Control Time in Naruto Chapter 710

rumble! ! !

The dark torrent exploded, and a piece of dust filled it. The earth strikes with a radius of more than ten meters collapsed into a deep pit, flooding the silhouette of the Beastmaster.

Mila, who was regaining his human form, had her hair scattered. After landing, she fell to the ground, maintaining the sitting position of a duck, her face flushed, as if she had just gone through some strenuous exercise like bursts of gasp for breath. Unable to stand due to excessive loss of magic power.

“…is it over?”

Mila in the gasp for breath is far from the area where the beastmaster is gazed.

She has exhausted her magical powers and hit all the output. This time she should be able to kill the Beastmaster. A monster should not be able to stop her violent attacks.


Almost when this thought came up in Mira’s mind, only a roar and roar rose to the sky, exploding in the dark and dusty area.


The bruised Beastmaster raised his head and roared.

It hasn’t been beaten yet!

Along with this roar, a small amount of magic power spread out, it seems not at all how violent, obviously its magic power is also huge, there is not much left.

But here comes the problem. As the Beastmaster, even though there is not much left of its magical power, its pure body is still extremely powerful!

Like a dragon!

Even if the magic power is exhausted, humans cannot break their scales Kinoe without destroying the dragon magic. Although the Beastmaster is far less terrifying than the dragon, he also has a powerful body!

With the roar, the Beastmaster walked out of the pit bombed by Mira, with both eyes staring at Mira, and walking towards Mira’s murderous aura.

“Well, awful.”

Mira saw that the Beastmaster had not been knocked down, suddenly pupils shrank, and a trace of panic appeared on her face. She supported the ground with her hands and tried to stand up , But only raised his hips, his hands softened to support, and he sat down again.


It hurts…

This time I just sat on a raised rock, causing Mira to feel pain, but at this time she didn’t have time to take care of it, but looked flustered. The Beastmaster who approached moved toward the rear with a look of fear.

“Not good! Elder sister be careful!”

Lizana and Elfman, who have been watching the battle from a distance, both heart startled, Li Shana screamed, and rushed over with her teeth.

When the Beastmaster walked towards Mira, Lisana jumped up in the sky, her toes turned into cat’s claws, and kicked on the shoulder of the Beastmaster.


This kick hit the shoulder of the Beastmaster, but because Lisana’s magic is fragile, she couldn’t cause any harm to the Beastmaster.

However, this blow also successfully attracted the attention of the Beastmaster, causing the Beastmaster to move his gaze away from Mira and look at Lisana angrily.


The Beastmaster issued an angry roar and rushed at Lisana.

Elfman showed a look of shock, but seeing Lisana in distress, he finally gritted his teeth and rushed over, and Lisana resisted the Beastmaster.

But the strength of the Beastmaster is powerful, even if the magic loss is great, but with a strong body, the two of them are still not able to contend, and the two who soon fought were defeated.

“No, Lisana, Elfman, you are not his opponent!”

Mila couldn’t help but gritted her teeth to start to talk and try He stood up, but after trying hard, he still couldn’t stand up, and his body was still weak.

At this time, Lisana was forced to a dangerous situation by the Beastmaster’s attack, pinched by the Beastmaster’s huge claws in her palm, struggling and unable to escape.


When Elfman saw this, he couldn’t help but eye socket cracked. After a while clenched the teeth, he issued an angry roar, rushed to the Beastmaster frantically, and reached out to press On the body of the Beastmaster, the receiving magic was activated.

weng!! !

Because of the magic power of the Beastmaster at this time, there is not much left, only relying on his strong physique to suppress Lisana and Elfman, so when Elfman starts receiving magic, almost The Beastmaster without much magic cannot resist Elfman’s receiving magic.

Along with the flickering rays of light, I saw Elfman’s body quickly absorbing the Beastmaster, and then swelling in sections, turning it into the huge body of the Beastmaster!


Mila in the distance looked at this scene and couldn’t help but took a deep breath, but she did not show a relaxed look, but her eyes revealed More tension and worry: “Can Elfman control the soul of the Beastmaster?”

Although Elfman accepted the soul of the Beastmaster because of magic, it is necessary to receive magic The user has a powerful Willpower that can suppress the original soul of the Beastmaster!

The Beastmaster has not been defeated!

It is received by Elfman as an undefeated, and in this case, if Elfman cannot suppress the soul of the Beastmaster, then it will be dominated by the consciousness of the Beastmaster. !

“roar! !”

just as expected.

Elfman’s Willpower and magic power were not enough to suppress the soul and magic of the Beastmaster. After receiving the Beastmaster, he immediately became a berserk in the form of the Beastmaster, and roared upward.

Alfman, who lost his self-consciousness and roared, slowly lowered his head and looked in the direction of Mira, with anger in his eyes, then step by step towards Mira and lifted his paw .

“Elfman big brother?”

Lizana, who was out of danger, saw this scene, and she was taken aback for a while, and then she quickly noticed Elf Man’s state is wrong, heart startled.

She yelled at Elfman’s beastly silhouette, but Elfman didn’t at all pay attention to her, but continued to walk straight to Mira.

“no, don’t!”

Lisana’s pupils contracted slightly. She gritted her teeth and ran towards Elfman immediately, blocking Elfman’s In front of him, he opened his arms and stopped him: “Elfman big brother, I’m Lisana, she’s Mila’s elder sister, don’t you remember? Let’s go home together.”

Mi Looking at this scene, I had a foreboding of something bad and couldn’t help loudly said: “Lizana! Be careful!”


Her voice was a step late.

I saw Elfman, the king of beasts, waving his paws. Fiercely’s paw hit Lisana’s body heavily, sending her body flying like a piece of paper. Got out.

After knocking Lisana into the air, Elfman’s movements also paused, as if he realized what he was doing, the pupils contracted for a while, the movements became stiff, and then he sent out A series of yelled.


His consciousness had a decisive collision with the soul of the Beastmaster, which completely defeated the soul of the Beastmaster under the stimulation, but his own consciousness He also became weakly collapsed, his body shrank rapidly, and eventually returned to a human form, falling to the ground.

Only Mila sitting there weakly, covering her mouth alone, looked at the younger brother Elfman not far in front of him, and the younger sister Li, who was beaten and flew far away. Shana, the whole person was in rigidity, and it was difficult to accept this fact for a while.

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