Control Time in Naruto Chapter 709

With the order to defeat the Beastmaster, Mira went all the way downstairs and found Makarov.

Makarov took the order from Mira’s glanced at, his eyes gradually became dignified, and he said solemnly: “Mila, this mission is a bit too early for you, you… …”

“Okay! President! I’m leaving!”

Mila interrupted Makarov, grabbed the order and went directly to the guild Ran outside.

Makarov stood up and said to Mila’s back: “Hey! Mila, wait!”

looked Mila ran away without looking back Going out, Makarov was suddenly sighed. Judging by his gaze, Mira, who had just been promoted to S-Rank, was indeed a bit early to accept this commission.

It won’t be a problem to switch to Laxus or Mistgang. Eliza’s words may be barely completed, but Mira may be in danger.

“Don’t worry, President.”

And at this time, Kaede’s voice came from the side.

Makarov turned his head and saw Kaede walked down from the second floor, came to the bar, ordered a glass of juice, and then looked towards Mira outside the guild.

Kaede smiled lightly and said: “Last year I thought Mira was not stable enough to be promoted to S-Rank. This year, she was actually a little worse, but she didn’t expect the president. You still let her pass. I think she has to go through something to really grow up.”

“That being said, but…”

The husband naturally understood what Kaede meant, but his expression was still a bit solemn. After all, Mira might encounter a very serious crisis, and might even endanger her life.

Kaede laughed and said: “I know what the president is worried about, don’t worry, I will look at her secretly, there will be no major problems.”

“Oh, then I am relieved.”

Makarov was suddenly relaxed after hearing Kaede’s words.

If Kaede is taking care of her in the dark, it is indeed impossible to have a big problem, so it is obviously a good thing for Mira to suffer a bit, realize her shortcomings and grow up.

Kaede drank the juice, then walked forward, and left the guild. The silhouette gradually faded in the air and disappeared.

Mira who walked out of the guild, soon found younger sister Lisana and younger brother Elfman.

The mission to defeat the Beastmaster, although she is confident that she does not need a helper, but considering that the soul of the Beastmaster can be received by Elfman, Elfman’s strength can be greatly improved.

Out of the idea of ​​taking care of younger brother younger sister, Mira feels that it’s better to bring Elfman and Lisana. After all, she is already an S-Rank wizard, and she is able to take care of younger brother and younger sister. younger sister.


Kaede, who is in the dark, is slightly shaking ones head.

If Mira is going to execute this mission by herself, even if she finds herself lost to the Beast King in the process, she does have strength to retreat with a whole body.

But it’s different with Elfman and Lisana. Elfman and Lisana’s strengths are very average, and they won’t do much in the face of the Beastmaster, even Will become a drag.

“There is no absolute strength, so self-confidence is really not a good thing.”

Kaede whispered peacefully.

He took Elisa to perform missions before, and also took Mila to perform missions. He even took two people and six people including Jubia, Wendy and Lisana to perform SS. -Rank mission.

But the reason why he dared to do this is because he has absolute strength, not to mention the SS-Rank mission, which is a 100-year mission. He can still easily lead his sister through the level.

The ease at that time might give Mira an illusion.

It made her mistakenly think that being promoted to S-Rank wizard, she has the qualifications and ability to lead people through S-Rank commission, but in fact it is not like this. She must have a stronger strength. can.

Each point of strength is obtained by relying on down-to-earth and solid efforts. Mila’s efforts are far inferior to his, and naturally there is no power to balance everything.


In a few days.

Mila took Elfman and Lisana all the way to the forest area where the Beastmaster was marked in the S-Rank commission to defeat the Beastmaster.

Alfman and Lisana were serious about this commission, but they did not feel dangerous, because in their eyes, Mira, who had been promoted to S-Rank wizard, dealt with this The mission should be very easy.

For the elder sister who has been protecting them, both of them have absolute trust.


Just after Mira and the others entered the territory of the Beastmaster, the Beastmaster also noticed the arrival of Mira and the others and issued an angry roar, And walked out of the woods.

There was a turbulent wave of magical power on it, which was not inferior to Mira. The fall of each step made the ground nearby shiver.

“This magic…really strong.”

Mila sensed the power of the Beastmaster, and was slightly surprised, but she still had a certain degree of confidence in her own strength, so she shouted in a low voice, also burst out his own magic.

“Receive the soul of Satan!”

Mira incarnation, in the form of the demon Satan, burst out turbulent dark magic power all over her body, and flew in the sky, and began to meet with the Beastmaster Fight up.

Lisana and Elfman, who originally planned to assist Mira, felt the horror might erupt from the collision between Mira and the Beastmaster, and couldn’t help showing a little horror.

Both of them have cold sweat on their foreheads.

Obviously, such a scene is a bit beyond their expectations. It is not that Mira is playing against the Beastmaster, but the two sides are evenly matched, and even the Beastmaster has the upper hand!

Furthermore, the terrifying magic burst out by the Beastmaster made her and Elfman seem to be simply not qualified to intervene, let alone go up to help, even if they were close to them, they would be dangerous!

“Okay, really strong…”

There was a little fear in Lisana’s eyes.

Alfman and Lisana both stepped back involuntarily. Elfman looked at the battle between Mira and the Beastmaster, and said nervously: “Elder sister will win, you must believe in elder sister. “

Lisana is also nodded, at this time I can only trust Mira.

bang! bang! bang!! !

Mila fought fiercely with the Beastmaster. The earth he fought was constantly cracking and trembling, and the trees and jungles all around were destroyed one by one.

Mila used the means she mastered one after another, but she couldn’t fight hard and couldn’t completely defeat the Beastmaster.

Her strength is indeed very strong, she does have the level of S-Rank, facing enemies of the same level or slightly weaker Level 1, can rely on the soul of Satan to gain the upper hand, but face a slightly higher level 1 opponent, the situation is completely different from her previous battles!

Her strongest style can’t defeat the Beastmaster!

And the total amount of her magic power is not stronger than the Beastmaster!

“If this goes on…not good…”

Mila’s heart is no longer as calm as at the beginning, but becomes a little flustered, she feels her own magic Has fallen to less than something one.

Once the magic power is exhausted and the Beastmaster has not yet been defeated, then it will be in big trouble!

“Super-abuse flash!”


“Soul Destruction!”

Mira Began to become anxious, mobilize her remaining magic power, and do her best to attack the Beastmaster. Her style also caused some trauma to the Beastmaster, but it was not deadly enough!

With this constant outbreak of great move, her magic power also dropped sharply. Finally, after the last great move was finished, her magic power was completely exhausted and the whole person couldn’t Maintaining the form of Satan’s soul, it suddenly changed back to a human form, falling from in the sky.

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