Control Time in Naruto Chapter 708

A few days later.

Kildas left to perform a hundred-year mission and expedition to Spirit Peak Zhuonia.

And half a month later, in this year’s S-Rank wizard’s assessment, Miraj finally passed the S-Rank wizard with his tyrannical strength and determination not to lag behind Elisa. Rank wizard’s assessment has become the fifth S-Rank wizard of Fairy Tail!

“How did it feel to let you run for a year ahead of schedule, Elisa, trifling S-Rank wizard, it is impossible to live with me!”

In Fairy Tail In the guild, the sixteen-year-old Mila looked like a gangster woman, stepping on the table with one foot and holding a magic whip in her hand, looking towards Elsa rebelliously.

Although her posture is indecent, because she is wearing shorts and not a short skirt, this angle will not disappear. Besides, it is the second floor and few people come up.

The person sitting at the table is Elisa.

At this time, Elisa was holding a cup of hot tea, and she was not angry. She didn’t seem to put Mira in her eyes at all, and said flatly: “One year behind. Don’t talk big, besides, humans don’t put their feet on the table.”

“Huh? The old lady is going to step on the table. If you are not convinced, come to fight!”


Mila, who was promoted to S-Rank wizard, is now very swollen, feeling that she has completely caught up with Elisa, and she has great confidence in her strength.

Elisa snorted lightly and said: “With that energy, it is better to complete a few more tasks, you white-haired Demoness!”

Bang! !

Mila smashed the table with one foot, and her hair flew with the surging magic power, staring at Elisa like a little devil: “How dare you say that I am the Demoness of the White Hair, you The red-haired weird girl!”

Faced with Mira’s provocation, Elisa was still indifferent. She walked straight to the commission board on the second floor. After a brief review and muttered, she took down one of the ordinary The S-Rank mission.

“I don’t have time to fight with you today. If I want to find abuse, wait until I come back.”

Now Elisa only wants to make money.

Because she has recently discovered that even if she is promoted to S-Rank wizard, she often receives some high-priced S-Rank missions, but because of the usual cost of repairing and purchasing new armor Kinoe, plus Occasionally, I can’t help but buy some good-looking cheongsams or even wedding dresses. The daily expenses are so large that I can hardly save much money. In addition, sometimes the mission will make mistakes, resulting in not getting paid.

If this goes on, don’t even talk about repaying Kaede’s debts, even maintaining one’s daily expenses is a nodded problem.

Go back to Lisana’s question.

What kind of boyfriend does she want to find?

The sixteen-year-old girl has naturally had this idea countless times earlier, and the final end of this idea is only one person, and that is Kaede. Looking for a boyfriend like Kaede, I owe it If Kaede has a lot of debts, she doesn’t know how to have a chance to become that kind of relationship. She seems to have a feeling of selling her body to pay off her debts. This situation is undoubtedly resisting!

“Scared me! If you dare not fight with me, just say it!”

Mila looked, Elisa picked up the commission and went straight downstairs, both hands on the hip lightly snorted.

But Elisa ignored her at all and ignored her the whole time.

Such a move naturally made Mira annoyed for a while, and she hardly felt like winning in the battle.

And at this time, Kaede’s silhouette walked up the stairs step by step, glanced at the situation on the second floor, looked towards the broken table that was stepped on by Mira, and said:

“What are you doing?”

He walked over and pointed at the broken table.


A beam of light fell on the table, and the whole table immediately showed the scene of time going backwards. The broken parts gathered quickly, and finally restored to an intact table.

After restoring the table, Kaede raised her finger and bounced Mila’s forehead. She raised her head back when she flicked, and said, “I said not on the second floor. Destroy it.”


Mira covering the forehead cried out, then looked towards Kaede with her cheeks, and said: “Obviously it is Ailu Shah did it!”

Kaede raised her hand in an angry manner, flicked her forehead again, and said: “You still lie, do you think I can’t see it?”

Promotion Mila, who has used S-Rank wizard, is very swollen and almost ignores other people, but in front of Kaede, she still dares not impudent as before.

There are two reasons.

One is that after she was promoted, she challenged Kaede, her words were not bad, but Kaede extend the hand pointed out that she was directly tied up by the magic rope and hung in the garden for a whole day.

The other is that after that, she learned that the mountain on the outskirts of Magnolia was cut off by Kaede with a sword.

This allowed her to measure the gap between herself and Kaede.

Because Kaede has never been used to her, every time she messes around in front of Kaede, she will be “punished” by Kaede, and she will naturally become obedient after coming down many times.

Kaede’s fingers are naturally not something ordinary girls can bear.

Kaede’s finger flicked her forehead twice, Mila’s forehead was red, and the pain made her tearful. She was aggrieved and unwilling, but she didn’t dare to mess with Kaede. in the heart threw all the resentment on Elisa.

“Elisa! I’m never ending with you!”

Mila squeezed the fist angrily, and then thought that Elisa had taken the S-Rank mission, so she left too I arrived in front of the notice board on the second floor, and after looking for it, I took down the S-Rank mission with the highest reward, and the difficulty is very close to a commission of the SS-Rank mission—the Beast King!

The commission that Elisa received was just a very ordinary S-Rank commission, so if she completes this difficult S-Rank commission, she will outperform Elisa on this matter!

Kaede walked to the table and sat down, glanced at Mira, who removed the commission, tilted his head slightly, and said, “Mira, the difficulty of that commission is a little bit too high for you.”

“I am already an S-Rank wizard!”

Mila twitched his lips.

She has already been promoted to S-Rank wizard. What is the point of trifling an S-Rank commission? She simply doesn’t care about it.

Kaede looked Mila walked downstairs with the commission to defeat the Beastmaster, showing a looking thoughtful look, finally laughed a little, and did not stop.


“It’s time to let her know reality more clearly.”

In Kaede’s thoughts, Mira is of course In the future, the gentle and black-belly image will be much cuter. Without experiencing a real ordeal, she will not understand that this World is not revolving around her and will not change so much.

This commission is an opportunity for Mira to recognize herself.

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