support Kaede.

“Kildas is impossible to defeat Kaede.”

Gray, who runs next to Naz, has his eyes flashing start to talk. Kaede once demonstrated the shape of ice in front of him Magic has given him a lot of inspiration, which is quite a blessing to him, plus Naz’s support for Kildas, then he is naturally on Kaede’s side.

Naz heard Gray’s words, suddenly stared up and looked over, and said:

“Kildas is sure to win!”

“Idiot Kaede is the strongest wizard.”

Grey snorted.

Naz slapped his fist, breathed fire in his mouth, and said: “Do you want to fight? Hanging eyes, before they have created a victory, let’s make a difference first!”


“That’s what I meant!”

Gray took off his shirt, and a chill burst into his palms.

However, before the two of them were fighting, everyone from the fairy tail who was running over all exclaimed, causing both of them to look forward.

See you soon.

Kildas moved!

Kildas, who was repeled by Kaede with strong demon power, did not give up, but tore off his cloak, bathed in the vast magic of golden, and then walked toward Kaede running wildly.

Along the way, the earth of his underfoot was shattered into pieces, all collapsed into grid-like cubes of cubes, which was the spread of his splitting magic.

“Come on! Kildas!”

Seeing this scene, Naz waved fist yelled excitedly.

And the other Gray and the others, feeling the magnificent and huge magic power of Kildas, are also a little shocked and nervous.

Kildas ran to a place less than two meters away from Kaede, then suddenly opened his hands and stretched out to the front, his magic powers madly gathered and turned into a huge super magical demon. array, presented in front of him.

“Break the evil and show the righteousness·Comprehensive disintegration!”

Kildas screamed as hard as he could.

Faced with the huge array of super magic magic and the magic power like a river, Kaede did not make any huge movements, just gently withdrew the ice sword in his hand back One point, and then made a very swift movement.


Under the attention of countless people, he just swiped his sword forward so gently.

There is no sword energy to show, and there is no huge magical explosion. It looks like it just waved at the air.


At the moment of myself, the super-magic magic array released by Kildas had a clear crack in the upper part, spreading from left to right!

Kildas pupils shrank slightly and tried their best to maintain the magic array, but it was still unable to recover. The magic array was still rapidly disintegrating, and eventually shattered into countless light spots.

Teng Teng Teng!

The back shock caused by the collapse of the magic array also made him stagger back.

“One sword can destroy my super magic…but I won’t admit-defeat easily today.” Kildas took a deep breath, clenched his teeth again and fist clenched.

It’s available at this time.

His movements suddenly stopped.

Because he noticed that in his up ahead, Elisa, Wendy, Jubia and the others, about tens of meters away, all showed solid expressions, gazed his behind.

Not only Elsa and the others, even Naz, Gray, Elfman and the others who just arrived here, almost all showed the same attitude, as if petrify, Staring blankly at his back.

Such a scene made Kildas’s actions freeze.

He was a little stiff, little by little turned his head and looked behind him. When he saw the split second of the world behind him, his movements were also frozen in place.

See you!

In the distance behind him, thousands of meters away, in the mountain range adjacent to Magnolia, the upper part of the foremost mountain is suddenly suspended. Up in the sky.

You can see that the mountain top in the upper part and the fracture in the lower part are very neat, like a straight straight line, like a sword cut by who.

One sword!

The mountain breaks!


Natz and Gray both opened wide.

Elisa and Jubia and the others looked at this scene dullly, until the mountain that was cut off by the middle, the upper half of the mountain top finally fell to one side under the action of gravity. It smashed into the valley with a bang, causing the earth to shake violently, which awakened them, who were unstable.

But even if they were awakened, everyone still had a shocked look, unbelievably looking at that mountain that was cut off in the distance was completely simultaneously broken.

“Mountain…Mountain quilt…”

Alfman stammeringly wanted to say something, but couldn’t say a complete sentence.

Lisana’s eyes were full of incredible, she couldn’t help whispered: “Kaede big brother… is too strong…”

And everyone was shocked During the loss of consciousness, Kaede gently put down his hand, and the ice sword in his hand melted quickly, turning into a ball of water, floating quietly in front of him.

He looked towards Kildas, and said in an easygoing way:

“This can be over.”

“Wait when you can reach this To the extent, when will you come to me to challenge again.”

After leaving this sentence, Kaede faintly smiled and didn’t care about Kildas who was still stiff there, turned around and raised his hand. Wave.

The space split second is separated, cut and transferred.

Elusa, Wendy, and the others who were still in absentia, split second returned to the courtyard before.

After everyone shook their feet, they stood firmly again, and then glanced at each other, looking at the familiar scene in the garden, only felt that the scene just now seemed to be an illusion in a dream and was generally unreal.

“Sure enough, I’m still far behind.”

Elisa gradually recovered from the shock, she couldn’t help but mutter in her heart.

The only person who was not too shocked was Wendy, because she had been with Heavenly Dragon Grantini, and there are still some hazy memories. I remember that Grantini collapsed in one breath. The formidable power caused by a mountain is similar to Kaede.

Kaede knows Grantini, and seems to be friends with Grantini, so it seems that the strength of being close to Grantini is not particularly incredible.

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